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7 Things That Can Make Labour Pain Worse

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Labour Pain Worse

A lot of women will suffer from labour pain in their lifetime and some of them will even experience it several times. The pain is almost unbearable according to most but there are many things that can make labour pain worse. Being aware of these can help reduce pain and make the experience a lot better or even somehow enjoyable. Here are seven of the most important things women should be aware of if they want to reduce labour pain as much as possible.

1. Lying On Your Back

First of all, lying on your back during labour puts all the weight of the baby and uterus on the back area. This reduces blood supply and at the same time goes against gravity. Some medical professionals are not even aware of this fact. Choose an upright and forward-leaning position if possible in order to reduce pain. You can take a break occasionally and rest on your side or recline. Having an experienced birth support professional can make suggestions on the best positions to ease the pain. If you don’t have one, just ask your doctor or midwife.

2. Fear

Labour Pain Fear

Being afraid tenses up the body and prevents deep breathing. When the body is tight, pain will increase considerably. The best way to fight fear is to get informed or educated about everything that has to do with pregnancy and giving birth. Also, a great support team can help reduce pain and ease labour pain. You can get independent education out of hospital but remember that you should discuss things thoroughly with your physician. There are also many books that can provide vital information. You can also join pregnancy and/or birth groups which are great sources of support.

3. Stressful Environment

If there is someone around that you don’t want to be there or anyone from the medical staff is upsetting you, say something. If it is too noisy or there is too much going on in the room, stress can increase which can directly increase labour pain. This is another reason you need a great support team during childbirth. You can even get a skilled birth support professional to help you.

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4. Not Having a Skilled Birth Support Professional

Skilled Birth Support Professional

Not having someone with enough experience and skill for birth support during labour can intensify fear and heighten tension. The result is a lot more labour pain and this can make giving birth a lot more difficult. Even when you hire an obstetrician for childbirth, he or she will only spend little time in the birth room. Midwives manage several women so they aren’t around a lot as well. This is why you need a skilled birth support professional (doula) who will be there for you every step of the way.

5. Induction or Augmentation with Artificial Oxytocin

In some cases, the use of artificial oxytocin is necessary because of the health of the mother or baby but it is not always necessary. It is important to get a doctor who is not just skilled and experienced but also trustworthy. He or she needs to be able to make the best decision for the patient. Remember to avoid an induction if there is no urgent medical need since this will reduce labour pain and prevent complications.

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6. Not Using Any Natural Pain Relief Options

It is always best to use natural pain relief options instead of medical ones whenever possible. Some are even as effective as their medical counterparts. One example is breathing exercises lead by the birth support professional. Another way is to get into the birth pool which helps relax the body and mind easing labour pain. There are a number of natural pain relief options but you have to choose one carefully and this is another area where the birth support professional can help.

7. Dehydration

Being dehydrated from lack of water intake can worsen labour pain. This is because when the body is dehydrated, the uterus won’t be able to contract efficiently. Take note that all cells in the body rely on water in order to function properly. When there is not enough water, things will start breaking down and even the energy levels, concentration and focus of the mother will suffer. Little sips can help prevent dehydration during labour. Remember to have bendy straws in your birth bag so you can drink without having to hold the cup. Remember that even the little things can make a difference in easing labour pain.

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