Christmas Gift Ideas: 6 Most Fabulous Ways to Impress Your Girl

Christmas Gift Ideas Girl Impress

Once again, Christmas is here. This is the time to have fun and feast with family and friends. It’s also the best time to reflect on what happened in the year, check to find out if all you set out to achieve has been attained, forgive those who did wrong against you, go visit family and friends you haven’t seen for a long time among other things. Most importantly, it is the time to open your heart to happiness and bring the Christmas cheer to those around you.

Painting a smile on the faces of those dearest to you is a special part of Christmas. One of these people, and arguable the most important, is your significant other; your wife, fiancé or girlfriend. For many men, this life partner is the closest person both physically and mentally. However, having them close all the time, sometimes, creates a problem. With all the things women do for us day in and day out, we could start taking it all for granted. Christmas presents you with the perfect opportunity to turn this around and be the one on the giving side, rewarding your significant other for all the hard work and support they give you year round.

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Typical Christmas presents include earrings, clothes and flowers, but if you are truly trying to do something special for your lady, you should think outside the box. These gifts can be given in any other occasion. Now, you are looking for something big; something out of the ordinary. And the bigger the surprise, the better!

Here is a list of the 6 most fabulous Christmas gifts that will impress her no matter what:

1. Go on a Vacation

Go on a Vacation

This one is an old and trusted strategy that always works. Going on a vacation together without company will give you quality time together, away from all the daily problems that usually get in the way back home. Many women mark these ‘just the two of us’ vacations as some of the best experiences of their lives.

To make the vacation even more special, engage in activities she hasn’t done before. You can, for example, try skydiving, parasailing, fly-boarding or you can visit wild and/or exotic places. The key here is to try something new and make the experience as memorable as possible.

2. Love Notes Madness

For most relationships, the beginning is usually very romantic; full of dates, flowers and courtship. The lovely early days of a relationship also involve love notes, romantic Facebook posts and other expressions of love, whether public or private. However, these quickly go away as you get used to being with each other. Would it be wrong, then, to go crazy and write as many love notes as you can about how beautiful, sexy, lovely and great your loved one is?

You can, then, lay these on her bed or perhaps put them in a jar. You know her better, so use your imagination to determine the best way to present these romantic notes to her and at what time. This gesture will convey a massage of how much you love her to take the time and write all those messages; it will show that you care.

3. A Song Just For Her

A Song Just For Her

Writing a song seems intimidating at first, but it does not have to be perfect; you are not trying to break into the Billboard Top 100. Mention her name in the song, how she looks and how much you love her among other things. If you are cannot write one, get a friend or a musician to help you.

You can, then, record it or just sing it to her. Remember, the bigger the surprise, the better. So if you are not into music, she will appreciate it more because you have gone out of your way to make this romantic gesture.

4. Go Painting

If you’re good at painting, draw a picture of her yourself. You can use pencil on paper, oil painting, water painting or pastels, depending on what you’re most comfortable with. Although the romance is the gesture is greatest if you do it yourself, you can still hire a professional to help you if you are not good at painting. If you’re working on the painting yourself you can draw her from memory, or go for the easier and more sure option of using a photograph, while a professional artist will definitely need a photograph. You don’t want to ask her to pose and ruin the surprise, now, do you?

If a photograph is being used, you can make alterations to make the painting more significant, using special things you know about her. For example, have her wearing her favorite color or draw her doing what she loves most. Let your knowledge about her be your best assistant in making this painting as special as possible.

5. Never Seen Event

If you have been together for some time, she must have given you a clue or two about something she would love to see. Is it a music concert? Maybe she loves watching wrestling, has she ever said anything about buying tickets to see such an event? Then surprise her by buying tickets for the two of you. Make sure it’s something she has never seen before, but more importantly, that it is something she has always wanted to do. The tickets will not be the main gift here; the main gift will be that you remembered what she wanted and that you cared enough to make it happen.

6. Bouquet of Red Roses

Bouquet of red roses

When it comes to surprising that special someone in your life, it is guaranteed that flowers represent an excellent choice. This Christmas, if you want to show your love to her, get her a bouquet of red roses. This is a classic gift but one that she will adore, no doubt. Spring for the long-stemmed roses, as these are the most beautiful and choose an elegant bow to match the bouquet. Keep in mind that red roses are a sign of love, so you cannot go wrong with such a gift. Moreover, she will appreciate you for having taken the time to come up with such an elegant, thoughtful gift.

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If you still cannot find something suitable on this list, you have nothing to worry about, just listen to your loved one. She will probably drop some hints about what she wants for Christmas. If that does not work as well, go ahead and ask her. She will not be offended that you asked. Let her be rewarded for all the great things she has done this year and impress her with the perfect Christmas gift.

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