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7 Natural Treatments For An Enlarged Prostate You Need To Know

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At some point in every man’s life, the prostate will become a point of discussion, if only because the enlargement of this particular gland is a commonly occurring phenomenon that takes place during the aging process. Although an enlarged prostate isn’t necessarily an indicator of a dangerous health problem, it’s important that men who are experiencing the symptoms associated with this problems discuss the issue with a medical professional.

The enlarged prostate may block the flow of urine through the urethra hence it is advisable to seek medical advice. Though the enlargement of the prostate is noncancerous; it is advisable to seek treatment. If an enlarged prostate is, indeed, the source of the issues at hand, a variety of treatment options may be available! One such treatment could be the use of prostate supplement such as Prostate Extreme which might provide relief from various prostate problems.

We’ve designed this guide as a brief introduction to seven of the most popular alternative therapies for an enlarged prostate. Although these remedies may not be for everyone, those who have an open mind about potential health remedies may find this information to be quite interesting, if only because it presents an opportunity to learn more about an important aspect of male health. Enjoy!

And, remember, an enlarged prostate can modify your overall quality of life, so you should definitely pursue a treatment (preferably natural). The enlarged prostate treatment can restore the normal functioning of the prostate gland, allowing you to enjoy life once again.

Therapy #1: Ayurveda


For those seeking an herbal remedy, one potential solution for an enlarged prostate may be found by mixing Punarnava, Gokshura and Shilajit herbal powders together and mixing a quarter teaspoon of this concoction into warm water. This powerful concoction can be consumed at any point throughout the day, and is relatively quick and easy to prepare!

Therapy #2: Reflexology

The holistic practice of reflexology involves channeling energy through the body to specific pressure points, including the prostate gland, adrenal gland, endocrine gland, pituitary gland, and other important areas. This may help calm or reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Therapy #3: Food Therapy

Some studies have shown that a diet high in zinc may help reduce the swelling of the prostate over time. Fortunately, zinc can be found in a variety of common foods, including flaxseed oil, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. Zinc supplements are also a viable choice for those who prefer this particular method of intake.
Consulting a dietician or medical professional may help men learn more about simple dietary adjustments they can make to directly benefit their prostate. As stated previously, several of these changes are extremely easy!

Therapy #4: Imagery

Positive visualization has helped many individuals around the world deal with a variety of potentially threatening health conditions. Holistic health professionals advise men to practice daily meditation, visualizing that their prostate is placed in a sling which slowly constrains it and, in the process, shrinks it back to a manageable size.


Therapy #5: Hydrotherapy


Luxuriating in a hot bath may prove to be immensely beneficial for your prostate. Studies have shown that men who take hot baths daily for a month may notice a reduction in prostate swelling. Baths should last approximately 35-45 minutes and should immediately be followed by a cold shower.

Hydrotherapy is, perhaps, the least invasive and most affordable natural remedy for an enlarged prostate that exists today!

Therapy #6: Vitamin Therapy

Supplementing daily diet routines with a variety of vitamins, including vitamin E, zinc, copper and flaxseed oil, may help reduce prostate swelling over time. Addition of daily natural supplements to your diet may be one of the useful methods of enlarged prostate treatment. Though the results may time to show, it could aid in improving the overall wellness of the user and reduce the swelling.

Therapy #7: Yoga

Yoga Daily

Although the health benefits of yoga extend well beyond the prostate, these exercises can work miracles on this particular element of men’s health. Poses such as the “knee squeeze” and “seated sun” can help men treat a variety of prostate-related conditions. Although results aren’t guaranteed, these exercises will help improve overall health, regardless.

That being said, it’s important for men who are interested in yoga to approach this discipline with patience and an open mind. It may take some time for men who have yet to study yoga to develop the physical abilities to reap the benefits of the prostate that these exercises are capable of providing.


As with any health condition, it’s essential that men who do believe they have an enlarged prostate to discuss this problem with their preferred medical practitioner before engaging in extensive self-diagnosis and treatment, as an enlarged prostate may be a sign of a much more serious problem, including cancer. Though the enlarged prostate condition is not dangerous and often does not progress, it might lead to urine infections due to lack of proper urine flow.

That being said, the information provided here will serve as a comprehensive foundation for those who may have yet to be introduced to the exciting world of natural and holistic remedies. Do not wait until the enlarged prostate becomes an even bigger problem. Give these enlarged prostate treatment options a try and convince yourself of their efficiency.

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