How Do I Make My Skin Look Fresh?

How do I Make My Skin Look Fresh
Q: I don’t like my skin. My skin is not as healthy as my friends. What should I do to my skin to look fresher with a natural glow? Is it fine to use any skin products for my normal skin?
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A fresh skin cannot be achieved overnight. It takes a combination of discipline, effort, healthy living practices, and correct skin care routine to get a fresh-looking and glowing skin. Here are some tips on how to brighten and freshen up your skin without resorting to heavy makeup application and expensive trips to the dermatologist’s office.

  • Eat Right: The first thing you to check is your eating practices. If your plate is loaded with simple carbohydrates and processed food, then your skin is definitely not going anywhere in the glow-o-meter scale. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits will kick off your antioxidants intake, limiting free radicals circulating your system. Lean protein and complex carbohydrates also assist that your skin is getting the right nutrition. Everything healthy is good for your skin because healthy food leads to healthy skin.
  • Exfoliate: Beauty experts recommend including exfoliation in your skin care routine. You probably exfoliate your face once or twice a week, but your entire body is covered with skin, too. Therefore, you need to indulge your face and body with gentle exfoliation, paying close attention to drier and chapped areas like knees, soles, and elbows. Use separate exfoliation method for your body. Dry brushing is highly recommended for the body meanwhile you can use a gentle scrub on your face. Remember to exfoliate lightly and gently to avoid skin irritation.
  • Hydrate: A dehydrated skin can be easily spotted. It says all the signs of dryness, dullness and lusterless. To solve this problem, make into a habit of drinking water all the time. It would help if you bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go- at the park, at the office and most especially at the gym.
  • Exercise: Speaking of the gym, you need to start exercising now if you desire a fresh and glowing skin. Exercise is a great way to improve* blood circulation and oxygenation inside your body. If you do not have the luxury of time to go to the gym, run or jog around your place in the morning before you go to work. Buy an exercise DVD and do your thing at home. Stop making excuses for your inability to start on your exercise routine. Postponing your exercise regimen will only delay your goal of a fresh, healthy and bright skin.
  • Stop Bad Habits: Do you smoke? If you do, your skin is probably in a lot of trouble right now. Smoking induces free radicals to circulate on your system, killing off healthy skin cells. Also, indulging in nicotine decreases* oxygenation, making your skin dead tired looking. If you do not smoke, then do not eve attempt of picking up the habit If you do, start curbing the habit now until you eventually stop yearning for a stick of cigarette.
  • Get a Massage: A body massage is not only relaxing, but it also gives your blood circulation an intense boost*. There is nothing wrong is spending some dollars for a body massage. After all, you and your skin deserve such pampering after all the stress you have to endure.
  • Take Supplements: Even if you are eating properly and healthily, you are still not getting the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals necessary for a great-looking skin. Therefore, you still need assistance from supplements for skin. Vitamin C boosts* collagen production while Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body. Vitamin A improves* the elasticity of the skin and is a component of modern face and body creams.
  • Right Make Up: Let us accept the fact that we do not normally wake up to a fresh, energized and bright skin every morning. Hence, the application of makeup to hide the blemishes and imperfections and fake an even skin tone is a usual ritual these days. There is nothing wrong in using make up to achieve a fresh looking skin. However, be careful not to exaggerate or you will end up looking like wearing 10 pounds of makeup. A thin layer of foundation that matches your skin tone, concealer on the areas where you only need it, a pop of blush, and a stain of lipstick are enough to give your skin a glow. You might take a look over Naturely Rise Review; which can help you to decide to choose skin brightener.

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