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Our society is inundated with beauty products. A recent beauty industry analysis showed the beauty industry generates approximately $57 billion a year in the United States alone, and that’s not even including hair care. Everywhere we look it seems there’s a commercial, magazine ad, social media post, or video telling us how to have better skin. There are products for wrinkles, products for dewy skin, and products to brighten our complexion. And the prices of these products can vary by hundreds of dollars.

Achieve Best Skin Complexion With These 14 Skin Care Tips
Best Complexion Skin Care Tips

When making an investment in your beauty regimen, it can be helpful to narrow down all the messaging we hear and focus on what our skin needs to look its best. Here are 14 tips for achieving radiant skin and a healthy glow.

14 Skin Care Tips

1. Consistency is Key:

Whether you use a face wash you pick up at your grocery store, make a special trip to a cosmetic counter, or pay shipping costs for an up-and-coming line…the consistency in which you use these products is important. Most of the active compounds within skin care take time to do their best work. To truly get a feel for whether or not your skin will benefit from a product, use it regularly and if possible, finish the entire product. You may feel differently about the product on day 30, then you do on day 3 of using your new product.

2. Simple Steps for Significant Results:

These days, consumers have access to at-home skin gadgets, beauty supplements, various forms of peels, the best moisturizing face masks, as well as a plethora of serums. And while these beauty offerings can enhance your lighter skin complexion, pay the most attention to the basic skincare routine steps, as these can greatly impact your skin’s health. Your cleanser and moisturizer are often the most important skincare products you put in your facial skin care routine. In fact, the right 3-step routine(Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer) can greatly change and better your complexion, if you use the right products. After that, all those other treatments can be used as a bonus to your complexion. [1]

Use a Face Mask

Apply a Face Mask

3. Be Gentle:

It’s tempting to want to use a face mask or spot treatment often to get fast results. However, these products should be used as “bonus steps” rather than essential facial skincare steps. In other words, be gentle with your complexion and use special treatments sparingly. It’s easy to go overboard by mixing products like topical creams, serums, and acial mist sprays without knowing how your skin will respond. Show your complexion some love by being gentle with it. Often, less is more. Choose fewer products with great results as opposed to covering your skin with more and more products.

4. Take a Step Back:

Most people are a foot or more away from you when they’re talking to or looking at you. Take that into consideration while getting ready. We can get in the habit of looking at our face right next to the mirror, but really no one is looking at us that closely. Take a step back from the mirror and your perception and viewpoint about what you see may change. There’s no need to unnecessarily put your complexion under a microscope every day.

5. Change your Pillowcase:

Even if you are diligent with washing your face every night, your pillowcase can harbor bacteria, dirt, dust, and oil. Changing your pillowcases regularly can drastically improve the appearance of your complexion. Not only will it help if you experience breakouts, but it can also keep your pores from getting clogged or your skin from looking dull. [2]

Change your Pillowcase

Change your Pillowcase

6. Hydrated Skin vs. Moisturized Skin:

Did you know there’s a difference between skin that is hydrated and skin that is moisturized? Moisturized skin is just that. It’s skin that is receiving adequate moisture from the products you are using. Hydrating skin naturally comes directly from what we’re ingesting. Caffeine, soda, and alcohol are known to dehydrate your skin, whereas drinking water hydrates your skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day) to keep your body and complexion in check. [3]

7. Ingredients Matter:

Looking at the ingredients in your skincare products can help you determine the effectiveness of a product. Make sure the active compounds (i.e. antioxidants, vitamins, minerals) are some of the very first ingredients. This ensures you are getting the purest products without a lot of filler ingredients. It’s the same thing as eating fresh food vs. processed food. You want to use the healthiest, most pure beauty products you can find. [4]

8. Think Long Term:

In addition to taking care of your complexion now, think about how you want your complexion to look a few years or more from now. For instance, you may not have lines around your eyes currently, so work to keep it that way. Don’t skip of eye serum or cream because you don’t yet need it. Build up your collagen and keep your skin healthy by using products to keep your complexion strong. Your future self will thank you. [5]

9. Your Skin Absorbs What you Put on It:

Of course, there are different molecule sizes that absorb into your skin differently, and different skin textures that absorb products easier than others, but it’s safe to assume that everything you put on your skin will get absorbed. This is especially true after prolonged use. Make sure you are choosing healthy skincare products that have safe, non-toxic ingredients as well as effective ingredients.

10. Beauty From the Inside Out:

Nutrition plays a part in your skin’s health. Just like leafy greens, fruits, and other foods high in nutrients are good for your face and body, they are also good for your skin. Tomatoes, blueberries, green tea, kale, and walnuts are just some of the nutrient-rich, and complexion-enhancing foods you can eat to help keep your skin’s health a priority.

complexion enhancing foods

Complexion Enhancing Foods

11. The Smell isn’t Important:

The 1st thing most people do when sampling skincare, is to smell it. Although the smell may be nice, it often has nothing to do with how effective that product is. Often the smell is a synthetic fragrance added just for the benefit of smelling good. And usually, after a few uses, you won’t even notice the smell anymore (both good and not-so-good smells). With this being said, the smell shouldn’t be the main factor when choosing effective skincare.

12. Exfoliate:

Exfoliation is a game-changer when done correctly. For best results, exfoliate no more than once or twice a week. Proper exfoliation will remove dead skin cells, help brighten spots or marks, and give your skin a healthy glow. Too much exfoliation can irritate skin and cause the skin to break out or look dull because you’re removing healthy oils. If you find your exfoliating product too harsh, try mixing it with your face wash for more lubrication when applying it to your skin.

13. Stress Less:

Stress is very hard on your skin. From frown lines to a dull complexion, it can wreak havoc on your skin’s health. Try to help eliminate stress before it shows up. Taking a thoughtful approach to unwanted situations through exercise, meditation, affirmations, or taking a walk outside, can help you eliminate the negative effects that stress can have on your skin and overall wellbeing.

14. Weather Matters:

Pay attention to differences in your skin when the seasons change. It’s possible you may need to add an extra product or change your moisturizer depending on the weather. Customize your products so your skin gets the best results each season.

Final Verdict

Creating your best complexion doesn’t have to be complicated. Often, it’s the easiest and simplest steps that can help you achieve your ideal skincare routine. Remembering that less is often more, start incorporating some of these tips into your daily skin care routine, and hopefully you’ll see a noticeable difference in your skin’s health and appearance. Keeping a bright, luminous complexion is something that most of us aspire to achieve, no matter our age. For improving skin complexion, you might take help from Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Fx Review; which gives you more suggestions.

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