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Prostate Exercises – Are You Doing it Right?

This kind of topics haven’t been discussed throughout several years in our culture but it’s about time. It is essential for men (and women) to be aware of prostate health. Introduction of kegel exercises for men has reduced the risk of having prostate cancer dramatically.

Prostate Exercises – Are You Doing it Right?

You’ve probably heard of kegel exercises for women, especially just after giving birth. This simple yet discrete exercise is used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and men can do it too!

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There are three pelvic muscles that make up a network of muscles to support your bladder and help control urine flow: The bladder, the sphincter muscles, and the main pelvic floor muscle. In order to support these organs adequately, it is important to incorporate prostate exercises for health purposes.

Kegel Exercises for Men

Keep on reading and discover more interesting information on Kegel exercises for men. These can also be perceived as prostate exercises for health, reducing the risk of prostate problems and even cancer. If you will try prostate exercises yoga, you will definitely notice the difference. Prostate cancer exercises are a must if you want to be protected against such kind of serious conditions.

Kegel exercises help control urine flow. Follow these steps to ensure you’re doing your kegel exercise correctly:

  • Locate your pelvic floor muscles… these are the muscles that you use to control urine stream. You can pretend that you’re urinating and trying to hold the flow
  • Tighten and hold these muscles for at least five breaths, or five full seconds.
  • Relax the muscles
  • This consists of one exercise
  • Repeat ten to twenty repetitions three times per day
Jogging Exercise

Another way to perform this exercise:

  • Tighten or squeeze the muscles in your anus (as if you’re holding a bowel movement)
  • Relax the muscles
  • This consists of one exercise
  • Repeat ten to twenty repetitions three times per day

Remember to breathe throughout your exercises. Do not push when performing the exercises rather try to pretend like you’re trying to lift the muscles up. Don’t use the muscles in your stomach, buttock or thighs, this should be a total workout of the pelvic muscles, only. Finally, don’t forget to relax your pelvic floor muscles between each squeeze.

In order for these exercises to become effective, you should be performing them at least three to four times per day. You can do these exercises anytime, anywhere, discreetly. You should perform these exercises for at least six weeks prior to prostate surgery or any prostate cancer treatments. This will ensure you are better able to perform the exercises AFTER the treatments and should furthermore assist in a speedy recovery.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Treat Prostate

Don’t think these kegel exercises for men with prostate problems. These exercises should be performed by all men and women to ensure proper bladder and pelvic floor muscle health, especially as we age. In addition, if these exercises are quite troubling, try prostate exercises yoga which has equal impacts as Kegel exercises.

Remember I mentioned breathing during your exercises. Perhaps you already practice yoga… and you know about breathing and posture and how important it is for our overall health. Maybe you don’t.

Men should also be aware that there are specific exercises within the practice of Yoga that can also support prostate health.

Consider the following posts –

BOAT POSE – works your abs and hip flexors

  • You’ll sit on your butt with your legs extended in front of you (be sure you’re sitting up straight)
  • Carefully, slowly lean your torso back at a 90 degree angle as you lift your legs toward the ceiling
  • You’ll bring your arms to your sides and hold them at your knees
  • Your body should resemble an upside down ‘A’.
  • Hold for up ten full breaths for three repetitions

BOUND ANGLE POSE – opens your hips

  • Sit up straight with your legs extended in front of you
  • Carefully, slowly, bring each foot in toward your pelvic bones
  • You’ll now have each foot directly in front of you with your knees extended outward
  • You can hold your big toes or wrap your hands around your feet to hold the position
  • Hold for up to ten full breaths for three repetitions

RECLINING HAND TO TOE POSE – strengthens the lower back and releases the hamstrings

  • Lie flat on your back with your arms at your sides
  • Carefully, slowly bring your left leg up toward the ceiling and bring your left hand to your toes
  • You can also use a ribbon or scarf to hold your foot in place as you stretch your leg
  • Make sure you’re laying FLAT on your back and utilizing the pelvic floor muscles to hold your pose
  • Hold for ten to twenty full breaths for three repetitions
  • Repeat with the right leg

SUPPORTED SHOULDER STAND – supports the back and spine

  • Laying flat on your back, use your pelvic floor muscles and abs muscles to bring your feet toward the ceiling.
  • Use your hands to support your middle back while you straighten your spine, resting on your shoulders
  • Hold the pose for ten full breaths

You could also try a SUPPORTED HEAD STAND
This is a more advanced move but it works the entire pelvic floor system, abs, neck, buttocks, thighs. It’s a great pose to stretch the spine too. You can perform this up against a wall if it makes it easier for you but it is recommended to try on your own, holding for at least ten breaths.

Always discuss any changes in your exercise plan with your doctor.

Don’t be embarrassed. Women have been doing these exercises every day for millennia and you don’t even know it. This means kegel exercises for men are also suitable for women. It is important to adapt cancer health exercises in order to improve your general body health. It’s simply an important piece of information to carry around with you.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

In conclusion, Kegel exercises for men are more beneficial than one might think, is also known as prostate exercises for health. You can try prostate exercises yoga and convince yourself of the benefits offered. Prostate cancer exercises can help you maintain the prostate gland in top condition, reducing the risk of cancer and other serious conditions.

Despite indulging in the rigorous exercises we do not get relief from prostate issues. Thus it becomes vital to use a prostate supplement which could provide instant relief from prostate problems. We recommend you to take a quick scan of Urinozinc Prostate Plus Review to narrow down your choices in a pool of prostate supplement.

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