Metathione : Does Metathione Work?

Q: I have patches of dark skin not only on my face but also under my arms. Some of the darkness is due to acne scarring, but I think the rest is just increased pigment. I want to get a skin lightening product that will safely fade the darkness, but my skin is so sensitive it’s hard for me to use any topical cream. Would a capsule like Metathione be more suitable for me?
Expert Answer

The use of skin lightening oral capsules has become much more widespread and is said to work ‘from the inside out’. While there are some very safe topical creams on the market, others contain some very harsh ingredients such as Kojic acid and Hydroquinine, two substances that can actually do more damage to the skin overtime.

For this reason, oral brands such as Metathione are becoming more popular, as they contain Glutathione, a powerful anti-oxidant that is already found in the body. Experts claim that Glutathione has many health benefits, in particular as a detoxifying substance and free-radical fighter, but have discovered that it also whitens skin as a side effect. Most products using this in their formula also include Vitamin C, which is an essential in aiding the absorption and increasing the effectiveness of the Glutathione. However, it is also recommended that an extra supplement of Vitamin C is also taken to further increase these effects.

The only negative aspects of using Glutathione as a skin lightener is that it can take a long time to work and largely depends on the individual metabolism of the user. Most people see an improvement in approximately 3-6 months, providing they are of average height and weight. The other disadvantage is that the product must be taken continuously to maintain results, otherwise the darkness will return over time.

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