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Do Blunt People Make Better Friends?

Blunt is defined (of a person or remark) as uncompromisingly forthright.

Do Blunt People Make Better Friends?

Who wants to be friends with that person? – Actually, you might not realize it, but blunt people actually make good friends.

There is psychology in this realm of thought and the truth is that the only distinguishing characteristics blunt people share that others sometimes do not is their tendency to be expressive and yet unpretentious about themselves. Although, unlike the rest of us that often prefer to hide our feelings for one reason or another, blunt people simply say it how it is.

Now, some of you may think you don’t like blunt people for this very reason. Perhaps you’re uncomfortable around those that can tell the truth, all the time, about everything that surrounds them. Try to consider this list of reasons why blunt people make better friends and re-assess your opinion(s) afterward.

Blunt Person

Blunt people do not set out to flatter you, or anybody else for that matter. As was previously mentioned, they just tell you the way it is. This is an honesty factor within that person. Blunt folks don’t mean to be rude (most of the time), they’re simply stating their awareness as they see it.

Consider that these people are not consumed by what others think of them, rather (they think at least – just as the rest of us) that they have a clear perception of what should be right and wrong. This type of friend will offer nothing but purity, clarity and honesty at every conversation hour.

Blunt People are unafraid. They are bold. Some might even say fearless, but definitely courageous. These are qualities you might like to have around you. With this type of person in your life, it will be sure to instill some confidence and inner strength in you to face your own fears.

Do Blunt People desire a solid friendship with you?

Blunt People Sense of Humor

While many consider blunt people to be rude, there is nothing devious about them. These folks do not intend to be mischievous or critical. Most of the time, you’ll find, they are actually looking out for your own interest. When and if this friend finds they have crossed a line in a relationship, they are typically willing to take responsibility and accept their errors.


It’s not often that a friend (or otherwise) is quick with an apology or acknowledging their mistakes. Blunt people happen to know they are susceptible to being considered wrong because of their blunt characteristics and therefore these friends are willing to apologize if at any time they know that they have hurt your feelings or otherwise upset you.

And just as much as they can (and will) apologize for any mistakes or otherwise, they are ready to forgive quickly. These are the type of people that don’t hold grudges and because they are honest, if something is wrong, you’ll know about it right away.

A blunt friend is one of the best friends you may ever have. This person will always be there for you while also accepting you and all your imperfections. The great part about all this is that your blunt friend will never have a reason to talk bad about you. You can trust this person. Choose more of these people in your life while you’re at it.

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Are Blunt People Brutally Honest?

They speak the truth, even if it could sometimes cause you pain. That’s good though because he or she will also be honest about him or herself. This allows for both positive and negative feedback about yourself, in a critical fashion whereupon your friend intends to help you become the greater version of you! Try to reciprocate.


Overall, blunt people are fun to be with because they are interesting and exciting. You’ll notice their sense of humor based on their own mistakes which they are blunt enough to laugh about with you.

You may be thinking that because this person is blunt they are going to be the type of person to impose their views upon you. Be aware however, just because they are blunt doesn’t mean they’re a bully. Most people (in general) know the grey areas to stay away from.

This all seems kind of repetitive, I know, but it’s true, – a blunt friend will like you for who you are and accept you all the time. Not just some of the time. So, this is an important psychological factor to consider, that all people are craving trust and acceptance in their life and thus, blunt people make better friends!

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