What are the 15 Amazing Ways You Can Kiss A Girl?

Dating couples are very familiar with the tension, excitement, and nerve-wracking aspects of their first kiss. No matter how good the chemistry between the two of you is, if the first kiss ends up being awkward, a perfect romance can turn sour in almost an instant.

What are the 15 Amazing Ways You Can Kiss A Girl?

This is especially true for girls because research shows that women put more emphasis on the importance of a kiss.

That’s why you need to prepare the ground for your first kiss with a girl well and make sure that your kiss ends up being perfect. Luckily, there are so many right ways to kiss a girl, more than you can count in fact. To help you get some idea on what you should do, here are 15 ways to kiss a girl.

1. Be Subtle

Your first kiss should be a spontaneous event that the both of you want just as much. There will be subtle signs in the air that a kiss is about to happen and there is actually no need to verbalize your wish to kiss a girl. Telling a girl that you want to kiss and make out with her is a good way to ruin a romantic evening. The female sex appreciates subtlety when it comes to all things sexual, and that includes kissing as well. To kiss a girl the right way, make sure that the two of you are in an intimate and secluded place and wait for the moment when both of you are looking into each other’s eyes and read the cues correctly.

2. Watch Out For the Cues

As we already mentioned, waiting for the right moment to kiss a girl is crucial if you want your kiss to go on smoothly. Keep an eye on how she’s behaving to notice the signs that she would really want you to kiss her. Women will subconsciously signal when they’re anticipating a kiss from you.

For instance, she may be biting her lips, looking at you from the side of her eyes, or appearing nervous in general. If she’s talking excessively however, that’s probably not the right time to head for a kiss as this usually means that she’s not in a relaxed state of mind for a kiss to be enjoyable.

Watch Out For the Cues

3. Get Closer

If you want to kiss a girl, of course, you first need to get closer to her. But make sure that this action is spontaneous but obvious; otherwise your attempts will look awkward. Trying to get closer to her without letting her notice will make you come off as insecure and weird even.

But if you are confident in your actions, she might shy away from you which is a normal reaction, but don’t let that discourage you from making a move. Psychologists agree that women like assertiveness in men.

To make your girl want you, make sure to be the first to make a move. However, if this doesn’t come naturally to you, just be yourself and don’t worry too much about how you come off.

4. Build up the Sexual Tension

The best kiss is always the one filled with sexual chemistry and tension from both sides. That’s why it is best to let your girl start wanting a kiss from your by building sexual tension. Be flirty and get more physical with her.

Give her subtle hugs, touch her hair, and place your hand on her lower back. Give her compliments on how she looks and comment on the things you appreciate about her. These moves are bound to build up the sexual tension between the two of you and a kiss is bound to be great once your girl really wants to get closer to you.

Funny Kiss

5. Be Careful What You Do With Your Tongue

So, you’ve kissed your crush and you might get lost in the moment. And although that’s great and all, there is a fine line between being a passionate kisser and clumsy one. Place your lips on her lips and kiss her softly but don’t use your tongue early in the kiss. Let the kiss build slowly and tongue play will come naturally for the both of you.

Also, just use the tip of your tongue and don’t go overboard with the French kissing. It’s actually quite easy to overdo it with tongue action when you’re feeling anxious about your first kiss so keep that in mind. Keeping it subtle is the way to go with first kisses.

6. Hygiene Is a No-Brainer

Although this one seems more than obvious, hygiene is really important if you want your first kiss to go on smoothly. Brush your teeth thoroughly, floss, and don’t forget the Listerine. Don’t eat spicy foods with garlic and spring onion before your date and your kiss will most likely end up being the way you dreamed that it would be.

Also, bring bubble gum with you just in case. Although this type of advice seems a bit too obvious because most couples spend a great deal of time preparing for their date, the importance of hygiene cannot be emphasized enough. If you have cavities, it goes without saying that you need to fix that before making any attempt to kiss a girl.

Kiss A Girl

7. Make Her Fall in Love with Your First

A kiss is just a seal on your already budding romance. It’s best to wait for the right time to kiss a girl than rushing into it like there’s no tomorrow. A study published in Neuroscience has found that love and affection bring strong changes in brain chemistry. So, let the chemistry between the two of you build up before you go for your first kiss.

In this way, a kiss will probably be more passionate due to all the love chemistry in your system. How long you should wait is really relative and can be between a couple of days to several weeks into your dating. Let intuition be your guide here.

8. Plan the Kiss

To secure a perfect kiss, planning may be the best thing you should do. Sure, a lack of spontaneity may seem to take away some of the romance, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. If you really want to kiss the girl you are dating, take her to a secluded place and make your intentions clear.

In this way, she’ll probably know what you have in mind and won’t reject your kiss as a result. You can also call her over to your place and make sure to have alone time. Turn your phone off and lock the doors. You don’t want anyone bothering you when you’re trying to make a perfect kiss happen.

9. Use Your Body

whole-body Action

Although using your lips and tongue are at the essence of every successful kiss, how you use your body is equally important. The perfect kiss is actually a whole-body action and you want to include all your senses to make the experience make her want another kiss.

Wrap your arms around her body, stroke her back, press your body against hers, and run your fingers through her hair, but gently – you don’t want to pull on her hair too much. Lastly, kiss her neck and behind her ears and you have the recipe for a perfect kiss. With good chemistry, this type of kissing technique is like cherry on top.

10. Take Your Time

Don’t give your girl a short smooch on the lips ever. Instead, go for a long and slow kiss to make her remember it for times to come (hopefully). Your first kiss should take time and build up slowly. It should be a stepping stone in your relationship and you want it to be memorable.

So, don’t rush into it and take your time. Since women like it slow when it comes to all things sexual, and that includes kissing as well, she will definitely appreciate your effort to make the moment last. To make your kiss last, watch how your breath. Many first-time and even long-time kissers forget to breathe during a passionate kiss and this can easily make a great kiss seem clumps. Breathe through your nose and concentrate on your girl’s lips and you’ll be good to go.

11. Watch with the Fluids

Kissing involves a lot of saliva and you probably already know that. And while a bit of saliva is ok, smearing her makeup off her face from forgetting to swallow your spit sound really off-putting. The perfect kiss is hard to master. You need to think about what you are doing while also letting go and being in the moment.

But with time, everyone learns to master the art of kissing. If you notice too much saliva ruining your kiss, pause and make sure swallow here and there. And don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t seem to control your bodily reactions during a kiss (including the amount of saliva being exchanged).

12. Look into Her Eyes

Look into Her Eyes

Eyes are the windows of the soul, and if you’re looking for signs that a girl likes you, you’ll definitely find them in her eyes. Studies show that the pupils dilate when we look at someone that we’re sexually attracted to. If your girl’s eyes are wide open and her pupils seem dilated, she’s probably into you. Make sure to look into her eyes and see if she looks like she’s expecting a kiss from you.

Looking into someone’s eyes is also a way of bonding. Most of us tend to look someone in the eyes when we’re trying to be intimate with them. Avoiding eye contact, on the other hand, is a sure sign that the person you’re with is trying to create distance with you.

13. Ask Her If She Wants a Kiss

Yes, we said at the beginning of this article that you should play it subtle. But some guys are simply not good at being subtle. If subtlety does not come naturally to you and you’re really bad at reading other people’s minds, then go ahead and ask the girl if you can kiss her.

She might actually appreciate your straightforwardness and if she really likes you, she’s more than likely to say yes. If she says no, it may be because she’s not ready to move your relationship to the next level. Whatever happens, communicating clearly will remove some of the confusion and anxiety away and you might actually enjoy your date even more so.

14. Watch the Pressure

Too much pressure during a kiss can make your teeth knock and your girl may feel like she’s losing her balance. Too little pressure will lead to a wimpy kiss that’s nothing to write home about. Getting the pressure on the lips during a kiss just right is one of those intricate details that’s hard to describe. The point is that the kiss should be forceful enough to be pleasurable but not to the extent that your girl is finding it hard to move her head and keep her balance.

15. Do Close Your Eyes

Do Close Your Eyes

Keeping your eyes closed during a kiss will make the kiss look and feel more romantic for the both of you. Most people have an instinctive reaction of closing their eyes during a kiss, but some people spontaneously keep their eyes opened. Although this mostly has to do with their personality, it’s best to keep it simple and just close your eyes when you first kiss a girl.

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Kissing a girl for the first time can be a great and memorable experience that marks the beginning of a relationship. Or, it can be a not-so-good experience that you’d like to remember as soon as possible. Although the quality of your kiss depends mostly on the chemistry and the emotions you have for each other, the technique behind the kiss cannot be overlooked.

Make sure to keep the things we’ve listed here in mind when attempting to kiss your girl and we’re sure your kiss will go on smoothly. If the kiss ends up being different than planned, don’t beat yourself over it and know that good and bad kisses are a normal part of life.



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