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7 Weeks Pregnant: Information, Tips and Expert Advice

7th week of pregnancy - Majority of the fetal growth and development takes place on the baby’s head.
7 Weeks Pregnant: Information, Tips and Expert Advice
A healthy bump during 7th week of pregnancy. Shutterstock Images

Your baby has been growing rapidly and expansively. At 7th week, the baby is about 10, 000x bigger than it was at conception. Also this time, the little kidneys of your baby are getting ready to function.

Minutiae: Study suggests that mothers who tend to be severely nauseous during pregnancy are likely to give birth to a baby girl.

Fetal Growth and Development

7 Week Fetus

Transforming of baby’s brain cells, eyes and excretory system. Shutterstock Images

During 7th week of pregnancy, baby’s brain cells are developing. At this point, the majority of the fetal growth and development takes place on the baby’s head – the mouth is forming, and the eyes and ears are becoming noticeable. The limbs are sprouting and slightly webbed. Additional transformation is the fetus’ excretory system that is preparing to function in waste management.

Furthermore, the liver is working out and producing enormous amounts of red blood cells until such time the bone marrow is fully developed. By the end of the week, the baby measures between 11 and 13 mm from crown to rump. The neural tube begins to close at 6 weeks, and this time, it starts developing to form the baby’s brain. The digestive system also now comes to sight.

Maternal Body Changes

Maternal Body Changes Week 7

Certain physical changes might occur in the female body during the 7th week. Shutterstock Images

Mothers at this point might have worn full cup bra size because the breasts are not only swollen and tender but also increscent. Again, this is a normal occurrence and deemed harmless. Let us find out the culprit of this symptom (and some others) and how to manage them.

  • Tender Breasts: Due to hormones, breasts become swollen and enlarging. Wear support bra or maternity bras all the time. Avoid underwire bras since they can actually cause discomfort.
  • Food Aversions: Pregnant mothers might be so finicky when it comes to what to eat. Do not be surprised when once your favorite foods will turn into one of the foods you least want to eat. Remember that food aversions are normal, so always find food substitutes and remain bland.
  • Heart Burn: Common in pregnant mothers, heartburn is the burning sensation felt in the chest as a result of caffeinated drinks and spicy foods. Besides avoiding heartburn triggers, remain in upright position for 2 hours after meals.
  • Constipation: Relaxed rectal muscles cause constipation during 7th week of pregnancy. Bowel movements become sluggish making you constipated for days.
  • Increased Vaginal Discharge: Mothers at 7th week of pregnancy normally experience increased vaginal discharge. There is no need to worry about this, so long as it is not accompanied by severe cramping.
Week 7 Pregnant Info

Suggestions and tips for you and your baby during 7th week of pregnancy

Miscarriage: A Common Complication at 7 Weeks

Miscarriage is perhaps the scariest condition that a mother won’t wish to encounter during the first trimester of pregnancy. Miscarriage is accompanied by heavy bleeding and severe abdominal cramping. The study[1] shows that 1 in 4 pregnant mothers experience bleeding, but more than half of them are able to proceed with pregnancy smoothly and without harm. When you are experiencing some slight bleeding, do not panic and take a deep breath.

So, when exactly to call a doctor? Notify doctor when you experience heavy, bright-red bleeding and severe cramping. Other than miscarriage, these symptoms may indicate an ectopic pregnancy.

Note: Pregnant mothers may experience miscarriage at least once in their lifetime but this usually happens before mothers recognize they are pregnant.

Exercise During 7 Weeks

Week 7 Yoga

Pregnancy work-out plan for mothers. Shutterstock Images

Doctors strongly advise that pregnancy is not the best time to introduce a new workout plan. If you have been exercising strenuously before pregnancy, it is time to tame and do a moderate, low-impact physical activity instead. This is because a pregnancy workout plan should not stress and cause fatigue to mothers. Avoid contact sports, activities involving heights and extreme sports. Remember to warm up before and after exercise. Highly recommended exercises for pregnant mothers at 7 weeks are:

Dyes and Nail Polish During Pregnancy: Do They Harm the Baby?

While there are some reports that claim nail polish and hair dye could harm the baby, there are no published studies that can prove they actually do. It is already known that hair dyes may enter into the mother’s bloodstream through hair follicles but do not significantly cause damage.

Pregnancy experts are not solely concerned of this but explain that hair texture during pregnancy undergoes changed and so, mothers who wish to dye may not achieve the color of the hair they really want to have. On the other hand, going for a manicure is totally fine and safe. Just make sure the area or the salon is well-ventilated because the chemicals may be irritating and cause mothers to pass out.

Prenatal Care Tips

If you are unsure and have questions about your pregnancy, talk to your doctor. Make sure you follow all her advices including correct foods, proper supplementation and right medications.

It should be mentioned that everything you put in your mouth at this point is crucial and has a significant effect on the baby. Furthermore, have a discussion with your doctor about the need for immunization.

The issue of immunization during pregnancy is still a moot. Immunization programs have been mandatory in nearly all states, but some active groups protest against the use of vaccines because of their adverse effects on the baby.

Notwithstanding, the best way to solve this issue is to obtain a blood test and examine the mother’s immunity against varicella infection(Shingles), toxoplasmosis, flu and other debilitating viral conditions, and see from there if vaccination is outright necessary.


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