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Diabetes and Sex – How Diabetes Affects Your Sex Life?

Diabetes can be defined as a serious, complex condition which leads to an increased blood sugar level. You suffer from diabetes when your body fails to produce an adequate level of insulin, or if the cells of your body are unable to properly react to the insulin, or it might be due to the combination of both the reasons.

Diabetes and Sex – How Diabetes Affects Your Sex Life?

It is a lifelong disease which affects various parts of your life. Diabetes affects various parts of your life like diet, urination, blood pressure, and even sex life.

According to the statistics released by the American Diabetes Organization, nearly 9.3% of the American population was diagnosed with diabetes in 2012, and i.e. 29.1 million Americans. The study also shows that diabetes is also a well known cause of sexual dysfunction. So, it is very clear that diabetes can even affect your sex life along with other areas of your life.

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Diabetes Impact on Your Sex Life

Now, you know that diabetes has an impact even on your sex life, it’s a time to discuss how diabetes can impact your sex life. Diabetes affects the sex life of both men and women.

The study shows that 75% of men suffering from diabetes have some sort of erectile dysfunction, and around 35% of women have some kind of sexual dysfunction.

So, without further wasting your time, let’s see how diabetes can affect your sex life:

1. Women with Diabetes May Have Sexual Dysfunction

Women suffering from diabetes may suffer from various sexual dysfunctions, and it leads them to have a lower sexual desire. There is a chance of women having difficulty in stimulating lubrication.

Furthermore, they may also have difficulty in experiencing organism, which lowers their sexual desire.

2. Low Libido Among Men

Men suffering from diabetes are prone to sexual dysfunction. Diabetes can lead to low testosterone not allowing men to have a healthy sex life.

Due to low testosterone, weight gain, and depression, men experience a decrease in libido.

When there is a low libido among men, then it not only has an impact on them alone, but also their sexual partner, ruining the sex life among the couple.

Men suffering from diabetes

3. Erectile Dysfunction Among Men

Erectile dysfunction is very common among the men suffering from diabetes. Due to low testosterone, many men suffering from diabetes experience erectile dysfunction.

Men with erectile dysfunction will never be able to achieve any kind of satisfaction during sexual intercourse because of not being able to erect normally. Hence, it has an adverse impact on your sex life.

4. Decrement in Your Energy Level

People suffering from diabetes have an abnormal fluctuation in blood sugar level.

The blood sugar level can either be too high or too low in your body. Due to this fluctuation, energy level in the body will decrease a lot. With this fluctuation, they are likely to feel weary and tired, so it has an adverse impact on their sex life.

It requires a lot of energy for good sex, and the people diagnosed with diabetes are not able to generate an adequate level of energy for satisfying sexual intercourse.

5. Disturbance in Overall Sexual Relationship and Marriage

Overall Sexual Relationship and Marriage

Due to various problems during sexual intercourse, it has an adverse impact on your overall sex and marriage life.

Many people find it awkward to discuss about this issue with the experts, making their sex life worse.

The study shows that men and women, regardless of their age are more likely to have a happy sex and married life in comparison to the people diagnosed with diabetes, which shows that it creates a disturbance in your overall sexual relationship and marriage.

Hence, diabetes can badly affect your sex life and marriage. However, there are some ways to reduce these sexual problems created by diabetes too. I will briefly describe it.

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What Can I Do About this Problem?

There are different methods which can reduce the sexual problems created by diabetes to some extent. They are as follows:

  • Consult your problems with an expert. Yes, there is no use of being silent about your problems. You need to consult with an expert to solve your problems to some extent.
  • Control your diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol level.
  • You can try medications like Viagra, Levitra, and others.
  • Have enough sleep, as it has a crucial role in controlling blood sugar.

These are some of the methods to solve the sexual problems to some extent. However, it is recommended to freely consult with an expert before trying anything.

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Diabetes not only has an impact on your blood sugar or blood pressure, it has an impact in your overall life. It is better to prevent yourself from diabetes, but if you are already suffering from this disease, then it is better to take a good care of your health by controlling your diabetes.

I hope this article has helped you to understand diabetes and sex life.



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