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26 Weeks Pregnant: Belly Size, Baby Movement And More

During week 26 of your pregnancy, your baby’s eyes are fully developed, and they’ll soon be blinking.
26 Weeks Pregnant: Belly Size, Baby Movement And More
By the 26th week, hair grows, and eyelashes are beginning to sprout. Shutterstock images

Congratulations on another week of being pregnant! You are now entering your six and a half month mark, and you are noticing changes to your body every single day, but you may also be wondering what is happening inside of your body to your little bundle of joy!

This article provides an overview on the fetal development, maternal changes, signs and symptoms and some interesting facts about the 26th week of pregnancy.

Minutiae: You may or may not have noticed this yet, but being pregnant can enhance your sense of smell, which can be both a good and bad thing depending on how that new and stronger sense makes you feel when you come across something that either smells really good or really bad.

Height of the baby: 14 inches
Weight of the baby: a little over 1 and 2/3 pound

What Happens to the Baby?

This is an exciting week because now the baby’s eyes are fully developed, and for the first time ever, they are opening[1], so the little one can see what the world looks like even though there is not much to see right now.

Also, because the baby is becoming more alert, mothers may start to notice a lot more activity than before.

What Happens to the Maternal Body?

Pregnancy Insomnia

Most women may experience insomnia during pregnancy. Shutterstock images

While the baby is discovering the world, mom is trying to get as much rest as she can, which may be hard. This is condition known as pregnancy insomnia which is quite common during this period. Also, mom may be having problems with the muscles in the legs cramping, and of course, a lot of trips to the bathroom.

Some women also experience heartburn and indigestion episodes in their 26th week.

Baby's Size and Development

All about your baby’s size and development in the 26th week of pregnancy. Consumerhealthdigest images

Tips for the Mother

Regular Exercise During Pregnancy

Regular exercise during pregnancy is good for your baby. Shutterstock images

Right now, the pregnant mother is having a hard time moving around because she has quite a big belly that is only getting bigger!

However, it is important that she continues to exercise every day, and also, increase her potassium in the diet since her increasing waistline is going to cause a lot of stress and strain on her body.

The potassium will help with muscle cramping, which may be especially useful at nighttime.

Added Information: How to Choose a Baby Name?

There is still plenty of time before the baby is born to start thinking about the name, and parents can sometimes really struggle just to find a name they can both agree on. Everyone has names that they are fond of, and one tip for picking a good name is to say it out loud.

By saying the name, parents can see how it sounds, and then alter it or even add a middle name. Parents shouldn’t struggle with what they name their baby, and stressing out over it can cause them a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

To end, the 26th week of pregnancy is the start of the six and a half month. Soon, the baby will be born, and there is still some growing that has to be done.

Mom and baby are changing every day, and it may be hard for mom to do things as she once did because of her growing belly, but she has to remember that the discomfort is for a good cause because soon a darling little baby boy or baby girl will be coming into the world, and soon, their family will have a brand new member they can all love.


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