Diet For Prostate: A Healthy Diet Plan That Will Lead To Healthy Prostate!

Overview On Diet For Prostate

Maintaining a good prostate is one of the most vital things a man can do for himself. One in six North American men will develop prostate cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, 233,000 men were diagnosed this year so far.

Diet For Prostate: A Healthy Diet Plan That Will Lead To Healthy Prostate!

Prostate Cancer develops when abnormal cells do not die off as they normally do. Instead, the bad cells multiply, turning into tumors. These tumors can be either harmless or very lethal if not treated in the right amount of time. Middle-aged men are most at risk. While there is not the main cause, genetics and a lack of exercise are all possible contributors to prostate cancer.

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Also, a reduction in caffeine and increasing the vegetable intake is some of the factors of a good prostate diet that may help to keep the prostate in good health. Additionally, prostate cancer is a far bigger worry in countries like the U.S. where processed foods and fatty foods are more plentiful than in countries like Japan, where the diets consists mainly of rice, lean meat, and vegetables. When a man’s body produces too much testosterone his health is more at risk as testosterone spreads cancer to other parts of the body.

What Diet To Follow To Maintain A Healthy Prostate?

Food For Healthy Prostate

Eating right is very crucial to good prostate health. There is no getting around it: a man will have to maintain the right diet to keep his prostate in good shape. A diet that focuses on protein, organic meats and vegetables and reduces caffeine is necessary for prostate health.

The right vitamins and minerals are also needed. There is a relationship between the diet and prostate cancer, in that some foods may aid in preventing the disease from progressing while others are not suitable since they may hasten the spread of the disease. Some of the top foods for prostate health are listed below:

  • Green vegetables are needed for maintaining a good prostate. These foods contain a lot of necessary phytochemicals to keep testosterone at bay. Testosterone allows bad cells to grow so controlling testosterone activity with greens is a must. Try including more broccoli, alfalfa, and cabbage in meals.
  • Fruits contain the necessary vitamins to promote a good prostate; however, not all fruits are welcomed. Fruits often times carry pesticides that are harmful to the body. Yeast can come from fruits, which could cause Prostatitis, a condition that occurs when the prostate becomes inflamed. Tomatoes, pumpkin, grapefruits, and watermelon, because of their lycopene content, are favorable fruits.
  • Nuts and beans can be included in the prostate diet plan as well. Nuts are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin E, both used in improving a man’s reproductive tract. A popular nut for prostate health is the Brazilian Nut. Beans, especially soybeans, help regulate and reduce male hormones.
  • Meat that comes from grass-fed animals is the best in getting protein into a prostate health diet. Commercially purchased meat is often loaded with steroids and chemicals. It might be a little more expensive to purchase organic meats, but prostates all over will be happier!
  • Dairy products, like meats, should be purchased organically. Animal products contain harmful pesticides that can travel from animal to animal. A healthy diet for prostate cancer patients should not contain saturated fats. Red meat contains saturated fats hence should be avoided. Grass-fed products and by-products should be purchased.
  • Whole grains are necessary in most diet plans. They are loaded with fiber, vitamin E, and phytochemicals that play an important part in cancer prevention. Whole grains are considered foods for prostate health since junk foods contain processed sugars which inhibit the ability of the body to get rid of abnormal cells. Whole grains are not just beneficial to prostate health, but they are necessary for everyone’s health.
  • Fish is great for protein intake, another necessary food to ensure prostate health stays good. Oily fish like tuna, salmon and sardines are especially rich in proteins and omega 3.
  • Vitamins and herbs like saw palmetto and zinc are both necessary in prostate health. Saw palmetto is a popular herb, often noted for its ability to balance hormones. It is loaded with fatty acids, which help to inhibit testosterone growth. Zinc is found in a variety of foods like nuts, oysters, sesame and lamb.
  • Water is essential. Infants and adults need water as the human body is made of 70-80% water. Cells are dying constantly in the body and the best way to keep new cells healthy is with water. Water is responsible for the normal cell structure balance. This balance prevents the development of many illnesses and even reduces the risk of some cancerous development.

What Foods To Avoid For A Healthy Prostate?

Foods To Avoid For A Healthy Prostate

Here are some foods that should be significantly reduced in consumption:

  • Saturated and processed fats are to be avoided. They are loaded with chemicals and there is almost always a link to cancer with processed foods. Red meats are one of the worse saturated fats.
  • Alcohol is often linked to cancer development. Too much of it can poison the body and put it at grave danger.
  • Processed sugars are found in soda, candy and junk food. Sugar is responsible for the increased risk of developing clotted arteries and reduces the ability of the body to get rid of abnormal cells.
  • Spicy foods could possibly irritate the urinary tract and should be avoided.

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Additional Tips

Fortunately, there are plenty of dietary books that discuss healthy food types that can help patients beat prostate cancer. In addition, a diet for prostatitis problems should be adhered to and consist of vegetables and fruits like watermelon since they help reduce the testosterone levels so that the disease does not spread to other areas. Another option to learn more would be to search for books that cover Paleo dieting as Paleo eating plan focuses on almost exactly the foods needed for prostate regulation.
Along with the prostate diet if you believe in taking supplements we would suggest you to check PEENUTS Herbal Prostate Nutrition review, take a closer look at the supplement’s review.


The foods recommended above are necessary for any healthy, balanced diet, but if the prostate is a concern, you have more reason to stick to this guide more rigidly. A healthy prostate diet consists of more water intake and a limit on alcohol intake. Avoid harmful foods like processed fats and sugar while establishing the proper diet will make a world of difference in prostate health, and in general health as well.


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