Updated: 2019, Jun 12

Want to Lead a Healthy Sex Life? These 10 Steps.will Definitely Help You!

Little Steps for a Healthy Sex Life!

Everybody wants a healthy sex life. Afterall, it’s not just for making babies anymore. But it’s not just about sex either. While this is a highly personal topic, it’s important to be aware of the many positive benefits of a healthy sex life because there are many factors that can affect your libido, including the state of yours and/or your partner’s health.

Here we will first take a look at some of the benefits of a healthy sex life as well as the little steps that can lead you there.

First and foremost when it comes to having a healthy sex life, or any sex life at all for that matter, you must be focused on a balanced, healthy diet plan and get plenty benefits of exercise and rest.

Couple Together

Consider turning off the television, and perhaps removing any televisions from your bedroom.

Researchers say that television can be associated with an increased cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). You must realize the distractions that come from the boob tube and try to alleviate these stressors in the bedroom.

This may surprise you – Skip the romance and just jump in the sheets. Pumping up your heart rate significantly enhances sexual responses. Researchers suggest watching an action movie or doing aerobic exercise with your partner before jumping in the sheets – forget the foreplay at this point. You’ll be so ready to go, there won’t be time.

Pick the perfect time – A recent study suggests that days 6-10 of the menstrual cycle makes for better, more frequent orgasms because of the sex hormones coursing through the body during this time.

Focus on relaxing. Try lavender – This natural scent is said to help people unwind and furthermore get in the mood. Studies suggest that the smell of lavender increases feelings of relaxation and reduces mental stress in some people. This could lead to a more impactful event in the bedroom.

Keeping open with your partner. This can lead to a more intimate time in the sheets.

Watch out for your alcohol intake. Alcohol slows down nerve impulses in the central nervous system,, not to mention that too much alcohol running in your blood may improve your sexual performance. Your coordination will be hindered and this can make it difficult to obtain and/or maintain an erection in men and could make it difficult to maintain sufficient vaginal lubrication in women.

Another important thing to remember, if you’re man or woman, is to like yourself naked. It’s important to be aware of and in love with your own body before you can expect someone else to respect you. It is stated that up to eighty percent of women in the US suffer from a negative body image. This number is reportedly lower for men, but the numbers don’t really matter — as long as you love yourself.

Stressed Out

Change your routine up a little bit. Mix up the lovemaking sessions to release hormones which will alleviate tension.

Otherwise, you might take into account the benefits of a healthy sex life –

1. Improved immunity – Research studies show that people that have more sex, call in sick less to work… this might be because of the immunoglobulin that is significantly increased in your system when you’re having frequent sex – this means more than once or twice per week. Immunoglobulin is essentially the first line of defense in your immune system… more sex, less illness.

2. Heart Health – Sexual activity is similar to exercise for your heart. It’s also good for testosterone levels, which is another element in your heart health.

3. Lower Blood Pressure – accordingly, sexual activity is connected with lower blood pressure and and hence, a better response time between the sheets.

4. It’s exercise! – Sex increases your heart rate, burning calories and strengthening muscles in the process. Some research reveals that sexual activity burns up to four calories per minute for men and three calories (per minute) for women. It is also mentioned that it can help you to maintain your flexibility and balance.

5. Pain Relief – That headache is no excuse. Sexual activity is said to release hormones that reduce pain which can be correlated with blocking back and leg pain… which could be the leading cause of your headache in the first place.

6. Reduce your Risk of Prostate Cancer – It is stated that men who ejaculate at least 21 times per month – either through sex or masturbation that affect sexual stamina – have a lower risk of prostate cancer.

7. Improve Sleep – Who hasn’t had a great session of lovemaking with their partner only to find oneself sleepy afterward. This is because of a relaxation inducing hormone – prolactin – which is released during sex and may help you to fall asleep more quickly.

8. Stress Relief – Sex is a natural stress relief because of the hormones released during and after interaction with your partner on such a level.

9. Boost your Libido – The more often you have sex the more often you are likely to have it (more)… the researchers involved say there’s a mental connection here, but also a physical one… consider it like the exercise we discussed earlier. When you get more, you want more.

Finally, if you’re experiencing issues with your libido, consider Virectin – a male enhancement supplement.

This all-natural supplement is said to improve male sexual libido with optimal doses of key ingredients and extracts that help to induce your hormones and boost performance.

Consider checking in with your doctor if these tips and other methods of sprucing up your sex life aren’t working. There may be a serious medical issue that needs to be addressed – this could be anything from depression to heart disease. You might note that certain medications like andro400 can cause a drop in libido and these are more topics to discuss with your doctor.

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