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Eating clean and working out helped me lose 100lbs – Keri Janes

As a child, I was very active. I loved to play outside. Unfortunately, all of that activity didn’t keep me from struggling with my weight. It wasn’t a lot of weights, but as a kid, 5-10lbs can feel like 50. I was always just slightly heavier, more solid, than my sister and friends. Even though, I wasn’t, I felt HUGE!! and disliked my body most of the time.

Eating clean and working out helped me lose 100lbs – Keri Janes

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As a teen, I leaned out. But still found fault with my figure. I remember the day I put on a size 8 skirt, and it fit. I was horrified that I was no longer a 6, I cried. Was this the way it was going to be for the rest of my life?

In my early twenties, I picked up weight rapidly. Don’t get me wrong, I never stopped dieting. I would lose 20, and then put back on 30. I once lost 90lbs doing an extreme version of low carb dieting. I felt great about the weight loss, but eliminating healthy foods like carrots, peas, and fruit drove me crazy. I got to the point where I was picking shreds of carrots out of my salad at restaurants or freaking out if I accidentally ate a breath mint.


I didn’t feel like a normal person. I just wanted to be able to eat without obsessing over every little thing.

The extreme low carb lifestyle wasn’t a sustainable one. I regained that 90 with 50 more to go with it. I tried every diet program, pill, and trick on the market. The only thing I hadn’t done was to put all my focus into clean, healthy eating combined with consistently working out.

But that’s a no-brainer, right? Why didn’t I do it? Because at 340lbs, doing it that way was going to be hard and it would take time. I wanted the miracle cure that would make me lose 30lbs in a month. If a program didn’t promise super-fast results, I wasn’t interested.

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My joints and muscles hurt all of the time. The moment I stopped going to concerts and movies because I didn’t fit in the seats well was a huge deal for me. My weight was impacting my life and I was finally ready to acknowledge that I was just existing and not really living. So one day, like flipping a switch, I decided to change. My eating habits were horrible. I’d eat one meal a day and it was usually an unhealthy one.


So, I started by eating more regularly and discovered a passion for working out. My love for weightlifting and heavy bag workouts kept me motivated. I kept my nutrition plan relatively low carb but didn’t go crazy with it. Eating clean and working out helped me lose 100lbs in about 2 ½ years. It continued at a slow and steady pace allowing me to be a normal person that didn’t have to obsess over every bite. Finding the right combination of nutrition and fitness inspired me to change my career goals as well. I decided to become a personal trainer so I could help people change their lives for the better. Everything was going great, then I plateaued!!!! It was very frustrating. I was struggling to move forward when a dear friend introduced me to Beach Body. I was amazed at his transformation. He’d lost 60lbs and totally changed his body. So long story short, I joined him in the workouts and nutrition plan and got my weight loss jump-started again. I also signed up as a coach with them as a way to help people and to keep myself accountable.

I still have more weight to lose, more progress to make. But I can honestly say that at a current size 16, I love my body. I no longer pick it apart and find fault with it. I appreciate being able to move more freely, go to the movies and sit comfortably in the seats. People ask me what keeps me motivated. That’s such a multifaceted answer. Simply put, getting healthy and fit has given me a life that I’m excited about living! Connect with me on Facebook & Pinterest.

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