Do You Know The Relation Between Seasonal Sex And Your Health?

Does the spring season spring forth your sexual desire? Does summer overheat your libido? You may have noticed that the seasons have an impact on our sexual desire, but did you know it can also affect our health? If not, or if you did but you could use a just refresher, the following information should help give you a leg up on how to maintain a healthy sex life during our seasonal changes:

Do You Know The Relation Between Seasonal Sex And Your Health?

1. Summer activities, such as swimming, introduce our bodies to things like chlorine and possibly increased levels of bacteria, depending on exactly where we swim. Participation in sports creates more sweat (which means things like more wet panties) and carefree spirits indulging in increased alcohol consumption (think 4thof July and pool parties) means imbalanced flora fauna in our systems. All these elements can all increase the chance of getting embarrassing and annoying genital infections. To enjoy summer activities but keep our bodies unaffected by the change, remember to shower before and after swimming. Also, do your best to never sit around in wet bottoms as wet environments are breeding grounds for nasty bacteria and yeast. Also, get plenty of prebiotics and probiotics to balance out any of that healthy internal ecosystem that acidic alcohol intake or pool chemicals may have washed away.

2. Underwater sex is trickier than it sounds. Remember the following to make sure that your experience is one to remember for all the right reasons: First, water will quickly wash away any natural lubricants, so make sure to use silicone lube for underwater sports. Silicone is a thicker molecule than water, so it won’t wash away as quickly as natural lubrication or water based lubes. Do not use oils if you are using condoms because oils (as well as chlorine) break down latex. Why is lube so important? If the vagina isn’t very lubricated, a woman can still have sex, but she may risk internal micro-tearing, which can hurt and make her more vulnerable to infection. Finally, insertion underwater can push chemicals and bacteria inside of the vagina, which can lead to a painful experience as well as infections. If you really want to have a sexy underwater experience, to make sure it’s as easy and as healthy as possible, try insertion out of the water first, then go underwater together.

Underwater Sex

3. This season’s skin baring can be sexy, but not necessarily safe. The more skin we bare, the more likely we are to pick up nasty skin infections and develop ugly, irritating rashes. Be mindful of your surroundings in the summer and what you touch, and if you find you’re your amount of intimate skin to skin contact is increasing, remember that there are several contagious infections we can get that are barely or not at all detectable. Do enjoy each other’s skin, but don’t forget to pay attention to your surroundings, get regular checkups and be on the lookout for any signs of infections. Early detection helps us all stay healthy and happy.

4. An increase in personal grooming activities like waxing and shaving and the use of body scrubs can leave our pores open and/or leave microscopic tears in our skin. This means that it’s easier for us to pick up and transmit bacteria and infections and/or experience skin and follicle aggravation. It’s best not to come into intimate skin-to-skin contact with someone just after a wax or shave so that our skin has time to heal and help protect us. This may require more strategic planning of your activities.

Serotonin Increase

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5. Thanks to all that sunlight, not only does serotonin increase in the summer, but so does a hormone called MSH (or melanotropin). This hormone primarily regulates the melanin in our skin, but it also acts as a libido booster. You may want to remember to get the extra-large box of condoms and up the quantity of your protection, this season as your skin color isn’t the only thing the sun is boosting!

6. Although sunlight can increase a man’s fertility, intense heat can decrease it. If you’re trying to conceive, remember that you need to keep your swimmers cool. Grills, saunas and extended exposure to the hot sun can kill semen. If you’re a man and you want to preserve your testicular content this season, a dip in the pool frequently or stay under the umbrella to make sure your baby making potential stays strong.

7. Despite what we may think at first, male sweat has actually been found to arouse women. It may surprise you to know that studies show male sweat can have an uplifting effect on female mood, arousal, and stress levels. If baby making isn’t the goal, then sweat it up, boys! Some women become psychologically and physiologically better off with a whiff of your pheromones. Just make sure not to forget that basic hygiene is always a good idea.

Your eating habits change

8. You may find that your eating habits change in warmer weather, and when your diet changes, so do your level of desire. In colder months, when our minds are on dishes like stew, pasta, and deep-fried dishes, we miss out on the great benefits of the fruits and veggies that we’re more likely to nosh on in the warmer months. Nutrients from plants give an boost to our sex drives, and a diet with plenty of Earth-originating food is one abundant in the acids and minerals it takes to get our stress and tension down, our blood flows up our moods lifted. Remember to buy organic, though, as anything that isn’t organic can be covered in pesticides and chemicals that reverse or hinder the food’s natural benefits.

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Summer is fun, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t enjoy this natural peak time for our love lives. However, to remain happy and healthy throughout all our future springs and summers, it’s important to enjoy wisely. Keeping this summer sexual health tips in mind should help you maximize your pleasure potential during the warmest weeks of the year.

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