Top Rated Prostate Supplements of 2017

Top Rated Prostate Supplements
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Prostate problems are quite common, particularly in men over 50. The most common prostate problems include prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis, and chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Problems associated with prostate health have a big impact onto person’s quality of life and they usually include difficulty starting or stopping urinating, weakened sexual desire and performance, straining when urinating, frequent trips to the bathroom etc. In order to avoid more severe problems with prostate and to improve* quality of life, it’s necessary to become proactive about these issues. Prostate supplements became a go-to solution for many men nowadays. If you’re also looking for prostate supplement but don’t know how to find one or whether they really work, this article will answer those questions. Keep reading.

Facts about Prostate Supplements

Prostate supplements are formulated to address various problems associated with prostate health and sexual function. They are usually made of natural ingredients mostly herbs that have been used used for this purpose for centuries. There are hundreds of these products on the market which is why it’s essential to understand to get informed before making the final purchase.

You should consider taking prostate supplements if you:

  • Have weak or slow urinary stream
  • Experience feeling of incomplete bladder emptying
  • Find it difficult to start urination
  • Experience urgency to urinate
  • Feel the need to urinate minutes after you have already urinated
  • Have low sex drive
  • Experience weak endurance or sexual performance
  • Make multiple trips to the bathroom during night
  • Have enlarged prostate.

How Prostate Supplements Work?

Prostate supplements can work to support your natural prostate health, help decrease* the effects of an aging prostate and they also provide support for men looking to maintain optimal prostate health in order to avoid common problems associated with this gland. These supplements also work to:

  • Shrink the enlarged prostate gland
  • Balance hormonal levels
  • Prevent prostate growth etc.

When it comes to mechanisms of prostate supplements, they are abundant in vitamins and minerals essential for every man’s prostate health and overall health and wellbeing. These products supply your body with recommended daily value of important nutrients; which is something most men don’t get through their diet. It’s important to bear in mind that men need certain vitamins and minerals for optimal health and we usually don’t get enough of them through our dietary pattern.

What is in the Formulation?

As already mentioned, prostate supplements contain natural ingredients and most of them are vitamins, minerals, and herbs that were an inevitable part of traditional medicine of many great civilizations. Here are the most common ingredients found in the best supplements for prostate cancer:

  • Zinc – This important mineral is crucial for male health, particularly reproductive health. Its benefits for prostate health are well-documented. For example, study whose findings were published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute shows that the concentration of zinc in the prostate is higher than in other soft tissues in your body thus indicating that this mineral is pivotal for prostate health. Although there were concerns that zinc supplementation could increase* the risk for prostate health, the study showed that wasn’t correct.
  • Selenium – Is a potent antioxidant which destroys free radicals and prevent oxidative damage that could contribute to severe problems, including cancer
  • Saw palmetto – Reduces* symptoms of enlarged prostate just as nettle, African Pygeum, and lycopene. Pygeum also relieves bladder discomfort and promotes* full bladder voiding
  • Garlic – Supports a healthy sexual response and boosts* libido. According to WebMD, garlic is also associated with decreased* risk of prostate cancer
  • Beta sitosterols – Improve* urinary flow
  • Pumpkin seed powder – Inhibits conversion of testosterone to DHT which contributes to prostate enlargement
  • Soy isoflavones – Antioxidants which promote overall prostate health

What vitamins are good for prostate cancer?

One of the most important things men can do to maintain a healthy prostate is to take plenty of vitamins. Research has shown that deficiencies in important vitamins can greatly increase* your risk of prostate cancer. Here are some of the vitamins critical to your prostate health:

  • Vitamin D: Its deficiency has been linked to numerous diseases, including prostate cancer.
  • Vitamin E: Helps to support your natural prostate health and to protect against prostate cancer.
  • Vitamins B6, B12, and Folic Acid: They reduce* the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Vitamin C :Works hand-in-hand with the B-vitamins to protect your chromosomes.

Advantages of Prostate Supplements

Regular intake of prostate supplements is associated with the number of benefits such as:

  • Reduced* inflammation of prostate gland
  • Improved* sexual drive and performance
  • Improved* urinary flow and bladder voiding
  • Elevated testosterone levels
  • Reduced* swelling
  • No burning sensation while urinating
  • Reduced* the amount of pressure placed on the urinary tract
  • Less trips to the bathroom etc

What is the best natural prostate supplement?

You will agree with me that everyone desires to obtain the best supplement in the market and more so the one that is highly effective. The problem is that there are numerous prostate supplements out there that are promising to provide you with miraculous results.

But the truth is that not all deliver what they claim to. In order to purchase the best supplement, there is no any other shortcut but to research more and more about this products. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with how to choose the best supplement for your prostate health.

Choosing the Right Prostate Supplements

In order to get all benefits listed above and many others associated with prostate supplements, you have to know how to differentiate good products from bad ones. Here are some buying tips for prostate supplements:

  • Don’t believe in outrageous claims or product descriptions that are too good to be true
  • Go through the official website, learn more about manufacturer and check whether it’s reliable or not
  • Look for contact info (if there’s no contact info, something’s fishy there and skip the product)
  • Read the list of ingredients and make sure there are explanations to their purpose in the formula
  • Make sure the manufacturer listed clinical studies that support their claims
  • Look for money-back guarantee
  • If there’s free trial option, make sure it doesn’t automatically enroll you into automatic shipment program
  • Check customer reviews and testimonials
  • Check the price and look for special offers

Here are the Top Rated Prostate Supplements

1. Prostara


Prostara is a supplement manufactured by Himex Biotech and it earned its spot as the top rated product due to the fact it has numerous benefits including the affordable price. The product consists of natural ingredients such as zinc which is essential for male health, selenium, garlic, pumpkin seed powder etc. Benefits associated with the regular consumption of Prostara include healthy sexual response, improved* libido, prostate health, enhanced* sexual performance etc. Plus, there’s also money-back guarantee. If you’re looking for a supplement with multi-purpose, this is the one. Check detailed review of Prostara here.

2. OptiProstate XTS

OptiProstate XTS

OptiProstate XTS is a dietary supplement formulated to reduce* the conversion of testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is associated with a wide array of negative consequences including enlarged prostate. The supplement contains natural ingredients such as saw palmetto berries and pumpkin seed oil. One of the greatest advantages of this product is its incredibly low price.

Check detailed review of OptiProstate XTS here.

3. Prostate Plus

Prostate Plus

Prostate Plus is a supplement with a patented formula containing the ingredients of the highest quality. The product aims to improve* your sexual performance as well as overall prostate health.

Prostate Plus doesn’t contain preservatives, artificial color, sugar, gluten, starch and sodium, all of which can affect your health.

Check detailed review of Prostate Plus here.

4. ViProsta


Here’s yet another natural supplement that improves* your sexual health as well as prostate health at the same time. The product isn’t associated with harmful side effects due to its all-natural formula. ViProsta has positive customer reviews, reasonable price, enhances* sexual desire and cares for your overall health. If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced product that does it all, go for ViProsta.

Check detailed review of ViProsta here.

5. Prost8 Plus

Prost8 Plus

Prost8 Plus contains ingredients whose benefits are well-documented e.g. zinc, saw palmetto and many others to improve* prostate health and sexual performance at once. The manufacturer states the formula is a result of extensive research and hence revolutionary. With the regular consumption of this supplement you’ll also reduce* your reduce* your trips to the bathroom and have a better sex life with your significant other. There’s also money-back guarantee and customers have only nice things to say about hit supplement.

Check detailed review of Prost8 Plus here.


Prostate supplements are a popular solution for addressing multiple issues with this gland. There are numerous products of this type on the market and this article showed you how to choose the one that will work for you. Always consider multiple products prior making the final purchase.



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