What are the Preventive Measures to Avoid Uneven Skin Tone?

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Q: I have dark skin tone and I want radiant skin. I never used anything for my uneven skin tone since my skin is very sensitive. What should I do then? Please suggest me some preventive measures to get brightened skin.
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What are the Preventive Measures to Avoid Uneven Skin Tone?

The skin serves a number of purposes in the human body. Most importantly, it protects internal organs from both physical and chemical damage. Melanin is one of the substances found in the skin to prevent against chemical damage which can result in conditions such as cancer. Melanin in humans is produced in a process known as melanogenesis and it occurs as a pigment. The main purpose of melanin is to protect the body against ultra violet rays from the sun. It converts absorbed UV radiation into heat thus preventing serious conditions such as skin cancer.

At times, melanin occurs unevenly in the skin resulting in some parts being darker than others. This causes an uneven skin tone which is considered unpleasant in appearance. Below are important tips to avoid an uneven skin tone and boost* uniform melanin distribution.

Sun Protection

The sun is one of the biggest causes of an uneven skin tone. In particular, ultra violet radiation from the sun leads to some parts of the skin producing more melanin than others. Therefore, the first step in avoiding an uneven skin tone is sun protection. This can be done by use of sunscreen lotions and creams. They should be applied on parts of the skin that are exposed to the sun every time one goes outside. Another technique of sun protection is to use tinted glass in homes and cars. Tinted glass is effective in preventing the entry of UV rays. The most effective sun protection technique is to avoid prolonged exposure to the sunlight.


This is a process through which dead skin cells on the surface of the skin are gotten rid of. When dead skin cells accumulate on the skin, an uneven skin tone results. Some parts appear duller than others. Getting rid of these cells evens out the tone and makes it brighter. Exfoliation can be done either using various home made products such as flour and sugar or using commercial exfoliating scrubs. Exfoliation should be done on a regular basis so as to achieve a consistent even tone.

Lemon Toner

Lemon juice is known to be a very effective skin whitener. The use of lemon juice on the skin can even out the tone by removing* any blemishes on the skin and brightening dull patches. The advantage of this technique is that it can be easily done at home at a low or no cost at all.

Skin Whiteners

Skin whiteners are commercial creams that can help you to even out your skin tone quickly. You can get them at cosmetic stores. You should however be careful about the ingredients of the whiteners you buy.

No Smoking and Drinking

Alcohol, nicotine and carbon monoxide can damage the skin. Prolonged smoking and alcohol intake can lead in an uneven skin tone. To avoid this, you should avoid both altogether.

Use of Good Skin Brightener Lotion

Visit a cosmetic store and ask for a lotion that has skin brightening properties. Ensure that the lotion does not have hydroquinone, steroids and mercury. They are very dangerous substances.

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