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4 Best Tools for a Healthy And Happy Pregnancy

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Healthy And Happy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very responsible, yet very wonderful period in the life of every woman. However, all expectant women perceive this special time quite differently on both spiritual and physical levels. Some are happy, anxiously awaiting the birth of their child, and other women are scared of what’s to come and how to behave. Prenatal preparation is of huge importance, helping women deal with pregnancy fears. That is why we have compiled a list of pregnancy tools that will help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy brimming with joy, peace and pleasant memories to recall.

As a modern mom-to-be, you are advised to always stay updated on the ultimate ways and tools to improve your future motherhood experience. Such interactive tools will provide future-to-be moms with valuable information as well as assistance during the entire pregnancy & birth. From predicting the gender of your future baby to keeping track of the required baby vaccinations – you can make use of these pregnancy tools for a much more pleasurable and comfortable experience as well as to boost that pregnancy glow!

#1. Baby Names

Baby Names

Choosing a name for your future baby can turn into a pretty difficult process. The seriousness of the act requires both parents to be aware that the name they choose will be the baby’s piece of identity that s/he will bear for an entire lifetime. Therefore, don’t forget to put yourself in your baby’s shoes. Don’t go for a name just because you like how it sounds! Make sure your baby grows proud of the name you have chosen!

This tool can save you lots of headaches. Selecting a baby name usually turns into a long-lasting unsolved dilemma. Nevertheless, with this particular tool you can easily and swiftly find the perfect name for your child. A huge number of baby names is available in this directory. What makes it a top-notch solution for new moms, however, is the possibility to browse names by origin and rating.

#2. Chinese Gender Chart

Chinese Gender Chart

Do you feel those goose bumps forming on the surface of your skin when thinking about the gender of your baby? Do you feel anxious about finding out if it’s a boy or a girl? Or are you just planning your pregnancy and want to earn an insight into the possibility of deciding over the gender of your future child? This 700 year old Chinese Gender Prediction Chart, supposedly discovered in the tomb of a Ching Dynasty family, is said to be able to predict the gender of your child. This Chinese prediction chart has been reported to work flawlessly in 90 % of the cases. To get started you need to enter your age and the month when the baby was conceived. And let the magic happen!

#3. Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist

When the baby is already here, the brand new tasks and responsibilities might pose stress on the new moms. Confusion and disorientation are the most common signs of adaption to motherhood. In this period, it is important to stay in balance and not lose your equilibrium. You have to start making use of checklists to ensure you stay on the safe side. A checklist will help you keep track of every little thing your baby needs as well as your day-to-day tasks with regards to your child’s care. This Hospital Bag Checklist is something you should make sure to always keep close to you, to remind yourself of what needs to be brought to the regular baby health check-ups!

#4. Vaccine Tracker

Vaccine Tracker

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states, “it is important for children to be fully immunized. Diseases that can be prevented with vaccines can be very serious – even deadly – especially for infants and young children”. New parents have to take responsibility and adhere to the immunization schedule to ensure that their baby grows healthy and strong. Then, what can be better than having a Vaccine Tracker always at your disposal, informing you about the immunization procedures you need not forget. This particular Vaccine Tracker is an easily readable chart which you can rely on as your baby grows. However, it should not be perceived as the only call to visit the pediatrician. Regular pediatric check-ups are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Make sure you download the chart and implement it for a successful child-care course of action.

Bottom Line

It is absolutely ok to worry about your pregnancy. However, don’t let your pregnancy fears and stress override you. A study involving 8000 pregnant women has shown that 50% of women fear for their future child’s health, while another 40% fear of the pain they might experience during childbirth. Another 10% of women fear postpartum negative health implications. While prenatal preparation should not be considered as a way to escape natural pregnancy & birth related fears, these pregnancy tools can definitely help you raise your confidence level and achieve substantial knowledge in order to have a happy & healthy pregnancy and realize what it takes to grow a healthy child.

This is the key reason why we ask you to adhere to our advice and make use of each one of the tools we have mentioned in this informative post. They will provide you with useful resources on pregnancy and birth, and help you become knowledgeable about what it takes to bring up a child in order for you to enjoy the most beautiful motherhood emotions in their purest form.

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