Can Skin Brighteners Be Sprayed Over Sunburned Skin?

Written by Aneeca Younas
Can Skin Brighteners Be Sprayed Over Sunburned Skin?
Q: I am a working woman of 34 years old. I have sunburned skin. Should I use skin brightener to get lightened skin tone? Is it really effective?
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Sunburn is a consequence of excessive exposure from the sun. As the detrimental ultraviolet rays hit your skin, it attempts to protect all layers under the skin by developing inflamed, reddened skin. The epidermis is the first layer of the skin. As the chief barrier, the epidermis receives the harshest souvenir from the UV rays. As the exposure continues, the epidermis fills the inflamed region with serum as it tries to further protect the internal organs from excessive heat. A blistered skin means severe sunburn, and this requires serious treatment methods. Hospital admission is necessary in worst cases.

To those who have experienced mild to moderate sunburn, the feeling is very uncomfortable. The skin peeling is associated with moderate pain. The best thing if you have sunburn at present is to avoid sun exposure until the sunburned skin gets completely healed. One modern remedy of easing the symptoms of a sunburned skin is skin brighteners. Skin brighteners soothe the irritated area caused by sunburn. On top of that, clinically approved skin brighteners contain natural ingredients that slow down the hyperpigmentation and hasten the inflammation process.

Vitamin C is a popular content among skin brighteners and is an incredibly effective ingredient in brightening the skin, reducing sun spots while maintaining the overall wellness of the skin. Vitamin C strengthens the production of collagen, which basically provides the framework that supplies the firmness, form and strength of the skin. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant. By promoting wound healing and protecting the skin cells from damage, the inflammation process becomes faster and shorter, leading to a rejuvenated skin. This is the goal to be achieved especially if your skin is burnt from being overexposed to direct sunlight.

Most skin brighteners also contain vitamin B3 or Niacinamide. This special vitamin is an excellent ingredient for brightening the skin. Vitamin B3 interrupts the production of melanin, the compound accounts for the dark color of the skin. Therefore, vitamin B3 stops the process of hyperpigmentation, which is included in the healing phase of a sunburnt skin. A lighter and balance skin tone is what you want to achieve after sunburn, right? Make sure your skin brightener of choice has vitamin B3.

Skin brighteners are not complete without the presence of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. These are the most effective sunscreen ingredients in today’s market. The process of healing a skin burned by direct sunlight requires adequate sun protection factor because UV rays penetrate the roof, doors and windows. Therefore, you still need to apply a sunscreen even when indoors. A skin brightener that contains sun protection ingredients will protect your burnt skin from further sun damage, leading to optimal healing. If skin brighteners do not contain ingredients that block the UV rays, the sun reverses all the positive effects other ingredients like vitamin C and vitamin B3 do, making the skin brightener product useless.

Skin brighteners also contain ingredients known skin soothers such aloe vera or milk. Aloe vera gel promotes skin healing and gives the skin extra moisture. Meanwhile, milk contains lactic acid that is known to soothe the painful sensation associated with sunburn.

Skin brighteners these days are packed with vitamins, minerals and other ingredients gentle on a sunburned skin, and at the same time work wonders in reversing the effects of UV rays. Skin brighteners are wonderful products for sunburn because they help heal the sunburnt skin, as well as soothing, moisturizing, and lightening it. The sunburned skin, when sprayed with skin brighteners, will reduce the redness and irritation. At the same time, skin brighteners work around its magic lightening the burned area, leading to a balanced skin tone. Skin brighteners lighten the skin by reducing the amount of pigmentation caused by melanin, resulting to an even, radiant, youthful looking skin. Uneven skin tone is the common problems associated with sunburn. This happens when you allow a sunburnt skin heal on its own without the assistance skin brighteners.

Can you use skin brighteners over your sunburned skin? Sure, go ahead but the efficacy of skin brighteners depend on the product you use. Check out the ingredients first if the item contains compounds that help soothe, heal, and lighten your sunburnt skin. You may also try No7 Lift & Luminate Serum which may help you for brightening your skin as well as help to reduce wrinkles.


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