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14 Weeks Pregnant: What Happens In 14th Weeks Of Pregnancy?

At 14 weeks pregnant, your baby can frown, squint, and react to external stimulus. Learn more about baby growth & pregnancy symptoms at 14th week.
14 Weeks Pregnant: What Happens In 14th Weeks Of Pregnancy?
A healthy pregnant female during the 14th week might have some observable changes in her body. Shutterstock images

At 14 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is as size of a big lemon. This article provides an overview on the fetal development, maternal changes, signs and symptoms and some interesting facts about 14th week of pregnancy.

The biggest fetal development during 14th week is the ability of the fetus to exhibit facial expressions.

Height of the baby: 3.5 inches
Weight of the baby: 1. 5 ounces

What Happens to the Baby?

Due to the growing and working brain cells of the baby, he/she can use his/her facial muscles in making one expression following another. The baby can frown, squint and react to external stimulus.

When peeking inside the womb, you might see the baby sucking his thumb. In addition to that, the baby can now grasp and is stretching out inside. There is still so much going on to the baby’s head at 14 weeks with his/her neck becoming more distinct.

Week 14 Fetus

The fetus can start sucking thumb during the 14th week of pregnancy. Shutterstock images

Baby’s arms and legs are growing to the length that is proportional to the rest of the baby’s body. At this period, a downy, ultra-fine hair called lanugo begins to develop.

Furthermore, the liver is starting to excrete bile while the spleen commences in the production of red blood cells.
Overall, the baby is flexible and active at 14th week, but mothers may not feel yet his punches and kicks.

What Happens to Your Body?

Pregnancy is an unvarying experience to all mothers. At this moment, most mothers are enjoying the fading-away symptoms of pregnancy, while some others are still experiencing the discomforts brought by it. But mothers should not worry as the chance of getting feeling good (or better) is soon behind you.

Mood Swings

During the 14th week, mother may experience mood swings. shutterstock images

During the 14th week of pregnancy, the fundus (top part of the uterus) is located above the pubic bone. The waist of the mother also continues to expand.

14th week is an appetite stimulant, so mothers are expecting to gain extra weight.

Nevertheless, eat normally and do not feel the need to eat for two.

Likewise, skin discoloration is more pronounced as evidenced by freckles on the face and new mole growth. Mood swings or the feeling of ambivalence still persist during this period.

14 Weeks Pregnant

Suggestions and baby’s development in the 14th week of pregnancy. Consumerhealthdigest Images

Becoming Healthy and Fit @ 14 Weeks of Pregnancy

Healthy and Fit at 14 Weeks

Things to keep in mind for a healthy and fit mother during her 14th week of pregnancy. Shutterstock images

  • Nutrition: Take prenatal supplements especially folic acid. This is essential to the brain growth and development of the baby. Folic acid can also be found in green, leafy vegetables and deep-colored fruits. Pregnant mothers should also stay away from fatty food sources and junk foods. Junk foods, which are high in sodium content, can interfere with the baby’s kidney’s development.
  • Do not Skip Meals: Skipping breakfast is strongly not advisable to pregnant mothers. Also, it is important to eat in the right proportions. A healthy meal planning is one wherein fruits and vegetables make half of your plate. Gaining weight is a common occurrence during pregnancy. Losing your figure at this point is normal. Thus, dieting is potentially hazardous.
  • Get Physically Fit: Go swimming or join aquanatal classes. The buoyancy of the water allows muscles to relax and counter physical stress. Swimming is a low-impact and less-intense physical activity for moms-to-be that help them get ready for the labor process. In addition to that, swimming is a great social activity for mothers. Nevertheless, avoid extreme, contact sports.
  • Drink plenty of Water: Pregnant mothers and babies need water to keep them well-hydrated. Hydration can help relieve the notorious signs and symptoms of pregnancy especially constipation and hemorrhoids.
  • Know The DONT’S During Pregnancy: Things to avoid during pregnancy include alcohol, tobacco use, illegal drugs, uncooked and raw foods, pesticides, seafood high in mercury content, unpasteurized foods, unwashed fruits, and vegetables, cleaning agents and litter box.

Additional Info: To Know or Not to Know the Sex of the Baby?

In a poll survey, 64% of the mothers say that they wanted to know the sex of their baby before their expected date delivery. But for some people, not knowing the sex of the baby is as surprising as opening a Christmas present! If you decide not to know the sex, inform your doctor ahead of time so that she won’t blurt it out recklessly. Nevertheless, let take a look at the pros and cons of knowing the baby’s sex.

Advantages of Finding Out:

  • Be able to list down appropriate names for the baby.
  • Be able to start shopping for baby’s items such as clothes and know the appropriate color to choose.
  • Knowing the sex would be easy for parents to establish mother-baby bonding.
  • It can help prepare the other siblings for the arrival of the baby.

Advantages of Waiting:

  • Waiting until the delivery date is indeed a delightful surprise to the whole family.
  • It is challenging and worth-waiting.
  • It is a great inspiration during labor and delivery.
  • Not knowing the gender can help you pay more attention to your pregnancy dreams and goals.

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