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Prostate Vitamins – What You Really Need To Know About

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Prostate Vitamins

It’s important to know which type of vitamins your body needs for many reasons, and prostate vitamins are right at the top of this list because prostate cancer is a scary reality for many men that could be preventable with the right vitamins. Availability of prostate vitamins has made it easier for men to prevent and fight prostate cancer.

So, let’s get right down to it – here’s a list of vitamins that are well known for prostate health. Some not as well as others, and some that you actually need to be aware of for reasons that you should NOT be taking them.

Prostate vitamins can help you keep the prostate gland in top shape, reducing the risk of BPH and prostate cancer. When you take vitamins for prostate cancer, you know from the start that you are taking really good care of yourself. Keep on reading and discover the connection between vitamin D and prostate cancer. It has been determined that vitamin C prostate cancer prevents as well. Prostatitis vitamins are a must after a certain age, so do not hesitate to take them.

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Vitamin K

Multiple studies indicate that a supplement of vitamin K can combat prostate cancers. While the research is still out on the exact dosing, it is currently recommended that healthy adults take 100 mcg of vitamin K2 daily.

Pomegranate Juice

And extracts are said to help slow the growth of prostate tumors by reducing blood flow to the tumors. Don’t like pomegranates? – find a supplement!


Here are some mixed reviews. According to researchers, zinc is found in higher concentrations in the prostate than in other soft tissue in the body. This means it can be dangerous to take it in high amounts or amounts over the daily recommended dosing. Take note that many supplements already have zinc in them so you probably don’t need to search it out specifically.

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Mens Prostate Health Info

Vitamin D

It has been noted that low levels of vitamin D could increase your risk for prostate cancer. However, one study indicates that vitamin D slows the growth of prostate tumor cells (in animal models). Of course, you can opt for vitamin D rich foods including salmon and tuna and some cereals, or get out in the sun, but if you find yourself in a cloudy climate and you’re not eating vitamin D rich foods, take a supplement.

It can’t hurt and it’s good for your skin too. Further, the correlation between vitamin D and prostate cancer exist when it reduces the rate of prostate tumor cells growth, which causes prostate cancer. Therefore, the absence of this vitamin in the diet may cause complications in the urinary tract.

Vitamin B6

Limited research has been conducted concerning the relationship between vitamin B6 and prostate health, though one study did investigate a possible link between vitamin B6 levels and prostate cancer, it did not reveal worthy evidence in either direction.

Be aware that vitamin B6 is still an essential nutrient and you should be including it in your diet with such foods as chicken and turkey, whole grain flour, spinach, brown rice, carrots, tuna, and salmon. Again, if you’re not going to eat these foods, make sure you’re getting a supplement.

Vitamin B12

Good for you on many levels, including energy – but the fact is, vitamin B12 protects your prostate reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

Folic Acid

Actually not good for you! – according to a few different studies released over the past five years, there is mounting evidence that folic acid, while previously thought to protect against cancer, it may actually promote certain cancers, including cancer of the prostate. Be cautious of the ingredients in your supplement list. This is probably one you can avoid.

Vitamin C

Not only is it good for your skin, vitamin C has been found to reduce the size and weight of prostate cancer tumors in lab rats. While the research is still in progress on humans, it has been noted that people who eat vegetables rich in vitamin C tend to have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Vitamin C prostate cancer relationship is said to exist when an individual is able to maintain high prostate health with minimal chances of developing prostate cancer.


Some studies indicate there has been researching associated with lycopene and slowed progression of the prostate disease, however, scientists agree that more high-quality studies are needed in this area.

Vitamin E and Selenium

Be careful with these two. Lots of research has hoped to prove that taking vitamin E or selenium could help prevent prostate cancer. However, doctors and scientists are recommending against taking these supplements and/or getting too much through your diet as it can increase the odds of developing prostate cancer.

Your best bet is to try to find a supplement that has all these nutrients in it for the sake of your sanity. It can be difficult to get the right foods in your diet every day and supplements are a great way to keep yourself healthy.

Dietry Changes From Doctor

Remember to speak with your doctor or pharmacist in relation to any medications you might be taking for which you should not be taking some of these supplements, such as the vitamin K, for it can counteract such medications as anticoagulants (blood thinners). Discovery of vitamins for prostate cancer has boosted prostate health thereby lowering the risks of having prostate related complications. Regardless, it’s important to be in check with your doctor related to your prostate health beginning at age 30.

In conclusion, prostate vitamins are essential for any man who has gone over a certain age. These vitamins for prostate cancer and enlargement can offer the necessary protection, allowing you to maintain an excellent state of health. As you have seen, there is a clear connection between vitamin D and prostate cancer. Also, vitamin C prostate cancer can prevent, demonstrating once more how essential prostatitis vitamins actually are.


The occurrence of most chronic conditions such as prostate cancer is inevitable. However, it is good to take preventive measures so as to lower their rate of development in our bodies. Embracing vitamins such as prostate vitamins and prostatitis vitamins can serve as a natural remedy for all urinary track related conditions. However, in case the condition worsens, visit the nearest health care center and get assisted.

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