Why Morning Sex Is Called the Best Sex?

For most of us, that wake-up call is coming from the alarm, the quick shower and the cup of espresso on the way. It seems we have built a routine where sex takes a place late in the night. Let’s be honest – sex is a great way for you and your partner to relax at the end of that hard-working day, however, it could become a bit boring as well.

Why Morning Sex Is Called the Best Sex?

It could also become a bit of a routine and there is nothing more boring than that! Sex needs to be exciting, always a new and relaxing experience and it requires your attention and your commitment! So, why not try something new and make a room for morning sex in your schedule?

If you are not convinced of the importance of morning sex until now, we have a few more facts that we want to share with you! Stay with us to find the reason that will convince you to change your morning routine right now!

Why is Morning Sex so Important?

As we mentioned before, late night sex after a long day at work can become a bit of boring and there is one thing that you surely do not want in your private life and that is for you and your partner’s sexual experience to become boring! You can change all of that by making changes in your everyday routine and fitting sex at the beginning of the day.

If waking up early seems a bit of a problem for you and if it may seem like you cannot find a good enough reason to make the effort to change your morning routine, we have a number of facts that will surely change your mind as you go through reading our article!

Morning Sex Info

Sex in the morning contributes to your health! – A recent study published confirmed that having sex in the morning is a great way to start your day because it contributes to your health.

Morning sex enhances the levels of IgA, a very important antibody, by which it improves your immune system, and also it boosts the levels of estrogen which improves the quality of your skin, hair, and nails! Morning sex also helps men!

A study done confirmed that morning sex boosts the testosterone levels in men!

Oral sex in the morning helps pregnant women with their morning sickness! – It may seem hard to believe until you have read the study which supports this theory! Pregnant women usually start their day by consuming a teaspoon of mint to relieve their morning sickness, however swallowing semen at the beginning of the day has shown to be one of the best ways to avoid morning sickness.

And which pregnant woman does not want to avoid morning sickness? Another study also confirmed that oral sex in the morning – swallowing semen, helps pregnant women to reduce the risk of preeclampsia – a condition in the pregnancy which is characterized by hypertension.

Oral sex in the morning helps pregnant women

Sex reduces the risk of a cardiovascular disease – A study done confirmed that men who had sex at least two or three times a week have reduced their risk of a cardiovascular disease by half and improved their cardiovascular health compared with men who did not have sex that often.

You can skip the gym afterward! – Sex in the morning is the best way to wake you up and give you the workout that you need for the day. You can use it as an excuse to skip the gym however that does not mean that you can skip a proper workout always!

You can use the energy that you got after a good night sleep! – Morning sex is the best because you are energized and your stamina is at its peak compared with late night sex when you feel tired after a long day at work!

Sure sex will help you sleep better but you cannot fully enjoy your sexual experience when you are feeling tired and that is one reason why you should wake up early tomorrow and change that!

Good Night Sleep


More and more people seem to forget the importance of sex and its effects on their lives! Not only sex is contributing to our health but it is also a way to connect with your partner intimately which will surely improve your relationship and help you maintain a good and healthy relationship at all times.

If lately, you are feeling a bit bored with your late-night sex routine maybe this is the right time to change that and listen to our advice about the importance of morning sex! Sex in the morning will not only help you wake up more quickly but it will also give you to workout that you may have been avoiding at the gym or maybe it will help you skip the gym that day!

In our article, we mentioned many things that will help you understand health benefits of sex if you seem to be a bit skeptical after reading our article!



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