Bringing Harmony and Love into your Relationships

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, which can be romantic for some and for others not so much. These calendar holidays can still provide reminders for us when we are caught up in our full lives.

Bringing Harmony and Love into your Relationships

For some, Valentine’s Day is a reminder that the right person hasn’t come along. For others, it’s an opportunity to put intention on one’s primary relationship by increasing intimacy and connection.

During this challenging political climate, I have been wondering how I can contribute to bringing more peace and harmony to the world at large. A little Chinese Medicine fun fact that you may or may not know is that harmony between partners is the best possible vibration for conception.  The level of harmony during conception actually influences the makeup of a child’s DNA.

At TantratoLove™, transforming personal trauma through shamanic and eastern medicine practices, phoenix rising yoga therapy, and spiritual counseling is one way we help others to create harmony in their relationships.  There are many practices available to heal the emotional wounding in the heart. One I offer on my YouTube channel called Heart Soothing Qigong.  If you are struggling with heartache or sadness around Valentine’s Day, you might want to practice it regularly.  Daily if possible.  Notice how it shifts your feelings.

The other way we assist people in creating harmony is to teach communication skills and practices that support clear, loving and harmonious communication.  Communication that leaves you feeling good after an interaction.

For cultivating clear and loving communication, I recommend the Divine Love meditation, which is a bonus meditation described at the end of my book Lighter: Living Tantra.  This meditation clears the energy centers in the body with an emphasis on the heart and throat centers.

Divine Love Meditation

Divine Love Meditation

This is a Tantra Yoga meditation that I channeled when I needed it for my personal growth.

Come into a comfortable seating position on a chair or cushion. Feel your seat on the cushion and your feet or legs on the floor. Lengthen the top of your head toward the sky. Now envision warm water being poured over your head. This water is soothing, softening and cleansing. Imagine it cleansing all the allergens, toxins and tensions from your body.

Soften the top of your head (your crown chakra), inhale divine love from the sky, through your crown chakra and through your central channel all the way to the heart of the Earth. (The inhale is being drawn from the nose.)

Exhale and allow the breath to slowly rise up the front body and out your mouth. Allow your exhalation to wash over your heart and throat, softening anything in those energy centers.

When practiced regularly, notice if your communication transforms into a more loving form. Also, notice how this style of communication affects your relationships.

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At TantratoLove™,  we define Tantra as a solo practice that includes breath, meditation, sound, movement, and bodywork. These practices invite energy centers to open that were contracted from life‘s traumas, big or small. Peer pressure, criticism or traumas as severe as sexual abuse are a few examples of life experiences that make muscles contract & hold to protect oneself.

Once the energy centers begin to expand, one begins a gentle transformational journey to reveal their true self. When one is living one’s true purpose, attracting a compatible mate can be very easy. Until one is living the life that supports who they really are, problems can arise in relationships.

Living Tantra

The Divine Love meditation allows those on a Tantra path to communicate clearly and lovingly their needs as they transform to their true self. Adjustments to one’s relationship dynamic can be requested, but most of all this is an opportunity to take full responsibility for what you can do for yourself.  It’s always harmonious to honor and express deep gratitude to those who share your life with you.  Many long for this and it’s important to not take it for granted.

When both partner’s energy bodies expand, with the use of breath, sound and movement, energy can be shared. This very intimate and powerful full body experience thoroughly enhances one’s physical & emotional connection with one’s partner and one self.

To learn more read Gina’s book Lighter: Living Tantra

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