9 Leading Causes of Fights in a Relationship

Written by Michael Wight
9 Leadings Causes of Fights in a Relationship

For many couples out there, after the delight of new love fades, reality starts to settle in. Arguments take place too often. Misunderstandings between couples are unavoidable. Fights are normal in any relationships, and though they are not that pleasant, the good thing is if these clashes are handled properly, working over these problems might even bring you closer together. The problem begins with issues that you fight over and over, which results in frustration and unneeded pressure.

So, we have listed some of the leading reasons for arguments between couples:

1. Ego

Marriage can be happiness for all married couples, and it can be happier if every couple set their ego aside and give into adjustments. And if your partner wants you to do something that is not what you usually are used to, it would be great just to consider the suggestion and adapt with it. Life is all about give and take, and for married couples it’s vital that it comes from both ends. However, it doesn’t usually happen if ego is present.

2. Doubtful Partner

Doubtful Partner

For the past years, the rate of couples arguing about the suspicious nature of his/her partner has increased, and is becoming a big concern on divorces. According to marriage consultants and psychiatrists, people with such issues need immediate treatment. The ability not to fully trust somebody is sometimes labeled phobia of getting cheated again that results to having an unsuccessful relationship.

3. Money

Money has and will always be an important part of your married life. And being married doesn’t exempt you about issues with money. Arguments about money among married couples normally happen if there is a big income gap, which results in an imbalanced sense of material needs.

4. Lack of Passion

Lack of Passion

It can’t be denied that every human has sexual needs, which should be satisfied. And for married couples, it’s expected that your partner can provide you not only with basic conjugal needs but also your needs in bed. However, the pressure at work and stress due to a busy lifestyle results to reduced physical intimation among married couples. And sexual unsatisfaction, most of the time, can cause disappointments and misunderstandings.

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5. The Ex

Having a good mutual relationship with your ex may be great, but it may not sit well with your current partner. And sometimes arguments or fights among couples are because of the exes. There is nothing you can do about your past. Although maintaining a good relationship with your ex is harmless and great, this might bring about insecurities and possessive nature of your partner in your present relationship. Although there is nothing you can do about your past, your present relationship should still be your main priority.

6. Extra Marital Affairs

Extra Marital Affairs

Sometimes, people fall out of love now and then, even among married couples. And this usually results in the involvement of a third party in a seeming happy married relationship. According to psychiatrists, people who are married fall out of love due to boredom from the dullness of long-term commitment. This is usually a temporary stage, but it does happen in many couples, which results in temporary separation or even divorce.

7. Monster-In-Laws

Perhaps the most common cause that starts from the first day, arguments about relatives and in-laws and family issues always takes place all over love. And if extended families voice out their opinions about certain problems concerning the couple, fights may even lead to heated quarrels from either side that sometimes drags family members and relatives.

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8. Taking Care of Children

Taking Care of Children

This is another problem that married couples fight about. The way the child should be raised or what values should be instilled – all of these sometimes result to an argument among married couples and on occasions may not totally agree and might have varying perspective.

9. Staying Silent so as not to Provoke a Fight

This apparently safe move is not safe at all. Keeping silent if something is stressing you will likely to make the situation go on and may cause the stress to aggravate and grow. It’s much better to raise problems in a gentle manner so that you two can go through them in a productive way. To have an effective relationship, it’s vital to have an effective communication – which is very hard. So it’s really vital to LISTEN to your partner, recognize his or her feelings, and exert more effort to become efficient communicators.

There will always be trials along the path of your married life. But, if both of you will work together and strive hard to provide solutions to these trials, you will have a happy and blissful married life. Fights will be part of your marriage endlessly; however, if you know how to handle such issues, separation is unlikely to happen.


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