The Role of Liver in Skin Health and Anti-Aging

Role of Liver in Skin Health and Anti-Aging

In order to have the picture-perfect and youthful skin, you use different products, protect yourself from sun’s harmful UV rays and many other things. However, you neglect one important factor – your liver. Yes, liver! If this organ doesn’t function properly your skin feels the consequences. That is why, to get a clear, healthy, and youthful appearance you should take care of liver health through detox and cleanse. Keep reading to find out more about this.

What Does The Liver Do, Actually?

Let’s start off by learning the purpose of the liver, the largest gland and solid organ in your body. The organ is located below the diaphragm on the upper-right side of your body and it participates in numerous processes.

Liver Info

Major functions of your liver include:

  • Aids bile production; bile helps the small intestine absorb some vitamins, cholesterol, and fats
  • Filters the blood
  • Helps metabolize proteins
  • Immunological purposes
  • Metabolizes carbohydrates
  • Production of albumin, most common protein in blood serum
  • Synthesis of hormone angiotensinogen raises blood pressure through vasoconstriction when alerted by kidney’s production of rennin
  • Vitamin and mineral storage

One of the most important functions of your liver is the removal of impurities from the body.

Liver and Skin

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin color changes can be a sign of internal disease. For example, yellowing of the skin is the most common example of changes contributed by liver disease. Problems with liver can also lead to darkening of the skin.

The Annals of Hepatology published a research showing that both acute and chronic liver diseases can manifest on the skin. That said, it is essential to remember that skin changes don’t occur only due to liver diseases. The buildup of toxins in your liver can lead to discoloration, dullness, and it is needless to mention that liver also plays a role in eczema, psoriasis, acne, boils or rashes.

You’re probably wondering why liver diseases and buildup of toxins manifest on your skin and the answer is simple – instead of filtering toxins, your liver tries to flush them through your skin. If you want to have a clear, smooth, and youthful skin then it would be useful to pay attention to the liver and get rid of toxins buildup. Below, you can see a few useful tips and tricks.

1. Limit Salt Intake

Limit Salt Intake

Excessive salt intake increases* your blood pressure, leads to water retention, and it also harms your liver. Ideally, you should avoid canned and processed foods which are high in sodium and control the amount of salt you use when preparing your meals. You don’t have to eliminate* salt entirely, just to consume it in normal, sufficient amounts.

2. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is bad news for your health in general. In fact, it also has a negative impact on your skin. Consumption of alcohol can contribute to a condition called fatty liver. Since your liver is responsible for filtering blood throughout the body, the less alcohol you consume, the better.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

It would be impossible to talk about the liver cleanse without mentioning water. Staying hydrated throughout the day improves* the flow of nutrients to the liver while allowing this important organ to flush waste products. Go for the room temperature instead of cold water. Why? That is because cold water causes the restriction of your stomach, thus making the digestion process difficult. To get rid of toxins easily, you need healthy digestion.

4. Have a Green Tea

Green tea is delicious and super healthy. Besides green tea helps you lose* weight, it delivers antioxidants that assist liver function. Bear in mind that you should consume green tea to achieve these benefits, not green tea extract.

5. Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle

A lot of people use milk thistle supplements and for a good reason; it is considered as the “king” of detox herbs and it is ideal for liver cleanse. Milk thistle eliminates* the buildup of heavy metals, prescription medications, environmental pollutants, and alcohol in your liver.

6. Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit is high in antioxidants that support natural cleansing abilities of the liver. To achieve these benefits, you should take a glass of a freshly squeezed grapefruit juice quite frequently or every day. This will boost* production of liver detoxification enzymes that flush out toxins. You can also use some other citrus fruits instead.

More Tips

  • Don’t eat junk food
  • Eat a well-balanced diet and increase* consumption of liver healthy foods
  • Manage stress
  • Increase* intake of zinc-rich food
  • Limit exposure to environmental toxins

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We rarely take our liver into consideration when thinking about skin health and our appearance. The truth is, the buildup of toxins and even some diseases can show on your skin, but having a healthy lifestyle can be of huge help. When trying to do a liver cleanse, always make healthier choices rather than opting for magical solutions provided online.

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