UroLift Reviews – Read the Truth About UroLift System Treatment

The UroLift System is a revolutionary minimally invasive treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or an enlarged prostate.
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What is UroLift?

UroLift is a system for the treatment of problems results from having an enlarged prostate, such as difficulty urinating. Rather than taking medication, the system involves a minimally-invasive surgical procedure.


The surgery involves the insertion of a small device inserted into the urethra. The purpose of the device is to unblock the urethra that the enlarged prostate has partially closed.

Who is the manufacturer of UroLift?

The UroLift System is manufactured by NeoTract, Inc, which is located in Pleasanton, California. They were founded in 2004. The organization manufactures medical equipment and devices, most particularly for urologists.

They sell devices which can treat lower urinary tract symptoms. They only serve customers in the United States.

How does UroLift work?

For some men, having an enlarged prostate means it blocks their urethra and causes them problems urinating. The UroLift Device is inserted through the man’s penis via the urethra. It’s pushed through until it reaches the prostate, holding the opening wider so the urine can easily pass through.

The next step in the surgery is to insert tiny implants which will permanently push the enlarged tissue aside and hold the opening wider. At that point the main device is removed, hopefully leaving the opening unblocked and open.

Several studies have already been conducted to determine the safety and effectiveness of this system, and they have found it to be both safe and effective.

UroLift Ingredients – Are they safe and effective?

There are no ingredients. The only element involved in this process is a small device which a urologist will insert into the urethra to try to unblock the prostate.

What are the advantages of UroLift?

  • It doesn’t involve taking any medication, pills, supplements, etc.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive.
  • The main device doesn’t remain inside the patient.
  • The recovery is rapid, and the results are supposed to be significant.

What are the disadvantages of UroLift?

  • It does involve a surgical procedure, although small.
  • There are some possible side effects including pain or burning with urination, blood in the urine, pelvic pain, urgent need to urinate, and/or the inability to control the urge.
  • It takes more time and effort than just taking a pill.

UroLift FAQs

Q: How should you take UroLift?

A: UroLift isn’t a supplement or product that you take, it’s a small surgical procedure designed to give men who are having prostate problems some relief. It’s s small device that is inserted into the enlarged urethra to get to the prostate. It’s supposed to push the prostate out of the way and enlarge the opening. Then the device is removed, and the opening should stay wider.

Q: How much does UroLift cost?

A: There’s no price listed for UroLift. The company writes that it’s committed to “partnering with healthcare professionals and patients to navigate the insurance process” Basically they do everything they can to find a way for people to have this procedure covered by some kind of insurance.

Q: What is UroLift’s return policy?

A: The manufacturer has a 90-day return policy. If you decide that you don’t want the product, contact the company and let them know within 90 days of your original purchase date. You also have to send the product back within the time frame. It has to be unused and still in its original packaging.

Q: Does UroLift offer a free trial?

A: No, there’s no free trial possible for this type of product. It’s a small surgical procedure done by a physician, so you have to make the decision to do it yourself and pay for it through insurance.

Q: Is UroLift Procedure Covered by Medicare (Humana)?

A: Yes! The UroLift System treatment is covered by Medicare and many private insurers. Contact your insurance provider for your specific coverage information.

Q: Does BCBS cover UroLift procedure?

A: Yes, with the announcement of this new coverage, all independent licensees of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBS) now allow members access to the UroLift System treatment for an enlarged prostate when plan-specific medical necessity criteria are met.

Q: Can my prostate be too large for UroLift?

A: In a Q&A with Dr. Daniel Rukstalis told Harvard Health: It’s FDA-approved for men 45 and older with prostates up to 80 grams in size (a normal prostate in a man ranges between 7 to 11 grams). But my view is that UroLift works best in prostates ranging from 25 to 60 grams. About a third of men with BPH also have what’s called a “median lobe,” or a bit of prostate tissue that protrudes up into the bladder. We just completed a clinical trial showing that UroLift works well for these men too. On the basis of that study, the FDA approved UroLift for men with median lobes in early 2018. We’ll typically evaluate potential candidates with a pelvic ultrasound, which provides a lot of information about the health of the bladder and the size and shape of the prostate.

Q: I had seeds implanted (116) 20 years ago for prostate cancer. Can I have a Urolift device implanted?

A: Urolift procedure does not treat prostate cancer, it can help with symptoms of urinary tract obstruction caused by prostate cancer. We advise you to please consult your physician to determine which treatment is right for you.

Q: I had prostate cancer 3 years ago, the prostate was removed. I have difficulty controlling my urine flow. Will Urolift treat this?

A: The UroLift system is a non-invasive way of addressing BPH. It helps reduce the prostate swelling that inhibits the flow of urine from the urethra. During the procedure, which takes less than an hour, the patient is given mild sedation.

Q: What effect does Urolift have on erections and ejaculation?

A: Urolift procedure accomplishes similar results to the traditional surgical treatment for enlarged prostate, which uses an electronic knife to resection the prostate. There is no effect on erections and ejaculation and patients can resume their normal activity quickly.

Q: How long do the Urolift side effects last, if you experience them? Do they just clear up, eventually?

A: Most common side effects are mild to moderate and include pain or burning with urination, blood in the urine, pelvic pain, urgent need to urinate, and/or the inability to control the urge. Most symptoms resolve within two to four weeks after the procedure.

Q: When do I go back on blood thinners after the Urolift procedure?

A: If you are on a blood thinner such as Xarelto (Rivaroxaban), Elquis (Aphixaban), Aspirin or Baby Aspirin, Coumadin, Plavix (Clopidrogel), Pradaxa (Dabigatran), Meloxicam, Effient (Prasugel), Brillinta (Ticagrelor), Fish Oil or any other blood thinner, please ask your physician when it is safe to restart these medications.

Do Not stop these medications on your own unless otherwise noted by your cardiologist.

Q: How long does the Urolift last?

A: The UroLift Implant is a permanent implant, and the treatment is intended to be permanent. Durability has been shown to at least 4 years in U.S. clinical data, and results will continue to be published as follow-ups continue.

Q: What are the ‘tiny implants’ made of in the UroLift System?

A: The UroLift Implant is made of three materials: a nitinol capsular tab, a stainless steel urethral endpiece, and PET suture. Properly placed implants will invaginate within the prostatic tissue. The UroLift Implants are small permanent implants that hold the obstructing prostatic lobes apart. They are deployed through a needle that comes out of the delivery device. Each implant is made with common implantable materials: nitinol, stainless steel, and suture. Typically, 4-6 implants are placed into the prostate.

Q: Can a second Urolift be performed when it is no longer effective?

A: Yes, the UroLift procedure can be repeated, or men can undergo a traditional laser procedure.

Q: Can’t pee after UroLift? When will urine flow after the UroLift implant? My urologist examined me via cystoscopy and said I had a “blockage” that was keeping me from urinating without a catheter.

A: If you can successfully urinate, you will be allowed to go home. If you have difficulty urinating, your doctor may insert a catheter to help you void, and you will be given instructions on when to have the catheter removed. Most patients do not require a catheter after having the UroLift procedure.

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UroLift Review – Conclusion

The UroLift System is a unique approach to the treatment of prostate enlargement. Rather than simply another pill or supplement, this is a small device that is actually inserted into the prostate by a surgeon to widen the opening.

This system has had considerable success in the last few years since it came out. Patients are mostly very happy with the results and have experienced minimal side effects from the procedure. There have been studies conducted which have evaluated the UroLift system. Research has found this system to be safe and effective.

This is not a system that can be inserted on your own or used without the intervention of a urologist. You can only have access to this device through an appointment with a urologist and a recommendation.

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UroLift Reviews – Read the Truth About UroLift System Treatment

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  1. Mark Morshedi

    I had UroLift done two months ago but my symptom still remains.
    I had the UroLift procedure done 2 months ago but my symptom of urgency, frequent urination, starting and stopping my urination has remained the same. The only relief I get is by taking Flomax or its generic form. My doctor does not offer any explanation as to why my symptom remains the same if Urilift was supposed to open the urethra. I really believe that the FDA should reconsider this procedure and I can’t believe that Medicare pays for it. Although I see plenty of references to studies but none of the studies are mentioned by name and who really paid for them. If I had the money I would take legal action but there should at least be a class action suit.
  2. Douglas Amaxopulos

    Thorough and honest?
    I had a Urolift procedure about 2 years ago – it did not work. I was willing to have a second procedure and the urologist agreed. Again it did not work. Now I am stuck for the rest of my life having to use a catheter 4 or 5 times a day, once a night. What other possibilities do I have?

  3. Gabriel Lujan

    Urolift a total success
    I had the Urolift procedure performed just under two months ago. Prior to the procedure, I was self-catheterizing on a daily basis, waking up 5 times a night and urinating 30 or more times per day. It had taken over my life in every way and I was miserable. Almost immediately following the surgery I began to improve and today I only wake up twice per night and am comfortable driving longer distances without worrying about having to stop for a bathroom every half hour. It has improved my sex life in every way and has been a life-changer for me. I should also note that I have a median lobe. I paid cash for this procedure (I have Kaiser and they didn’t recommend it for patients with median lobes) and it was worth every cent. I was a little surprised by the above reviews and now feel very fortunate. I chose this procedure because I am only 56 years old and the other options all seemed to have a higher incidence of erectile dysfunction. I highly recommend it as an option for anyone suffering as I did.
  4. Ivan Lebrun

    What are UroLift implants made of?
    What are the ‘tiny implants’ made of? Has this material been used and is it currently used for other types of implants in the human body? Thank you for your response.
  5. Dennis Michlitsch

    Urolift Procedure review
    I had Urolift Procedure less than 1 year ago. Firstly, it was costly, and second, it has made little to no difference in my symptoms. Sorry, I had it done would never consider recommending this Procedure/Product.
  6. Chris

    50% improvement at best
    I’m 63. I had the Urolift procedure done 3 years ago. I had about a 50% improvement but still had to keep taking Flomax (which I was hoping I could stop taking). After about 2 years my symptoms became as bad as before the procedure. My urologist told me I could have it done again (for another 2 years of 50% improvement? Then what? I don’t think it can be done more than twice.) I’m now considering another procedure called Prostate Artery Embolization. It’s much less invasive and I’m hoping the results will be better and longer-lasting.
  7. Patrick F. Grover

    Failed Urolift Procedure
    The procedure did NOT work for me. No improvement, in fact, I find it more difficult to empty my bladder since having the procedure six months ago. Nighttime urinary frequency did not improve.
  8. John F Myers

    Urolift Procedure
    After two months of going ok, my clips are loose and back to peeing 4-5 times a night…not very happy as was the most painful procedure ever- just given a local. Now I need to have the clips removed 6 total not going to have Greenlight Lazer or TURP ill put up with peeing alot.
  9. Len

    Think twice before getting a Urolift procedure
    Had a Urolift done over 4 weeks ago…Have had a catheter inserted on day 2 after. Hospitalized 4 days later and then needed a pint of blood due to blood loss from prostrate. Still wearing a catheter with bleeding. Now will get a TURP to correct. Sorry I ever started.
  10. Kevin Brannock

    Condition did not get better.
    I had the Urolift procedure done in August of 2020. I was getting up 7-9 times at night to go to the bathroom. After the procedure, my sleep is still interrupted by hourly trips to the bathroom. 2 weeks ago I had Botox injections into the bladder. I believe my condition is now worse than ever. It’s no fun not being able to travel. When you get the urge to go there is no finding a restroom, you have to go NOW. From my experience, I would not recommend the Urolift as it was a total failure.
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