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What You Must Know About Hyperlactation Syndrome?

What You Must Know About Hyperlactation Syndrome?

What is Hyperlactation Syndrome?

Hyperlactation syndrome can be defined as the condition where the body produces excessive amount of breast milk than normal. The milk may come out quickly and forcibly than normal, which makes it really hard for baby to nurse. In this condition, you will notice more milk leaks than usual. Hyperlactation syndrome could sometimes be as much challenging as the underproduction of breast milk. While adequate production of breast milk is desirable, but the study shows that too much production of milk can give many problems to both mother and her baby.

The task of breastfeeding is not really easy for women when the breast starts producing excess amounts of milk. Your baby may want to nurse time and time again in the regular time intervals. Due to this reason, you might be stressed out thinking if your baby has got enough milk or not. If the milk is coming out more forcibly, your baby might even refuse to have the breast milk, so it is a matter of concern for the mothers.

Signs of Hyperlactation Syndrome

There are some distinct signs of hyperlactation syndrome, which can be seen among the mothers. The way your baby reacts to breastfeeding can also provide you with the clues of whether you have the problem of hyperlactation syndrome or not. First of all, we will take a look at the signs among the mothers.

Signs Seen Among The Moms

If you have hyperlactation syndrome, then you may feel your breast is full all the time. There is also a chance that you might develop mastitis or plugged ducts. You might also feel some kind of pain in your breasts during the release of the milk. When you are breastfeeding your child, you will experience leaking between feedings. There might also be leakage in a huge quantity from the other side of your breast during feedings.

Develop Mastitis

These are the noticeable signs seen among the moms having the problem of hyperlactation syndrome. These signs could be noticed in the first week after giving birth to the baby, or it might be noticed a bit later too. There is a chance that the supply of your milk might regulate itself after three months or so, but without treatment, you may experience over production of milk even after four to five months.

Signs to Notice on Your Baby

Your baby will also give you some signs to know whether you are having the problem of hyperlactation syndrome or not. Your baby will refuse to nurse after 5 to 10 minutes of feedings. Due to overproduction of milk, your baby may spit up after you are done with feeding. The baby might put a stop before accessing to the creamier hind milk. This can lead to storing too much lactose in the baby’s belly. It can lead to massive stools, super wet diapers, too much intestinal gas, and colic-like behavior.

Your baby might be overweight or underweight because of hyperlaction syndrome.

What Causes Hyperlactation?

The question, “What causes hyperlactation?” might interest you. Here are some of the causes of hyperlactation:

1. Enthusiasm hyperlactation: In case the mother experiences overproduction of body’s milk in the first few weeks of pregnancy, then it might be due to the enthusiasm of the mother’s body to produce more milk than usual.

Enthusiasm Hyperlactation

2. More than the average number of alveoli: Alveoli can be defined as the milk-producing cells in the human body. The average number of alveoli per breast is 100,000 to 300,000 per breast in women. Hyperlactation might be seen among mothers who have lots of alveoli.

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What can I do about this Problem?

There are various ways to tackle the problem of hyperlactation syndrome. The first thing you can try is block feeding or full drainage method. These are the methods to reduce the production of milk. The study shows that these methods are very effective in normalizing the milk production. It is also recommended that you consult an expert to provide further suggestions for tackling your problems.

There are some other ways to reduce the milk production. You should be in an upright position to breastfeed your baby to reduce the milk supply to some extent. Furthermore, various herbal remedies can also help you in normalizing your milk production.

Breastfeed Your Baby


The truth about hyperlactation syndrome is that this is not a serious medical condition, but it is troublesome for both mother and her baby. The study shows that breastfeeding your child is absolutely crucial for his/her good health. Your child will get many essential nutrients from the breast milk. Whether it is underproduction of milk or overproduction of milk, both can create many challenges for the mother.

Because breastfeeding is so important for your child health, the problem of hyperlactation syndrome must be treated as quickly as possible. You should not be careless with this problem, and it is not good to ignore this problem as well. Your child needs to be nursed in regular time intervals, so it is better to treat this problem quickly for the wellbeing of your child.


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