The Love You Need is The Love In You

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Published: Aug 3, 2017 | Last Updated: Mar 29, 2019

The Love You Need is The Love In You

Are you looking to find your special someone? Maybe you’re already in a relationship, but it feels unstable. There are ways you can improve your love status and have that feeling you’re looking for.

Surprisingly, it won’t start with couple’s therapy. It will start with your own journey.

In an era where we are the most lonely we’ve ever felt, despite being so connected, we’ve lost touch with being close to someone. You may text back and forth all day, but when you see one another, you don’t have anything to say.

You may feel out of touch with your own self as well so none of these underlying discomforts will feel obvious to you.

Think of all the people that have stated they didn’t see it coming. They didn’t think their partner would cheat, they didn’t know they were unhappy.

This is all from being so disconnected from oneself and to the person you’re with. Coming back to center with yourself will help you to be more invested in the relationship you’re in.

3 Tips on How To Improve Your Love Life

1 Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

When you are able to slow life down, you will receive the answers you need when it comes to your relationship. Many people might not want to slow down because they’re afraid of what they might realize.

The thing is, if you don’t look at the reality of your situation, you can’t reach out or adjust behavior to avoid losing the love you have.

Yoga and its various poses, along with breathing, help to calm down the monkey mind[1]. You then have an opportunity to process your life and your feelings.

Meditation allows you to really look deeply into yourself so you can find the answers.

You may come to many powerful revelations about yourself that can help the relationships. You also offer yourself, love.

This helps to curb any of those insecure feelings you have that may cause you to lash out at your partner.

2 Really Seeing Your Partner

Really Seeing Your Partner

You have probably seen that couple that sits down for lunch in a restaurant. They are glued to their phones and their body language tells the tale of total disinterest.

They have stopped seeing each other and that is probably the most heart breaking love story of all.

The slow loss of love becomes a partnership where both people just don’t want to stir any more drama up. They stopped seeing each other as a way of protecting their hearts.

This is often why experts will say the right kind of fighting in a relationship is good[2]. At least you show some sense of interest.

Regardless of what your relationship status is, pay attention to the person you wake up with. Make eye contact when you sit across the table from one another.

When you ask your partner how their day was, drop what you’re focusing on and pay attention.

3 Consider What Life Would Be Like Without Them

While it’s a slightly morbid thought, think of life without your partner. Recently, I left a serious relationship and shortly after, he was diagnosed with cancer. We lived in different countries, so I opted not to go back and help.

We had ended our relationship, but when he did die, I really missed him in ways I never thought I would.

Our relationship was not reconcilable, which is the one thing that keeps me sane. I still wish I could hear him laugh or even hear him say unkind words.

I miss him more than anything, but when I was with him, I couldn’t see all there was to appreciate in him.

Help Partner

Some might wish to visualize a life without their partner. It really is a powerful tool in appreciation. Imagine if you had to do the things your partner does for you.

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up in an empty bed. Imagine life without their laugh or how your name sounds rolling off their tongue.

Appreciate yourself in the relationship too. If you feel like you’re not important, think of how lost they’d be if you weren’t around anymore.

Take time out for yourself so you can think about how to make your relationship better. The worst thing you can do is fixate on how terrible it is.

That only brings more of what you don’t want. Be the love that you believe you are missing and then be the example of love you want to have from your partner.

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