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Avocado Face Masks Can Give You The Younger Looking Skin

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Avocado Face Masks

Avocado is the powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals[1]. Consumption of avocado helps to maintain good cardiovascular health, weight loss and prevents cancer. Benefits of avocado are not limited to consumption, topical application on skin also has positive effects.
Use of avocado in skin care products like facial creams, oil, facial masks and moisturizers has gained wide applause among the consumers. Nourishing and revitalizing avocado has several benefits when applied to the face directly as a mask. Let’s learn more about avocado face mask- application procedure and benefits.

How to Make Avocado Face Mask?

Preparing avocado mask is no robot science. All you need is an avocado, a bowl, water and a spoon. Buy good quality and ripe avocados with unblemished skin. Ripe avocados have dark brown skin. You can also buy green avocados and ripen at home in the normal temperature.
Now pick one avocado, wash it and cut it into halves. Take a spoon or a fork and scoop out the green pulp in a small glass bowl. Mash the flesh till it becomes a paste. Additionally, you can add any of these ingredients[2] – yogurt, honey, egg yolk, oatmeal and banana if you want additional benefits. Mix the paste well with a slight amount of water.

Body Scrubs Avacado

For an application, you can use a brush or apply the mask with your hands. Before you do so, ensure that you face and hands are clean. Wash your face with a gentle face wash and plain water and pat dry. Now take the paste from the bowl and apply on your forehead, cheeks, nose and the chin.
Apply the rest on your neck. Now you may lie down or sit comfortably while the goodness of avocado reaches your skin layers. After 15-30 minutes when it dries up completely, you are ready to take it off your face. Wash your face with plain lukewarm water and pat dry.

What does Avocado Facial Mask do?

Application of avocado mask on your face at least once in a week will help you in several ways.

  • Moisturizing[3]: Extremely useful to fight dry skin, avocado works as a miraculous natural moisturizer to replenish the skin cells. Unlike store-based facial moisturizers infused with chemical ingredients to harm your skin, avocado is a natural therapy to revitalize and hydrate dry skin your skin. Vitamin E and linoleic acid are proven methods to nurture the tender skin cells and the best part is avocados contain these super ingredients already.
  • Skin Brightening: According to several researchers[4], avocado contains glutathione, a natural component to brighten the skin. Melanin is one of the prime reasons for hyperpigmentation. Glutathione helps to control melanin and works a skin brightening agent. Whereas, high amount of sterolins in avocado reduces sun damages and pigmentation.
Fights the Signs
  • Anti-aging Benefits: Unfortunately pollution, ultraviolet rays and our unhealthy lifestyle can cause premature aging. Use of avocado face maskeasily fights the signs of aging, fine wrinkles and restores the elasticity of the skin. Application of avocado strengthens collagen synthesis in your skin cells and gives you younger looking skin.
  • Treat Skin Infections: Avocado is rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients which help to fight skin irritation, psoriasis[5]and eczema. Vitamin C, vitamin E, healthy fatty acids, zinc and other phytonutrients heal the wounds and skin infection. You may rub avocado directly on your wounds or apply the avocado mask.

How to Preserve Avocado Face Mask?

Preservation of avocado mask is easy. If you are on a tight schedule and don’t stay home often, you may want to save your time with this tip. Always buy good quality avocado.
Check if the outer skin has spots, infections or damaged and eliminate them from the basket. Preferably you should get ripe avocados for your facial mask, but you can also buy green avocados and keep them home till they ripe enough for use.

Synthetic Preservatives

You need not use any external or synthetic preservatives for storing avocado face mask. Simply make a paste of avocado pulp and avoid pouring too much water into it and always use distilled or boiled water.
Also, avoid mixing any other organic raw material in the form of honey, yogurt or lemon juice. Rather, store the pure mashed avocado pulp in an air-tight container and store it in the refrigerator. Use it within 7 days.

Does Avocado Face Mask help Acne?

Good news for those who suffer from acne and pimples. Pimples occur due to excessive oil production in our skin cells which clogs the facial pores and comes in contact with bacteria.
Start an early care for mild to moderate pimples with avocado face mask. Once your skin cells absorb the organic ingredients you will start seeing the difference and experience a glowing skin.
Avocado deep cleanses the skin with the help of retinol, glutamine and amino acids. Application of the mask removes dirt and excess oil from the pores and restores the balance.


Avocado contains[6] vitamin E, healthy unsaturated fat and linoleic acid that fight acne and give you clear skin. Avocado is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
In order to fight pimples, you can add honey which is known for anti-bacterial properties, lemon juice and cucumber with the avocado paste before applying on face. Leave the mask until it dries off and then wash your face with lukewarm water. Apply it daily for a quicker result.


The buttery avocado pulp has the power to do wonders for your skin. Regular application will boost the skin cells to fight infection, redness, sun damages, hyperpigmentation, skin aging, and dryness.
In any case, please be aware of the organic components present in avocado, because if you are allergic to this fruit you better avoid using and should look for a healthy alternative. Conduct a patch test before applying avocado face mask on your face.
Avocado mask is one of the best natural treatments for a healthy and younger looking skin, so start your skin treatment with avocados today!

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