Could Wine Highly Turn On Sexual Desire in Women?

Relation Between Wine and Womens Libido

Many studies and reports have been conducted around men and the effects alcohol has on their physiology. Some men get a bad case of “whiskey Dick” (Erectile dysfunction ) and others are unable to cum, despite having a “hard on” due to excessive alcohol consumption.

The age, race or health of the man in questions, has little to do with the outcome. Whether they are binge drinking or used to heavy drinking, alcohol will still affect most men in a sexual physiological way.

So we understand through years of study what kinds of affects alcohol plays in the male sexual prowess, but what about the females? There is very little written and studied about women’s bodies and effects that alcohol has on them in a sexual way.

We know all about the weight gain and how that can make a woman feel less attractive. Or the liver and heart disease that can cause serious health issues, therefore sex is not a priority. And with heavy regular use, alcohol can make a woman skin turn leathery and loose moister over time, the once again not feeling very sexy.

But where are all the studies about our actual sexual responses when consuming too much wine or one too many shots? Why don’t hear about alcohol’s effects on a woman’s physical reactions in a sexual way.

Does the clitoris still grow hard? Are we able to cum when we had too much wine? Do we still get wet?

Some of the research has suggested that women do have different responses to alcohol than men. For starters women have two enzymes which men do not have those effects the way their bodies absorb and break down alcohol.

Alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase are responsible for women’s ability to absorb more alcohol into their bloodstream at an accelerated speed as opposed to men’s. This can explain why a woman who weighs the same as a man and drinks as much will get drunk much faster.

Female Libido Info

Women also can be affected at different times of the month due to their hormone cycles. Some scientist believes that when women are on their menses, alcohol can affect them greater due to the hormone changes in their bodies.

This might have something to do with our estrogen levels at their peak because when women drink, testosterone is increased in our bodies. In men the levels sets the same no matter how much they drink.

So when adding alcohol to a woman body and testosterone levels rises, her body is in a rage of hormones and sexual desires increase* ten folds. Which is why this has led some scientist to believe that alcohol makes women’s libido go up as well, even if it is temporally.

This could be the reason some women become more “friendly” and feel desirable after a few drinks. We all know alcohol lowers everyones inhibitions, but is it just from the buzz or is there more to it?

When a woman’s inhibitions are lowered she may show more sexual behavior and act accordingly, but her physical body may not be inclined with her actions if she’s had too man.

Many women have reported that while they think they want sex and feel aroused after many drinks, their body is not responding in the way it normally would without any intoxicants in the blood stream. For instances woman nipples may still become erect yet she is unable to get “wet”.

I have conducted my own study with a group of girlfriends to see if we could tell the difference after drinking. I asked two friends to drink a few glasses of wine, and two more to get completely drunk. (This was all in the safety of their own homes.) After they consumed the drinks I asked if they would masturbate and really connect with their bodies.

Masturbate Lady

They could use their hands, vibrators, or whatever turns them on. I asked if they could not invite their significant other into the room because I just wanted them to concentrate on their pleasure.

The two that had the wine both said they were able to cum quickly and easily. One of the “wasted” friends thinks she came easily, but the other got frustrated and wasn’t able to cum at all.

I asked if they would replay this with someone they trusted joining them and doing all the “work”. This time all four women came, however the two that drank heavily took two and three times longer than the ones that had only a few wines.

This may not be ground breaking science, but as a sex coach, this is the kind of thing I live for. I love having real people in real life test for themselves, because in the end, that is what we are all really concerned about: “How will this affect me?”

That is my job, to find out how YOUR body behaves and how you feel. Yes, there does need to be many more studies done on women and the effects liquor has on us in an actual sexually physical way. I think scientist sometimes forget women are sexual beings, too.

We aren’t just interested in the studies that tell us about drinking and our health or beauty, but we want to know if we too can get “whisky clit”.

Just because we can perform doesn’t mean we want to. Or maybe due to the enzymes and hormones, it could have a positive affect on our climaxes and we should be drinking a few wines before hitting the boudoir.

Drinking Few Wines

It seems to me that alcohol, when absorbed in moderation does seem to have a positive effect on a woman’s libido, but like with anything, too much can start to push us to the other side and turn negative.

I highly recommend all women (and men too), to try my little experiment and see how your body reacts after a few drinks and masturbation and again after a lot of drinks masturbation.

Try it with a partner and see if that changes anything.. try with porn and without. Test yourself and your bodies responses. Get connected to your body and enjoy.

Please email me and let me know what you discovered about YOU.

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Contributor : Laura Anne Rowell (Consumer Health Digest)

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