Anxiety and Depression After Grief: Help Through the Transition

Transitioning through Depression and Anxiety can be an inside out process. Aurore Henze shares her roadmap to recovery.

As a Naturopath, I have learned over the years to handle my emotional issues by working with the body/mind collectively through emotional release in a clinical setting with an orgonomist doctor and using herbal supplements, meditation, yoga, nature walks, and diet.

Anxiety and Depression After Grief: Help Through the Transition
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That has really been my secret to handling life’s ups and downs, however, the last two years have been very hard for me. With my Mother getting sick and then passing, the loss of two other close family members at the same time and a larceny proved to be too much for me psychologically and physically.

I entered a very dark grief state that lasted almost an entire year. I didn’t eat at times, couldn’t get out of bed, my days ran into nights. I found myself in a position where I was so depressed, I couldn’t reach out and the feeling of loneliness, abandonment, and betrayal all ran side by side.

Each day was harder than the next and at some point, I moved forward and started getting out of the house but then I was met with ADD type focusing issues at work and social anxiety[1] for the first time.

I have always been a people person, but after the series of unfortunate events, I couldn’t bounce back and even on days where I felt “ok,” moments would be fleeting, and I would end up crying in public and sometimes I couldn’t breathe.

I had the emotionally releasing exercises my doctor had given me 15 years ago, that I have always resorted to, in order to feel better but gathering the strength to do them seemed impossible.

I say resort because, as much as I make the emotional release a priority and receive immediate benefits, I always resist letting go of the pain and moving forward. In this situation, it was less of resistance and more of hopelessness. This is when anxiety moves from the peripheral nervous system into the center of the body, where it becomes blocked in depression and non-movement. This is where I was.

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Everyone around me, especially my medical doctor friends, were pleading with me to “take something.” I was using marijuana at the time for chronic pain from a broken pelvis but that was making me feel nervous and paranoid, so I had to limit that as well. I did trust the grieving process and knew eventually these magnified feelings would move out and through but like most seasons of life, I struggled with transitioning from one stage to the next.

A few years ago I worked with a supplement company called Axia, we made a serious of videos on digestion and how to combat GERD naturally, when this same company contacted me about a new hemp oil product they make called Holy Grail that helped with stress, I was ready and willing to try it out.

I started my research on the product as everything I do is vetted out for truth in labeling and ingredient verification. I received 2 bottles and I am only halfway finished but I saw an immediate benefit. I took it on a Thursday at night before bed and slept well, then I took it around 3 pm on Friday before I go out for the evening with my husband.

This was the real test, as typically, social events have been difficult for me and unpredictable, to the point where I won’t go at last minute. I have to say, I felt like myself again, I had a wonderful evening, laughed and felt carefree. This is shocking to me because I haven’t felt this way, naturally in over a year.

I will continue using this product with the belief that it is helping me through this transition and I also feel confident that I will move on from this and move back towards the center, towards myself after more time. Natrica has another superfood hemp oil product I will likely switch to as I take hemp oil daily having switched from flax oil last year.

Depression is a serious problem, as someone that has dealt with anxiety and learned tools on how to cope and recognize, years ago, I was dumbfounded when hit with the lethargy and heaviness of depression.

I am thankful for this time and transition as I understand pessimism and sadness on a new level as I realize the process is from inside to outside. Good luck on your journey whether it’s from inside to out or vice versa, you can learn more about an emotional release in my book, “Beyond Natural Cures.”


Aurore Henze, ND

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