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Pregnancy Dreams: Interpreting The Meaning of Your Pregnancy Dreams

Pregnancy Dreams: Interpreting The Meaning of Your Pregnancy Dreams

Most Common Pregnancy Dreams

Nearly every prospective parent, but particularly a mother, is beset by anxieties about the baby. The immediacy of delivery and having a new baby nurtures natural anxieties about whether the baby will have any kind of abnormality, whether you will be capable parent, whether you will do something silly like dropping the baby and whether you will be able to cope with the day to day care in the first weeks. These feelings are fairly normal and most of the women harbor them.

First Trimester Dreams

The most exciting moment of a woman’s life is confirmation about her pregnancy. As a mother-to-be, you may be scared little bit at the same time. These feelings can also cause you to have dreams such as:

  • Imagining baby dreams
  • Water-themed dreams
  • Fertility related symbols
  • Traveling themed dreams

Second Trimester Dreams

In the second trimester, your dreams usually reflect your growing ties with your unborn child, as well as anxieties about the little one’s health. Your worries about your physical changes and mood swings also affect your dream. Therefore, the following dreams are most common in these twelve weeks:

  • Giving birth to an animal
  • Giving birth to an alien
  • Teeth falling out
  • Memory dreams
  • Reappearing ex- boyfriend
  • Erotic Dreams
  • Chatting with celebrity

Third Trimester Dreams

In the last trimester, dreams can be more expressive. In this trimester, there are more specific dreams about the baby – a baby may talk with mother in a dream or a woman may dream about the baby’s sex, or activity. Many women actually dream of the entire birthing process as all women beset by fears. Here are some other dream themes which you may fantasize during this trimester:

  • Cheating Dream
  • Labor Dreams
  • Wrong things happen with your Baby
  • Large animals or objects
  • Trapped or Attacked Or Chased
  • Violent Water Symbols

Nightmares During Pregnancy

Nightmares in general, may be a way of expressing antagonism toward the unborn baby. Hormones are not solely responsible for nightmares; clearly there is so much mental work to be done during the nine months of pregnancy that moms’ brains end up putting in a fair bit of overtime.

Why do You Remember Your Dreams Vividly During Pregnancy?

There’s no denying it: Pregnant women tend to experience vivid dreams that can both intense and disturbing. Sleep researchers pin part of the blame on – that wacky cocktail of pregnancy hormones responsible for this pregnancy related complaints. During pregnancy, you spend a greater percentage of your sleep time in REM (the stage of sleep when you are most likely to dream and to wake easily). And because you tend to wake up more often in the night when you are pregnant-either because you have to make a trip to the bathroom or your hips are sore from sleeping on your side –you tend to remember more about your dreams. Including the parts you would rather not.

Analyzing Your Pregnancy Dreams

A) That’s Not a Baby!:

1. Giving Birth to Animals: Remember what you’re dream-delivered – it can disclose the way you’re feeling about your child right now. Dreaming of giving birth to a puppy or kitten has a positive meaning – you’re thinking of the baby as something cute and cuddly.

2. Giving Birth to an Alien: While worrying, this dream is pretty usual. After all, a mother-to-be most of the time fantasizes about how her baby will look like and the only clue she may have is the sonogram image – that looks like an alien; all this wondering can tiptoe into your dream.

3. Forgetting Where You Put Your Newborn: Dreaming of forgetting your baby may be the anxiousness of your subconscious mind being unprepared for the baby – when it arrives can express the fear that you won’t be good mom.

B) Baby Connections:
1. Unzip Your Belly, Taking out the Baby and Then Putting it Back: As soon as your labor days are getting closer you would be fearful about the delivery procedure, such as how will you deliver babies, either vaginal delivery or caesarean; those things reflect on your dream.

2. Swimming, Drowning, Standing in the Ocean: Dreams related to swimming, drowning, or standing in the ocean actually occur throughout the nine months, although the forms may alter. These water dreams are analogous to the amniotic fluid of your womb. A dream of swimming may refer you are trying to connect with your baby, who is floating in your womb. Drowning implies you feeling overwhelmed feelings or your panic about your water break in an inconvenient place. Oceans and their waves symbolize the imminence of labor.

3. Teeth falling Out: Dreaming about your teeth falling out is the symbol of losing of control. Though you are thrilled about your pregnancy, a baby will may create some form of interruption in your life.

4. Celebrity Schmoozing: Dreaming about chatting with your favorite movie stars/singers may be a reflection of the starring role the woman is playing in her own life.

5. Your Belly Doesn’t have a Baby in it, but a Full-course Buffet: This type of dream may infer your unconscious doubt about the existence of the baby; because you may anxious about baby movement symptoms.

6. You Have a Baby The Size of an Action Figure and Keep Losing it: Dreams about the baby’s size of action figure may express anxiety concerning the baby’s health at birth.
7. You Give Birth to a Toddler, Fully Dressed: Dreams about baby size and dress up express your concern about your out-looking and also your desires how you want to take care of your baby after born.

C) Husbands and Lovers:
1. Cheating Spouses: Being cheated by spouses is reported as one of the most common dreams during pregnancy. Moreover, due to physical changes, you may treat yourself no longer as pretty or desirable. The feelings of this uncertainty are demonstrated in your dreams where your partner is having an affair.

2. Reappearing Ex-lovers: Dreaming about getting together with an ex-boyfriend does not mean that you have a secret desire of meeting with him. As you may start feeling irresolute about your forthcoming parental responsibilities, perhaps you’re feeling trapped. That’s why your mind dreaming about more carefree life as past.

Try not to let your dreams worry you. The fact that’s you had a baby-related nightmare does not in any way mean that you are destined to experience it in real life. So if you wake up feeling panicked in the middle of the night, go heat up a glass of warm milk in the microwave and focus on how well your pregnancy is going. And do not be afraid to wake up your partner if you need some cuddles and reassurance.


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