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The Power Of Love – How Our Mind, Body & Relationships Benefit From It

As human beings, we all crave connection, to love and be loved. When you are in a relationship that is a healthy one, it is a contribution to your whole being. When we can have that interaction with someone on a continual basis, it benefits us on so many levels.

The Power Of Love – How Our Mind, Body & Relationships Benefit From It

When we love someone, we have the ability to connect deeply in so many ways to ourselves and to each other. This, in turn, helps us to feel good, which switches on the happy endorphins which benefit what’s going on in the headspace.
When you feel good, it starts to create the ripple effect, and the feelings of joy and happiness can be felt and experienced in the body.

When you connect with someone you love in an intimate way, it awakens your body to new experiences and sensations too.

And let’s be honest, it’s so much nicer and so much more fun being intimate with your partner than by yourself!

Now don’t get me wrong, being intimate with yourself is of huge value to everyone whether single or in a relationship. However, when you are sexually engaged with someone you truly love, it can take everything to a whole new level.

Truly Love

You can transcend time and space and connect in a more spiritual way, which is a part of what Tantra is about which I teach. The deeper your intimacy and connection can be, the more it opens you to a place of surrendering to the moment which opens your body and your being to feel and be more.

When we can be in the space of “simply being” with our self and our partner it can help create a space of bliss. When you are in a place of bliss, it benefits you in all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit and affects every single cell of your entire being.

Great connections do promote happiness and joy, and these feelings can elevate your general mood. When your mood is enhanced, it is less likely to create the effects of stress on your body.

When your body is in a state of stress or anxiety, it can affect your health in a variety of ways such as impacting your immune system, your cortisol levels, gut health, cardiovascular system and many other aspects of your general health including depression.

Some key factors of being in a relationship is having great communication. Without this, you cannot create intimacy, and without intimacy, you cannot have amazing, fantastic sex. Yes, you can still have sex, however it’s not sustainable.

When you love someone, it can be more sustainable because you have built the foundations of your relationship to grow from.

Kindness and Gratitude

Even when you are in love and have what you consider a great relationship it still requires nourishment to help it to grow. So just like a garden that needs water to survive, relationships need to continually grow and evolve through nurturing, care kindness and gratitude. When you have these contributions with the person you love, then it assists your growth in mind, body, and spirit together and individually.

For those that have been in relationships where there are a lot of problems, the love has diminished over time, or in some way the relationship becomes toxic for a variety of reasons, it can start to affect your mental health as well as your physical health.

Often what can happen in relationships, is that expectation, demand and judgment can start to creep in which starts to create an unhealthy pattern of relating. This is when a lack of communication can start to occur, things aren’t discussed and so what happens is it starts to fester, and emotions can be stuffed down.

When this happens, it has to come out in some way and so this is when it can start to impact on health in a variety of ways. Emotional issues, depression, putting on weight, numerous things can start to develop and this is when relationships can be at the tipping point of falling apart and ending.

When we are not happy we are often stuffing down our emotions, and this can disrupt our bodies in the physical as well. It can dramatically affect our libido because if we aren’t happy, feeling love towards our partner, one of the first things that diminish can be the desire to have sex.

Libido Down

If there are problems, then quite often the last thing on your mind is sex, and we can really easily stuff our libido down and completely ignore it.

This can and is a huge problem because sex is an energy and this energy is what sustains us on so many levels. Sexual energy is our life force and so if we aren’t using it, then we have to question what is happening to our life force as it does affect our mind, body, and spirit.

A good healthy relationship is a relationship where there is a contribution from both people to make the relationship what it is. A great relationship that is full of love and kindness was having that person in your life is an add-on.

Your life is even better because they are in it sharing it with you. This is how love in a relationship can show its true potency. When your heart is full it shows up in your being and creates joy and harmony which is reflected in your attitude in how you live your life which will always be beneficial to your health, to your mind, body, and spirit.

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