Running Helps in Boosting Sex Drive? Read Here to know How

Running is great for your overall health – it can reduce your risk of heart disease, increase your overall fitness levels, and improve your mood.

Running Helps in Boosting Sex Drive? Read Here to know How

Studies also show that running can help improve your sex life no matter what age and sex you are.

These findings were the same in both epidemiological and clinical studies. However, as with all things in life -moderation is key. If you need more convincing regarding the sexual health benefits of running, then keep reading.

Running Boosts Your Sex Drive

For great sex, you need to first have a strong sex drive and running seems to help with this. The hormone most responsible for our sex drive is testosterone. Greater levels of this primarily male hormone cause a spike in a person’s sex drive. Studies show that running and other endurance exercises cause a short-term spike in testosterone levels.

However, other studies show that post-exercise spikes in sex drive may be more a result of the effects exercise has on the sympathetic nervous system. This was especially true for women as explained in one study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The study found that women who participated in moderate exercising had a stronger sexual response to watching erotic imagery than women who did not exercise.

However, running more than you can endure may have a negative effect on your libido according to one study published in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation.

This is because exhaustion from too much exercising suppresses endocrine functioning which inevitably leads to a drop in sex hormone levels.

Running Improves your Sexual Performance

Being a successful runner could also mean that you are good in bed as well according to researchers from the University of Cambridge’s Division of Biological Anthropology.

The researchers found that professional runners had overall greater testosterone levels which led to their greater reproductive success as evident by their number of children and age of the first child.

Another study focused on the effects of different types of exercise on erectile function.

According to this study, the more men exercised, the better their sexual performance was. This makes perfect sense considering that you need to have good functioning vasodilation and vasoconstriction and that exercise was found to improve just that.

Running can significantly increase nitric oxide levels in your blood stream which is an important vasodilator important for maintaining an erection.

Running improves your sexual performance

Run for Better Orgasms

Anorgasmia is common among middle-aged women which is why one Finnish study wanted to see if physical exercising such as running helped women achieve orgasms more easily. The study which was a questionnaire type involving premenopausal and menopausal women.

According to this study, perceived health and fitness levels influenced the quantity and quality of women’s sexual activities. It also influenced orgasm rates.

Exercising, in particular, was strongly related to the women’s ability to achieve an orgasm which was especially true for women in the 40 to 46 age range.

Running can also benefit those experiencing problems with achieving orgasm due to antidepressants. A study published in Depression and Anxiety found that women who ran immediately before sexual activity were able to achieve an orgasm more easily.

Running Improves Self-Esteem

Of course, your mental health is bound to have a strong effect on the quality of your sex life and running may help you improve your feelings of self-worth.

Aging seems to negatively influence people’s self-esteem which also reduces the quality of their sex lives. According to one questionnaire-based study, fitness levels strongly influenced levels of sexual activity in older men and women.

Being physically fit was also found in one study conducted by researchers from Florida Atlantic University to influence sexual self-confidence by improving a person’s perceived body-image satisfaction.

Our sexuality is closely tied to our levels of well-being and the state of our mental health. Because running impacts not just our fitness levels but also our mood, it can have a profound influence on our sexual health as well.

Our Sexual Health

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You probably already knew the various health benefits of running, but you may not have been familiar with its effects on sexual health. Sexual health depends on so many factors ranging from your health status, fitness levels to mental health.

Running was found in various studies to improve all of the mentioned areas of your life and health. Running also causes changes in the levels of your hormones, particularly testosterone which is the hormone most responsible for a strong sex drive.

The benefits of running on sexual health and performance were equally good for men and women and were beneficial for all age groups.

So, in case you feel like your sex life needs a quick boost, try running around the block for a couple of minutes and we’re sure you’ll see an improvement in your sex life.

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