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I travel frequently as a professional hair and makeup artist and from these experiences I draw inspiration. At one point I found myself enjoying a beautiful spa resort in the mountains of Mexico while on a business trip with a Magazine. At this spa, we were given Aloe Vera leaves to apply to our skin during one of our skin treatments for glowing skin.

The Secret to Glowing Skin by Aubrey Destremps
Secrets for Glowing Skin

One thing all of the girls noticed was how radiant our skin looked the very next day. We promptly asked for more of the Aloe leaves and used them throughout the rest of our time in Mexico City. The results were simply amazing, ever since I refuse to use anything else on my skin. That’s right, no face washes, no lotions, just aloe vera.

There are many ways you can use aloe and have miraculous aloe vera skin benefits. Aloe has been used for its healing powers all the way back to the Egyptian times, it is packed with nutrients, amino acids, acne inhibiting hormones, and enzymes without any of the harmful chemicals in facial lotions.

How to Use Aloe Vera?

aloe to your face

Aloe to your Face

Depending on the area where you live, you can either find aloe right outside of your home in dry climates or purchase it at a grocery store. Slice open the leaf to reveal the clear flesh of the plant, then apply the liquid gel to your face as a moisturizer.

This can be done directly after cleansing or before makeup application to make your face glow and retain its moisture all day. I use aloe on my face twice a day. It is also important to apply aloe to your face after showering to lock in moisture and seal pores. Aloe stores well in the fridge for weeks of use and can even be pureed and left in a spray bottle to mist on skin.

Aloe Vera & Sugar Mask

Aside from everyday use as a moisturizer, you can make aloe scrub at home to use on dry or oily skin for exfoliation. To prepare, mix aloe gel with table sugar until it forms a paste, you may also add cinnamon and lemon for acne-prone skin.

This process can be repeated a few times a week to maintain glowing complexion for oily, combination, and dry skin.

Ditch The Face Wash

aloe vera sugarmask

Ditch The Face Wash

You may ask, “Why would you ever stop using face wash?” Isn’t that what’s supposed to maintain clear and glowing skin? The answer is actually NO! This is because your skin has its own natural pH that needs to be left undisturbed by artificial cleansers.

Washing your face actually rids sebum and oils that are imminent to maintaining proper pH and moisture levels in the skin. Instead of face wash, remove makeup naturally with coconut oil. Gently massage with warm water to rinse your face and apply aloe gel directly after cleansing.

The invisible film that aloe leaves over your skin locks in moisture and deposits valuable nutrient to nourish your skin for hours. [1]

Even Skin Tone

We wear foundation in order to evince the appearance of a homogenous skin tone. Instead of relying on makeup for this, let’s focus on how we can attain it naturally. Aloe is perfect for the treatment of acne, redness, psoriasis, and discoloration/age spots because of its antimicrobial, inflammatory, and lightening properties. [2]

Add lemon juice to aloe vera gel and apply as a mask in order to lighten dark spots, freckles, and acne marks. Lemon juice provides the mixture of its lightening properties, while the aloe acts as an astringent to prevent future breakouts.

prevent future breakouts

Prevent Future Breakouts

Radiance from the Inside-Out

I’m sure you’ve heard that in order to have the beautiful skin you need to drink a lot of water. It’s true, water is essential to your entire well being. Drinking aloe water will change your life for the better with its countless health benefits like weight loss, aided digestion, and skin care vitamins and nutrients.

To make aloe water at home, slice opens an aloe plant and cut away the green skin so that it is just the clear flesh beneath. Next, dice the aloe and add it to 16 fl oz of water.

Don’t be worried, the cubes of aloe are chewy and take on the flavor of whatever liquid you’re putting them in. For an antioxidant-packed digestive health drink, add lemon juice and raspberries to your aloe water. [3]

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Lifestyle and Complexion

Lifestyle and Complexion

Lifestyle and Complexion

Water consumption is an important component of skincare to make skin glow, but it is not the only lifestyle choice you need to be conscious of. In order to sport your best complexion, make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Even as you grow older and your skin suffers more damage, a night cream is also a vital part of your skincare regimen.

You cannot look flawless with bags under your eyes and discoloration from lack of sleep.

Before going to bed once a week, swap out your pillowcase for a clean one, this will keep your pillowcases bacteria free for you to sleep on.

Cleanse and moisturize your skin when you wake up and also before you go to bed, try to avoid falling asleep with makeup on as it clogs pores and leads to breakouts. See this Ambi Fade Cream Review; which tells you about how to reduce the skin discoloration and age spots. [4]

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