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Keeping your skin healthy in the summer can be tough [1]. Hot weather can lead to sunburn, but it can also mean that your skin is sweatier, your pores get clogged, and you face breakouts and blackheads .

Skin Care Tips For The Summer: Everything You Need For Healthy Skin
Some essential summer skin care tips for keeping your skin happy and healthy all summer long, regardless of skin type. 

Summer might also mean that your skin peels and flakes as it dehydrates, and if you are going away, overindulgence, less sleep, and changes to your diet and fitness regimes might mean that your skin is grey, tired, sallow, sore and that you have huge dark circles under your eyes.

We often think that the cold weather and harsh winds of winter are more damaging to our skin, but it’s usually the summer months that do the most lasting damage, leaving us battling spots or with more serious problems in later life.

The good news is that taking care of your skin over the summer is often as simple as getting into a good routine and sticking with it no matter what you are doing. Here’s a look at some skin care tips for summer that you need for healthy skin.

#1. A Consultation

Firstly, if you are worried about your skin or you have any specific concerns, you should see your doctor or make an appointment with Skin Technique Vancouver. A healthy skin care routine is great, but we all need extra help sometimes.

#2. Sunscreen

If there’s one thing that you need to keep your skin healthy throughout summer [2]and protect it from harmful damage in the future, it’s sunscreen. Wear sunscreen all over your body in warmer weather, even if it seems cloudy and overcast. Even on cold days, when most of your body is covered up, you should use a face cream with added SPF [3].

#3. Cleanser

In summer, it’s easier for our pores to become blocked. Taking your makeup off thoroughly will help to keep them clear and give your skin a chance to breathe. Then exfoliate once a week for deep cleaning.

#4. Moisturizer

Sun, wind, pollution, UV rays, makeup, and other factors all affect our skin and leave it dry and sometimes flaky. Use a body moisturizer daily, and especially day and night cream on your face to keep it soft.

#5. BB or CC Cream

You might not want to wear a heavy foundation in hot weather, especially if you are spending time outdoors or in a hot environment. Using a BB or CC cream gives you a lighter option while still offering good coverage. If you prefer, mix your face cream with a little of your usual foundation for a lighter feel.

#6. Soothing Gel

As much as you might try, chances are you’ll get sunburnt at some point, especially if you are traveling over the summer months. A cooling gel can ease any pain and help to rehydrate your skin.

#7. A Healthy Diet

What you eat and drink plays a huge part in your skin’s health. While the occasional treat or spell of overindulgence won’t do any long-term damage, you should try to stick to a diet rich in vitamins and minerals and drink plenty of water as much as possible.

Caring for your skin doesn’t have to be difficult. Get into good practice, and your skin will be soft and glowing all year round.

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