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You Can Practice Tantra Without Partner

Newsflash: You can practice Tantra alone. There is no requirement to have a partner in order to practice Tantra.

You Can Practice Tantra Without Partner

Solo Tantra has many advantages, even for those with a partner.

For all that are new to Tantra, it’s a powerful self-development system that can turn your intimate life into a next level kind of experience. Especially when it comes to your sex life and relationship growth.

But How Can Tantra Work If You Don’t Have A Partner? Isn’t Tantra All About The Sacred Union?

Indeed, Tantra is about the sacred union. However, the union of two people in sexual intercourse is used as a metaphor for the real sacred union.

The real sacred union is the merging of consciousness with the material Universe – bringing our attention so intently to our experience that we “lose ourselves”, and become one.

For a timeless moment, there is no separation between the observer, the observed, and the process of observing.

To be a little less woo woo: You feel like you are on a pretty awesome trip, just without the drugs.

The Sacred union also refers to the perfect balancing of masculine and feminine, activity and receptivity, action and stillness. This integration must happen within us (in our microcosm) before we can manifest it outside us (in the macrocosm).

The Advantages Of Solo Tantra

Solo Tantra

Practicing Tantra by yourself has many benefits, also when you have a partner to practice it with. If you identify as a man, you can learn to master your control and be able to last longer in bed.

If you identify as a woman, you will study your body and accumulate the knowledge of your pleasure capacity. This knowledge is precious when shared with a partner.

For many people, the presence of another can complicate things. We are trying to learn how to raise and move our sexual energy (without getting lost in pleasure).

We seek to find the perfect balance point between left and right, action and stillness, awareness and “melting into oneness”. We are trying to be aware of the movement of energy in our bodies and to channel it into our crown chakra.

All of this is quite enough to think about, without all the added complexity of co-operating with another human being.

Are they comfortable? Is this good for them? Wait, I need to adjust my position. Your hair is on my face … now they look upset. Did I do something wrong …?

You Already Have Everything You Need To Practice Tantra
Tantra says we all have an inner man and an inner woman, and we all have the sexual energy we can raise, move, and take to our crown chakra. There is no need to wait – you can start your solo Tantra practice today!

Practicing solo Tantra doesn’t mean that you put less effort into the preparations. Solo Tantra is as powerful as practicing with a partner.

Here Are A Few Ideas To Help You Create A Powerful Setting:

Cleanse Yourself
  • Take a shower, cleanse yourself. And purify the space by burning some sage.
  • Create a romantic setting, light some incense and burn candles. You deserve it.
  • Play gentle music in the background. Choose pieces that inspire you.
  • Have a look into the mirror and gaze into your own eyes. You might witness your inner man and inner woman
  • Take a few deep breathe and moan on the exhale to release any negative emotions, stress and tension.
  • Offer the fruits of this practice to the divine, by creating an intention.
  • You can ask the universe to support you in the process.

Once you are all set, start to consciously touch yourself. Focus your full presence on your hand and how it’s touching your body. Notice the space between hand and skin. Consciously perceive your skin texture.

Enjoy And Close Your Eyes To Perceive More

Switch between giver and receiver, notice the difference. Sometimes you move your hand sometimes you just place it on one body part and receive.

Start exploring your body, don’t rush to your genitals. Take as much time as you need. Find any erogenous zones that you feel particularly pleasurable.

One of those could be your face, your throat, your nipples and breasts, your belly, your inner tights. Pay attention to your organs and what happens inside your body, as well as what happens outside your body.

Also, witness your emotions. If you feel that you get bored or want to rush the process, just watch those feelings but don’t act on them. Change your body position or touch style to spark things up.

The Moment You Notice A Build Up Of The Sexual Energy, Imagine It’s Moving Upwards

Once you are feeling more aroused, pleasure yourself in the style that works for you. But don’t build up to any orgasm goal. Pause for a moment whenever you feel close to climax.

Imagine that all this pleasure moves up your body all the way into your heart and head.

Let pleasure fill every centimetre of your being.

Acknowledge your animus (your inner man) and your anima (your inner women) embracing each other in a deep merging hug.

Crown Chakra

Visualize the energy raising up your spine all the way up to your crown chakra, about 20cm above your head, in the very moment of the union.

Direct the energy to your crown chakra, about 20cm above the top of your head. You may find it easier to work your way up the chakras one by one, rather than aiming for the crown chakra in the very first surge.

Feel the base chakra, between your legs, fill with energy. Then focus on the second chakra, at the level of your pubic bone. As the energy builds, direct it upward, to the navel chakra. Feel your entire abdomen filling and vibrating with sexual energy.

Bring your attention to the heart chakra.

It may take a few practice sessions to be able to fully access the heart chakra, and to completely fill your chest with sexual energy. Notice how it feels, both physically and emotionally.

Next, expand the throat chakra, then the third eye chakra. Once these channels are open, you can begin to guide the energy into the crown chakra. Be aware of the changes in your physiology and consciousness as you activate the crown chakra.

Stop Whenever You Had Enough Of This Experience

Send Gratitude

You might feel a certain treshold which knows exactly your limits. Find a moment of silence, you can sit in meditation or lie down on your back. Witness all the effects and experiences. Send gratitude to the universe.

Solo practice can be richly fulfilling by itself, and it is also excellent preparation for partner practice.

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