How to Choose the Best Prenatal Vitamins?

Prenatal Vitamins

A healthy diet is always the best keeper of our good healthy, but when you are pregnant, it gets a whole new meaning. During your pregnancy, a healthy diet is what will keep you closer to maintaining a good physical and mental health, but not only you but your baby as well. It will help your baby to develop strong and healthy. Wanting a strong and healthy baby is a reason enough to watch over your diet and make sure that you intake all the essential nutrients through the nine wonderful months, that pregnancy is. However, most of the time you will need a little extra help in the form of prenatal vitamins to make sure that you are giving your baby what it needs. Maybe you ask yourself what prenatal vitamins are and how to choose the best ones for you and your loved one. Or maybe you question the health benefits that come from there using. Follow us through our article to find out the answers to these and many other questions that you might have on the topic of prenatal vitamins so that you do not have to worry yourself with unanswered questions anymore!

What Are Prenatal Vitamins?

Prenatal vitamins are simply many different vitamins contained in one small pill. There are many different brands that offer their prenatal vitamins and choosing the right kind of brand and product can be a little overwhelming. However, what you must seek in any brand’s product is the combination of Calcium, Folic acid, Iron and Ionate as the essential ones for your pregnancy. And we will discuss why these exact vitamins are of such importance during your pregnancy in just a short while!

When To Start Taking The Prenatal Vitamins?

When To Start Taking The Prenatal Vitamins

It is always better if you are prepared before which related to this topic means that the best advice that we can give you as to when should you start taking your prenatal vitamins is before you conceive! That is, of course, if you and your partner plan to have a baby. To say it simply, they will help you to prepare the environment in which your baby will be developing in the next nine months. However, if you have experienced an unplanned pregnancy, then it is always for the best to start taking your prenatal vitamins just as soon as you discover that you are pregnant.

What are The Health Benefits of Taking Prenatal Vitamins?

You need to understand that we are not trying to underestimate any vitamin. Every vitamin has its own important role related to your and your baby’s health. However, some vitamins that we already mentioned before – Calcium, Folic acid, Iron, and Ionate play an especially big role in your baby’s health during the pregnancy. Let’s discuss their roles separately so that you can understand what are the health benefits from choosing prenatal vitamins that contain these exact vitamins as their compounds!

  • Calcium – You probably know the everyday role of calcium in our body – to keep our bones strong and healthy! Well, its role does not change once you are pregnant, however, it is essential because it will make sure that your baby is developing strong bones and teeth as well as making sure that your bones stay healthy and strong. Your needs for calcium does not increase* once that you are pregnant, however, most women do not satisfy the necessary need for calcium through their everyday diet. And this is where the calcium supplements play a big part! One very important thing that we must remind you of is taking your Vitamin D supplements as well because Vitamin D plays a vital part for the proper calcium absorption in your body.
  • Folic acid – Probably the most important vitamin to take before conception and right after it. Why? Because folic acid makes sure that some of the most important fetal developments happen properly such as the neural tube,that develops in the first 30 days after conception and later becomes the spinal cord and brain of the fetus. Plus, the folic acid will successfully decrease* the risk of the neural tube defects throughout your pregnancy. If you are planning to get pregnant, make sure to get the needed intake of folic acid in the months before you conceive as well as in the next 9 months that follow after.
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  • Iron – Iron will make sure that your blood carries enough oxygen through your and your baby’s bodies. It will also decrease* the risk of anemia, and the risk of low-weight born babies. It is recommended that you take iron from day one – which means from the day that you get pregnant and intake a dose that is three times bigger than the normally recommended intake of iron. Your body’s requirements for iron are hardly ever satisfied with food which is why now when you need more iron to be introduced to your body, it is essential to take the proper iron supplementation.
  • Iodine – Iodine is important for the proper development of your baby’s nervous system and it’s metabolism. During your pregnancy, your body’s needs for iodine increase* for over 50% and it is essential for it to be included in your diet through not only food but proper supplementations as well. Why you ask? Studies confirm that iodine deficiency during pregnancy is linked with hypothyroidism, impaired neurobiological development of the fetus, and miscarriage.


To make sure that your baby is developing right, look for prenatal vitamins that include all of the previously mentioned vitamins as well as Vitamin A, B, C, E, and D. You cannot even imagine what a small pill as a prenatal vitamin can do for you and your baby during those nine months. Do consult your doctor in order to make the decision about choosing the right brand of prenatal vitamins more easily. Make sure that your baby is growing strong and healthy without any concerns about the many possible risks and statistics that your body needs to fight over those nine wonderful months! Do not underestimate the power of the prenatal vitamins and find your favorite ones as soon as possible!

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