Snoring During Pregnancy – Common Causes And How To Get Rid Of Snoring

Snoring During Pregnancy

Do you like the sound of snoring when you’re sleeping? It’s really annoying, right? Many pregnant women often snore at night, even if they don’t have the habit of snoring. It’s actually a very common issue. According to the statistics, around 25-30% of women snore during pregnancy. Pregnant women go through major physical changes. Many people know about various side effects of pregnancy, but they don’t realize this one side effect of snoring.

It can cause disruption to your partner’s sleep. It cannot be categorized as a very dangerous side effect of pregnancy, but it cannot be ignored as well. The pregnant women tend to snore more aggressively than others, which is the reason this problem should be sorted out quickly. In the next sections of the articles, you will get to know the causes, effects, and few remedies to solve the problem of snoring.

Snoring During Info

What are The Causes Behind Snoring During Pregnancy?

When the upper airways relax and partially shut down, you will experience snoring, as it becomes harder to intake enough air through your mouth and nose. Pregnant women should be careful while selecting their diet, and they should also keep track of their medications. Before consuming any over-the-counter medicines, you should consult a qualified gynecologist. Here are some of the common causes of snoring during pregnancy.

1. Sleeping posture: It’s necessary to sleep in a comfortable position to avoid any pressure on your breathing. You can sleep on your side and put an additional pillow to improve* your air passage. Avoid sleeping pills to treat* your snoring habits.

2. Disturbed sleeping patterns: Many pregnant women have problems while sleeping. Insufficient sleep may bring major hormonal and emotional changes in the mother, which leads to snoring. You should avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and cigarettes, as it will have adverse impacts on your baby and sleeping patterns.

3. Weight gain: Pregnant women experience weight gain, and they go through muscle expansion. The muscles of their nose and throat are also affected by this change, which can lead to snoring. The statistics show that more than 50% of the pregnant women are either overweight or obese.

Experience Weight Gain

4. Sleep Apnea: If women experience some obstruction in her nasal passage and do not treat* it at the right time, it will obstruct the supply of oxygen. This can be a cause of snoring.

5. Stress: Any type of stress, whether it is mental, emotional, or physical can impact the rate of breathing. When the breathing is affected, it can lead to snoring.

Effects of Snoring During Pregnancy

Sometimes snoring may be taken as a funny thing, but it can lead to various other health conditions.

1. High blood pressure: The study shows that snoring during pregnancy is linked with high blood pressure. It will also increase* the risk of fatigue, preeclampsia. The pregnant women with snoring problem have an increased risk of sleep apnea too.

2. Birth to Smaller Babies: Snoring during pregnancy will also affect your baby. The study shows that women who snore could give birth to smaller babies.

3. Cesarean Section: The pregnant women who are facing the problem of snoring are highly likely to have a cesarean section, and they are also very much likely to have an emergency cesarean section.

4. Gestational diabetes: The pregnant women with snoring problem lack oxygen, which alters the glucose metabolism, thus, increasing* the risk of gestational diabetes.

How To Tackle The Problem Of Snoring?

Tackle The Problem Of Snoring

There are various ways of tackling the problem of snoring. Here are some of them:
1. Have a snack: Having a large meal before going to sleep can affect your sleep. You can have a snack before a bedtime, but avoid sugar because it alters your breathing rate.

2. Use a humidifier: Using a cold mist humidifier can help to keep your nasal passages moist while sleeping.

3. Relax: Pregnant women tend to stress out a lot. You can try to relax by trying out various ways to relieve stress.

4. See a specialist: If you’re struggling a lot because of your snoring problem, you should see a specialist without wasting much time. They can help you out by providing various solutions to get rid of your problem.


It brings a lot of joy in the couple when they hear the news of pregnancy. However, some couples begin to see plenty of side effects of pregnancy as the time passes by. Pregnant women are also anxious during the time of pregnancy. However, the good news is that there are many ways to overcome the problems nowadays. Don’t stress out if you experience the problem of snoring. Try out the various ways to overcome the problems.

However, it is quite important to treat* the problems at the right time no matter what side effects you are experiencing.

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