Impress Everyone With Flawless Skin Like No-One- 10 Skin Care Changes To Make In 2018

Written by Peter Minkoff
Flawless Skin

As Dua Lipa says in her hit song – I’ve got new rules I count ‘em’, it’s time to let the mistakes from the year past stay in the past and make new rules and much needed changes in every life aspect – including skincare.

We hope you are sitting tight, because we’ve got no less than ten new skincare resolutions for you, and each one is more important and tempting than the other, so pay close attention, count ‘em and apply them – literally.

More, more, more

Drinking plenty of water is plain good for you. Water is your kidney’s best friend, it improves metabolism, and since it has been established that there is a strong connection between the gut and the skin, in time, your regular and abundant water intake will definitely show on your face.

You won’t wakeup to a glowing complexion after a week of proper hydration, but if you stick with it, you will see the difference.

The Gut and The Face

Yes, the link is real and inextricable. Therefore, it is highly important to nourish your skin from within, and sugary and processed foods are not your allies on this journey. It’s time to get to know the superfood family, and aside from foods that are generally super there is a ‘sub-group’ of fruits, veggies and foods that are specifically beneficial for the skin.

This is all due to the fact that these awesome foods are packed with vitamins, minerals and most importantly probiotics and antioxidants – all vital for skin’s health and luminosity from within. So, start making those smoothies, salads and other easy (not to mention delicious meals), and watch your skin blossom.

An Oil for Every Problem

An Oil for Every Problem

Every skincare routine that is short of a face oil is not complete. Oils have been around for centuries and their healing properties are more than amazing.

What is even more important is that every essential oil has a specific purpose, which means that everyone from people with dry and flaky to oily and acne prone skin have a choice of oils to help them target their skin issues. This is the year of the oil, so make sure you’re on the winning team.

Find One and Stick with it

We often find ourselves purchasing cleansers, moisturizers, toners, eye creams and quickly giving up on them because they haven’t shown miraculous results in a short amount of time. When it comes to skincare perseverance and consistency is key.

It’s one thing if you’ve purchased products not suitable for your skin type or concerns, but a whole other if you’re simply not giving them enough of a chance. Make it your goal to change this. There are amazing skincare brands.

One such brand is the amazing Cosmedix that offers complete lines of products from cleansers to moisturizers for every skin concern. This is another crucial element for achieving a flawless complexion – it’s always better to use products from the same line in order to achieve optimal results. So, find a line that’s perfect for you and stick with it. Besides, you’ll likely appreciate an overall brighter, more radiant complexion from using this formula such as Monobenzone.

Bring in Something New

Wrinkle-free Future

Apply now for a wrinkle-free future. We tend to think of the eye cream as something that should be introduced at a ‘later age’ but the truth is, your mid 20s are the perfect time to start investing in the future of your skin.

Better safe than sorry is a policy you definitely want to employ in this case, so look into some of the best and most effective eye creams, take your pick and start caring. Your future skin will thank you.

To Serve and Protect

Ignoring the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays won’t make them go away. Therefore it’s high time to get serious about the health and protection of your skin and start using broad spectrum sun block that will keep you safe from both types of rays.

Yes, this is an extra step in your skincare routine, but one that should be top priority, so scout and find the best protection for yourself, and tell your friends to do the same.

Remove What Needs to be Removed

Remove What Needs to be Removed

While overzealous exfoliation that is both too frequent and done using harsh and abrasive exfoliators can result in several counter-effects like irritation, redness and even breakouts, using a gentle exfoliator two to three times a week will not only remove the dead cells but also help boost natural collagen production, so scrub gently yet powerfully.

Reconsider Your Makeup Choices

While full coverage foundations mixed with creamy concealers and topped off with setting powder may look great on photos, all these heavy products layered on top of each other are not doing your skin any favors long-term.

Aside from clogged pores, they can, over time, increase the appearance of wrinkles and dry the skin out. With the rise of awareness on the importance of proper skincare, this is the perfect time to nourish your skin to perfection so you have nothing left to hide.

Therefore, it’s time to go through your vanity table and get rid of all the heavy products in order to make room for lightweight and natural makeup.

No Excuses

Remove Your Make Up

If you have by now learned the most difficult lesson of all, kudos to you, the rest of you, listen up. Always, no matter how exhausted, sleepy or lazy you feel, always remove your makeup before heading to bed. Not removing your makeup can have long term detrimental consequences to your skin.

The list of consequences includes (but isn’t limited to) eye irritation, clogged pores, inflammation of the skin and horrible breakouts, skin dehydration – the list goes on. Avoid aging prematurely – remove your makeup.

Clean up

While on the subject of makeup, we simply can’t emphasize the importance of cleaning your makeup tools[1] enough. Makeup and oil build up on your brushes and sponges, creating a perfect environment for the bacteria to breed on the ends of the tools you use on your face.

Unclean tools won’t only stop you from achieving the desired look, as they’re performance is hindered when unsanitary, but the bacteria that transfers to your face can lead to serious skin issues you definitely do not want or need, so take the easy and clean route and set aside an hour every week to clean your makeup tools.

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