7 Ways Men Can Improve* Stamina Without Pills

Improve Stamina Without Pill

In my sexual experience I have encountered many single men and couples who mention having issues regarding stamina in the bedroom. Men of all ages and backgrounds. Many are seeking alternative ways to get it up and keep it up without resorting to an over the counter herbal remedy or go to the doctor for a prescription.

I’m in full agreement there are many things men can try that are safe to help build bedroom stamina that don’t have the known risks the pills do. Here are some suggestions for anyone curious that I’ve seen firsthand work wonders!

1. Proper Hydration

We all know hydration is important. (Men should be consuming about 3.7 liters a day according to Mayo Clinic[1] ). However, proper hydration has many benefits sexually as well.

In case some of you wondered why you may wake up with an erection that seems to go away quickly on its own after you urinate, your bladder can play as much a role as the rest of your system when it comes to getting erect.

If you’re not properly hydrated not only will your body be more reluctant to want to allow blood to pump up your prick, but the other organs that retain fluid may not be as into cooperating either. Adult men need a lot of fluids.

Going through 10 average size cups of water a day looks like a lot on paper but it should be what all men have built in as part of their routines. Even more if one plans on doing any rigorous activity that could lead to dehydration.

One reason a man may be having a hard time getting it up and/or keeping it up could be as basic as the body being thirsty for something more crucial than sex. Soldiers in the armed forces swear by non-caffeinated sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade, something pumped with electrolytes.

Next time you find yourself unable to get your buddy to cooperate with you, try drinking a glass of water and then waiting to see if that may be it or not. Getting in the habit of proper routine hydration could easily help a man increase* his stamina in the long run.

2. Cutting Down On Caffeine And Alcohol When Wanting To Have Sex

Cutting Alcohol

Two of the most common vices for sexually active men are caffeine and alcohol – but those do not go with healthy sex all that well. Many a man who imbibes likely has experienced the condition known as “whiskey dick” after knocking back a few and finding themselves in bed with a partner.

The effects of alcohol may help one rid themselves of social anxiety long enough to get to the bedroom, but when it comes to doing the deed can prove to be the worst wingman. Caffeine is also known to actually exacerbate symptoms of anxiety in many who are in any way prone to it.

While the idea of increased energy from coffee, soda, or an energy drink might be tempting when one thinks the boost* will help them go at it for longer, the caffeine can mess with psychology and make a man more likely to psyche himself out.

For men wanting to increase* stamina they may want to cut back on their consumptions of booze and coffee. Especially on days when they plan on having sex.

3. Safe Lubrication

Contrary to some common ideas, bringing extra lube into the bedroom is not insulting to women. Every person’s body is different. Some women naturally get more wet than others when aroused, and some women may dry up sooner or faster than others even if they’re still in the mood.

For some individuals what vaginas naturally secrete isn’t enough of a smooth glide. Penises don’t have any natural lubrication, and saliva and other bodily fluids secreted during intercourse aren’t substitutes.

Using hypoallergenic water-based lubricant not only will make the ride smoother for a man and their partner, decreasing* the friction and “sticky” sensation helps men last longer in bed.

4. Adjusting Masturbation Habits

Adjusting Masturbation Habits

Men masturbate. There are all kinds of tools to help men experiment with it as well. However, a common trap many men fall into is getting caught in masturbation habits that no person’s body parts could ever mimic.

Stimulation with a tight, vice-like grip and minimal lubrication makes it more of a chore for men to maintain an erection and have the ability to orgasm when stimulated by a partner. When having intercourse with a woman, the vagina does not get tighter and drier as the woman gets more aroused and into the moment – it does the opposite.

If a man spends too much time masturbating[2] achieving orgasm with too tight a grip and not enough lubrication, he will have a difficult time satisfying his partner and achieving orgasm with them.

To improve* performance, men should think about how they masturbate down to the actual mechanics and try experimenting with different grips and lubricants to better simulate the sensations with a partner.

5. Healthy Diet

Many of our ills start with the basic building blocks. Stamina in bed is no different! Men who consume too much heavy, fattening food as part of their regular diet usually have more difficulty with their performance in the bedroom.

Especially when they choose to have sex not long after mealtime. For men in relationships or situations where their ability to have sex is limited to hours of the day that fall not long after consuming a meal, they tend to feel stressed and dissatisfied with their sex lives. Feeling worn out more quickly during the act itself or feeling ill after too much activity.

On the flip side, not consuming enough calories where the body is fighting any physical activity that’s not needed for survival to conserve calories will have the same effect. Low energy and feeling out of shape which will transform into subpar bedroom performance.

Cutting back on heavy, fattening foods and focusing on consuming food rich in nutrients especially ones high in energy-producing ones are key in increasing* stamina and therefore bettering one’s abilities in bed.

6. Clear Mind

Sex starts with the brain before any other part wants to jump into the action. If your mind isn’t in the best place, being able to have sex (let alone do it well) will be incredibly difficult. When sex feels like a chore – something is wrong. However, contrary to popular belief, sex is not a substitute for regular stress relief.

Clear Mind Sex

When someone is stressed out, the last thing their mind wants to focus on is sex. Before having sex taking a comfortable bath or shower, listening to relaxing music, soaking in a hot tub, or getting a massage from a partner can help decrease* stress so the mind is ready to get frisky in the bedroom.

When you take your troubles to bed the likelihood of you performing well is null. Communication is important to tell your partner how you’re feeling. In return your partner may go out of their way to help you relax and unwind before you get to the juicy stuff. Block out porn as well.

As much as we all love some wishful thinking, most porn is carefully staged and filmed with many acts that are difficult for regular people to replicate.

If you focus too much on recreating a scene in your head, you’ll just psyche yourself out which will keep you from enjoying the moment and puts extra stress on your partner.

When you’re having sex it’s all about you and your partner. If your mind is elsewhere you’re not going to have much fun.

Kitti Minx Author

7. Experiment With Positions And Sex Acts

Everyone is different in terms of what feels good and what doesn’t. If you and your partner are open to it, try mixing up the sex acts and the positions. For example if all you do is missionary and standard cowgirl and you’re finding yourself not having much stamina, suggest to your partner trying different positions like doggy or a different position with her on top.

If your partner is set on missionary there are different ways to do it. With enough lubrication for a smooth fit, putting your partner’s legs over your shoulders (or bent back by their head if they’re flexible enough) changes the angle and allows deeper penetration that in some women also stimulates the g-spot.

Before penetration try holding out with a warmup with mutual oral sex or manual stimulation with hands. If there’s a part of your partner you really like, such as her breasts or buttocks, warm up by massaging those areas which in turn will get her revved up too.

Consider suggesting anal sex (while wearing condoms) to your partner if that is something you’re interested in. Of course trying any new sex acts requires some research, communication, and patience – things may not go perfectly on the first try.

So just have fun experimenting together! The thrill of discovery alone and mutual pleasure can do wonders to help a man last twice as long in bed and fully satisfy their partner!

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In Conclusion from my years of experience engaging with single men as well as couples and working with them through their struggles in regards to stamina, I’ve helped many find alternatives to pills that safely and effectively get them to reach their bedroom goals.

Sometimes just maintaining proper hydration in general as well as drinking water during sex as well as cutting down on caffeine and alcohol intake (when wanting to have sex) while keeping up with a healthy diet is enough to increase* peak bedroom performance.

For others it’s just a simple matter of relaxing before they have sex, keeping porn and other unrealistic expectations out of their mental space once in the bedroom, and adjusting their masturbation habits.

Then sometimes it’s just keeping things well lubricated while going about the bedroom business and keeping solid communication with one’s partner to help experiment around with new positions and sex acts to spice things up enough to keep the stamina going that way.

None of these things require pills of any kind and have worked wonders for many people! So if you’ve been having problems with stamina, before looking to pills to try to solve your problems, go through these safe suggestions!

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