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Skin Lightening: 3 Best Skin Lightening Treatments You Must Know

Skin lightening is the process of changing the complexion or shade of skin color and making it lighter. Skin lightening is also done to remove various skin blemishes such as sun spots and age spots. Skin lightening products give the skin a uniform and even tone thus making it look more appealing.

Skin Lightening: 3 Best Skin Lightening Treatments You Must Know

How to Lighten Your Skin Naturally?

Skin lightening is a process that has been plagued with controversies for many years. The controversies stem from the many serious side effects of products used in skin lightening. These products, which are usually sold commercially, are effective in bleaching the skin but they have harmful consequences. For this reason, many people are resorting to the use of natural skin lightening products. These products are much less harmful and the end effect is still achieved.

Natural skin lightening is done by use of a number of natural products. Some of the most commonly used products are:

  • Lemon: Lemon juice is a natural and effective skin bleach. When mused together with milk, it can safely lighten the skin color. Additionally, it can be used as frequently as desired without any negative side effects.
  • Chamomile is another natural skin bleach. When being prepared, it is mixed with boiling water, rose water and honey.
  • Oatmeal mixed with tomato juice.
  • A mixture of egg whites and lemon juice.
  • From the above, it is obvious that natural skin whitening products can be found easily in the kitchen. They are easy to prepare and their application is not complicated at all.

Skin Lightening for all Skin Types

Different people have different skin types depending on texture, oil content and moisture capacity. A normal skin type, which is the most common, is quite balanced in oil and moisture concentration. An oily skin type tends to have a lot of oil while a dry skin type has little moisture. A combination skin type combines the characteristics of both dry and oily skin types. Not all skin types can use the same skin lightening product. Each type has a product that is ideal for it. Finding this product that is perfect for your skin type is necessary in achieving the intended results safely.

Normal skin types are the best when it comes to choosing skin lightening products. This type of skin can withstand a wide range of bleaches without experiencing serious side effects. An oily skin type needs a product that will not over moisturize it. The ideal skin whitener is one that has a drying component in it. The opposite is true for dry skin types. They require skin lighteners that are a bit oily and have moisturizing agents. A combination skin type requires a balance between drying agents and moisturizers.

Types of Skin

Skin Lightening Treatments

Skin lightening treatments are mainly of three types. There are those treatments that can be made at home using simple natural products, there are the treatments that make use of commercial skin lightening products and then there are medical procedures which should only be done by a qualified medical professional in a hospital.

Home treatments consist of simple ingredients such as milk, papaya, lemon juice and egg whites. These ingredients are natural and largely harmless. Due to the safe nature of home treatments, many people are advised to try them out before going on to stronger treatments.

Commercial products are also used in the treatment of the skin. These treatments are made using a variety of chemicals and components that have been designed to achieve a particular goal. Commercial products are more expensive, more effective and more dangerous to use. They can be found in chemist and beauty shops.

The last form of skin lightening treatment involves going to a dermatologist. A dermatologist will perform various medical procedures such as chemical peeling, laser resurfacing and dermabrasion to remove the top skin layer and allow a new one to grow in its place. To lightening your complexion, you may try Skincerity to overcome the skin discoloration.

Risks of Skin Lightening Treatments

Just like everything else, there are positive and negative effects of skin lightening. Bleaching has for long been a point of controversy in the medical field. It has been associated with the increase in the risk of getting cancer and other health conditions. Below are some of the best known risks associated with skin lightening treatments.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

  • Cancer: Depending on the type of skin lightening product used, there are various types of cancers that the body gets exposed to. Products that contain components such as hydroquinone, mercury and arsenic can lead to lung, liver or wrinkle & skin cancer.
  • Brain damage for products that contain mercury. In fact, these products have been banned in many countries due to their adverse health effects.
  • Premature skin aging as a result of prolonged use of skin whiteners.
  • For products that contain steroids, there is a danger of skin infections, acne, skin thinning and poor healing of wounds.
  • Unintended skin discoloration resulting from the use of hydroquinone. This discoloration is usually very difficult to get rid of.
  • Allergic reactions.
Skin Lightening Info

The Natural Skin Whitening Cream that Works Best

There can never be a ‘best’ natural skin whitening cream although some are definitely better than others. For a skin whitening cream to be considered ideal, it has to be effective and also relatively safe. Additionally, different skin types require different skin whitening creams. Therefore, you need to determine your skin type and then choose a cream that will work best on your skin. Kojic acid soap is another product that can help reduce the pigment of your skin and is a cost-effective solution to whitening.

The Best Skin Whitening Cream

Over the years, a number of skin whitening creams have stood out as the best in the cosmetic industry. These products are discussed below.

  • Zeta White: Which promises to lighten areas of hyperpigmentation, without any damage to the skin. It does not contain harsh ingredients and it is recommended for both blemishes and age spots, caused by sun exposure, skin conditions or pregnancy.
  • Revitol Skin Brightener: Just like Revitol skin brightener is also hydroquinone-free thus making it relatively safe. It makes use of botanical products in its formulae so as to increase the safety and effectiveness of its work.

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