Is Exercise Good or Bad for Your Skin Find Here!

Is Exercise Good or Bad for Your Skin Find Here!

When it comes to beauty, a number of different factors can affect how someone looks. Genetics, skin care products and sun damage can all change the skin’s appearance. In addition to these factors, exercise can actually change the appearance of the skin. Unwelcome or unnecessary stress can cause the skin to appear older than it actually is. Likewise, some people deal with an increased number of acne breakouts when they work out. To decide if exercise is right for your skin type, consider some of the following factors.

The Skin and The Immune Response

The skin is responsible for keeping viruses and foreign substances out of the body. It possesses a unique immune response that helps to remove* germs or unwanted guests. When this process starts, the skin essentially floods with white blood cells. These cells find and destroy any foreign invaders before they can harm the body. On occasion, this process can be overdone. If the immune system is overactive, it can lead to inflammation. Often, this occurs when individuals are stressed out. Too many white blood cells are sent to the surface of the skin. As a result, individuals end up suffering from red skin, blotches and itchiness.

The Role of Stress

When the human body detects additional stress, it prepares to fight or run from the stressor. The body begins to release stress hormones like cortisol from the adrenal glands. Cortisol then works to increase* the production of sebum. Although this oil is normally used to prevent bacteria from invading the skin, too much sebum can cause clogged pores and acne. Excessive sebum clogs hair follicles and prevents dead cells from being removed. In addition to acne, this particular activity can lead to inflammation.

How Exercise Plays a Role?

Exercise can be used to help reduce* stress in the body. It is known for reducing* levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Once the cortisol levels are lower, it allows the body to return to normal levels of immune cells and natural levels of sebum production. When the skin is filled with blood vessels, it allows oxygen and nutrients to move into the skin’s cells. If individuals do not have enough blood vessels in the skin, it takes away any healthy glow that would normally exist.

In the average day, the skin starts to build up toxins. From pollution to dirt, these toxins can clog the pores. Fortunately, exercise helps to flush out any dirt or toxins. At the same time, it removes* the outer layer of oil and can remove* particles that would normally cause an immune response or inflammation in the body.

Why People Break Out?

Although all of the benefits of exercise seem positive, some people still break out after exercising. There are certain factors that can cause this to occur. Bikers may have to wear chin straps on their helmets that cause heat and friction to occur. This added level of pressure can cause a break out and a condition known as acne mechanical. Breakouts may also be due to close-fitting gear, headbands and synthetic fabrics. To prevent this from happening, individuals should switch to loose-fitting workout clothes that are made of cotton.

Remove* Makeup

One of the major culprits of post-workout breakouts is makeup. Makeup is fine during the day, but it can clog the pores during exercise. Before working out, individuals should make sure that they remove* all of their makeup by washing the face. Afterward, the face should be patted dry. Hands should be washed and individuals should avoid touching their face during the workout. Once exercise is done, individuals should also take off any sweaty clothes and take a shower. When sweat evaporates from the skin, it leaves behind salt and dirt that can clog the pores. With a shower and new clothes, individuals can remove* this source of clogged pores.

Fortunately, exercise can create new skin cells and speed up cell regeneration. As these new skin cells are created, the old skin cells have to be removed. Washing the face can ensure that the skin remains unblocked and clear.

Be Wary of Outdoor Activity

One of the key factors in skin damage is sun exposure. Individuals who like to exercise outdoors have to be particularly careful about any skin damage from the sun. In addition to wearing sunscreen, men and women should try to work out in the early morning or late in the afternoon. Midday workouts should be avoided because this is the part of the day when the sun is at its strongest.

When it comes to workouts and the skin, exercise is generally a good thing. The only time people have a problem with a workout is when they are not using skin-friendly practices. Changing out of sweaty clothes, showering and wearing sunscreen can all help to reduce* the chance of a breakout.

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