Updated: 2019, Jun 12

10 Things You Might Not Know About Love

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Things You Might Not Know About Love

1. It can be hard to Talk about Love in Scientific Terms

While everyone has some experience with love, it may not be as easy to describe it as it is to feel it. When asked what love is, everyone can tell you how it feels like, and what it means to them, but not everyone can tell you exactly what it is or even how it occurs. Love is also hard to explain scientifically. Studies have shown that the brains of those in love exhibit different patterns than those who are not. This is particularly because of chemicals which are released, especially dopamine. The truth is that love is hard to explain, so hard that even scientists can’t give a direct answer.

2. Love Is Not Exclusive

It’s obvious that people are capable of loving more than one person. This is shown when people have children and claim “love at first sight.” That is because of the way humans are wired. People can love many people, pets, and even objects at once. Though, it is possible to love someone or something more than someone or something else, thanks to the brain’s ability to measure and compare.

3. Love Doesn’t Belong to One Person

love Doesn't Belong to One Person

As with number 2, it is possible to love more than one person or thing. It is also possible to share love and even “spread” love to others. For example, when a teenage girl loves a certain celebrity and has her friends become exposed to that person, the love she feels just may rub off onto her friends as well. This is because of positive and negative energies and perceptions. These energies and perceptions can easily be altered by other people. In other words, love is actually rather contagious.

4. Making Eye Contact Is a Key Gateway for Love

Many people notice that they have become infatuated with another person after having dinner with them. This is due to the eye contact that is prominent during a meal, and can cause feelings of love. This is because, with eye contact, people can form a better bond than without it. Many people can connect with others greater by observing the looks within their eyes. Studies have also shown that this may be due to the chemicals released when eye contact is made.

5. Love Fortifies the Connection between Your Brain and Your Heart Health

Love Fortifies the Connection

It is no secret that those in love live longer than those who aren’t. This is due again to the chemicals within our brains. When people fall in love, a whole bunch of good chemicals are released, these chemicals promote heart health as well as lower stress and more. Because of this, your heart just may become healthier than before falling in love. However, a bad breakup can cause physical stress on the heart, hence the term “heartbreak.”

6. Your Immune Cells Reflect Your Past Experiences of Love

Not too many people realize that their love life affects more than just their emotions, it can even affect your immune system. This is because when love is going good, your body thrives on all the good feelings, hormones and chemicals being released. But when something bad happens within your love life, the opposite occurs, which can weaken your immune system.

7. Small Emotional Moments Can Have Large Biological Effects

Emotional Moments

Emotions, good or bad, release chemicals into our bodies. Because of this, good or bad things can in turn happen to our bodies. For example, when someone falls in love, they feel good, so their body strengthens meaning they’re less likely to become sick. This is the same when people feel emotional pain, and emotional stress and pain can also cause biological and health effects of the less pleasant kind.

8. Don’t Take a Loving Marriage for Granted

Many people get married and forget the reason they did in the first place. Often this is due to life stress that tend to bring down one’s time for romance. It is important that one never takes their loving marriage for granted, as many are not lucky enough to have one. It may be hard to find that special, one on one romantic time, but in the end it’s worth it.

9. Love and Compassion Can Be One and The Same

Love and Compassion

Love and compassion are very similar feelings and are often confused with each other. This is due to how the body works and how our minds perceive things. However, over time it should become clear which it is, as love usually has a lasting effect, where compassion is more of temporary emotion which often fades.

10. Simply Upgrading Your View of Love

Love is a strange and strong thing that can cause both good and bad within one’s life. Many people toss the word love around easily, however love is something much stronger than what you expect. It can affect everything from your emotions to your health practically overnight. Love is also something very special, and it should be shared with others you love. Never hold back your feelings as tomorrow may not come.

Love is a wonderful thing and should be treated very special. It may be possible to love multiple people at once, but it’s also possible to love one of those people the most. Not everyone finds that special someone which they can say they truly love, if you do find that someone, make sure that know it and that you take time to make sure that the love stays where it should be. Love is still a rather mysterious thing, and it still manages to baffle scientists easily. This is because just like people, love is also complex, but it is also very beautiful, and should be cherished.

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