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Signs Of Early Pregnancy: What Are The Signs Of Early Pregnancy?

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Signs Of Early Pregnancy

A woman goes through many events in her life, in which the most momentous and the most demanding is pregnancy. Planned or unplanned, not all women can find out they are pregnant until a home pregnancy kit confirms it. In saying that, getting to know the earliest signs and symptoms of pregnancy can be quite challenging the fact that they may be caused by other things apart from being pregnant. This article explains in detail the earliest indications of pregnancy and their common remedies.

Early Signs of
Causes Management
High Basal Body Temperature High basal body temperature is caused by pregnancy hormones particularly progesterone. It may also signify infection. * Drink lots of water; keep hydrated
* Do tepid sponge bath
* Remove layers of clothing
* Stay indoors
* Take rest
Fatigue or Tiredness Maternal body overworks to prepare the body for the growth and development of the baby. * Take rest periods
* Delegate tasks
* Sleep more often
* Ensure proper nutrition
Nausea The feeling of queasiness is primarily brought by pregnancy hormones. * Eat crackers in breakfast
* Avoid fatty and spicy foods
* Avoid drinking too much fluid
* Avoid kitchen odors since they can trigger nausea
* Take light meals, or small frequent feeding
* Do not lie down 2 hours after meals
* Drinking carbonated drinks may ease nausea and indigestion but not strongly recommended for pregnant mothers due to the dehydrating effect of sodas
Difficulty of Breathing Shortness of breath during pregnancy is caused by progesterone, which acts directly to the respiratory system. * Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes
* Observe proper posture
* Sleep on extra pillows to help expand lungs
Tender Breasts Breast may turn sore, full or tender due to surging pregnancy hormones. * Wear supportive bra (opt for cotton material)
* Wear a bra to bed or when performing exercise
Abdominal Cramping, Sometimes Accompanied By Spotting Abdominal cramping during pregnancy signifies implantation, or the stretching of uterine ligaments * Frequent rest period
* Take warm shower
* Light exercise might help
* Drinking lots of water
* If bleeding is present, postpone sexual intercourse
Headache Headache episodes during pregnancy can be hormonal in origin but they can also be due to many factors such as insufficient sleep or rest, low blood sugar and dehydration * Get a warm shower
* Take sufficient hours of sleep
* Keep hydrated by taking fluids
* Take food on time
* Always bring snacks with you all the time
* Limit exposure to light (e.g watching television)
Backaches Backache is due to the expanding uterus which in turn stretches the uterine ligaments. * Maintain proper posture
* Get a light massage
* Wear comfortable footwear; avoid high heels
Sudden Mood Swings Sudden mood swings can be blamed to surging hormones. Minor causes of mood swings are fatigue, physical stresses and changes in metabolism * Take lots of sleep and rest
* Spend time with your significant others
* Perform social activities
* See a movie, or go shopping
* Get a massage
Bloating and Indigestion In ability to digest food sufficiently is caused by high progesterone level * Take small, frequent meals
* Avoid gas-forming foods such as cabbage, onions, apples, cheese, milk, cauliflower, carbonated drinks
* Elevate legs
* Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes
Frequent Urination Frequent urination is caused by pregnancy hormones resulting in increased blood flow to the kidney * Holding in urine is discouraged since it can cause backflow of urine
* Strengthen pelvic muscles by performing Kegel’s exercise
* Avoid coffee and tea; they are dehydrating agents
* Avoid drinking excess fluids hours before going to sleep
Food Cravings, Sensitivity of Color Sensitivity to odor is caused by pregnancy hormones. * Avoid kitchen odor
* Only cook and prepare food that you can withstand the smell
* Keep rooms open
* Avoid overeating
* Report bizarre cravings (e.g pica)
Darkened Areola Change in the color and size of areola can be attributed to hormones. This is a normal occurrence and does not need treatment. However, consult a doctor if color change is accompanied by discharges and pain.
Vaginal Discharge or Leukorrhea Increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy has hormonal cause. To promote healthy hygiene and deter infection:
* Avoid using panty liners, or tampon
* Opt for underwear with cotton material
* Keep vulva clean and dry
* Use mild, unscented soap when washing
* Avoid the use of bubble bath
* Do not use scented wipes when cleaning the vulva
* Keep away from douching
Increased Thirst, Mouth Dryness Excessive thirst and dry mouth can be due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. * Avoid dehydrating beverages such as sofa
* Drink plenty of water
* Take sugarless gum or candy

To end, expecting a baby is not an easy undertaking for many mothers. The discomforts brought by pregnancy are normal and are easily remedied by simple home management. Self-medication is strictly not advised. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor for proper and safe treatment.

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