Vet Advice for Relieving Your Dog’s Arthritis

Arthritis can simply be defined as a disorder related to the joint. It is very common among human beings, where statistics show that the prevalence of arthritis in the United States is 22.7%. Now, the question that arises is whether arthritis is common among dogs or not. In fact, arthritis is a very common problem among dogs as well. Human beings can express their feelings, but your dogs cannot, which is the reason you need to know about the signs of dog’s arthritis.

Vet Advice for Relieving Your Dog’s Arthritis

Some of the signs of dog’s arthritis are weight gain, irritability, intermittent lameness, appetite loss, swollen joints, and others. What should you do if your dog is diagnosed with arthritis? Let’s check out the vet advice.

Vet Advices to Relieve your Dog’s Arthritis

There are various types of canine arthritis, and one of the common one is degenerative joint disease. These are commonly seen when your dog starts to get older. It is not only enough to provide them medicines, but it is very much necessary to make a plan for dog’s specific issues.

1. Changes Around Your House: First of all, you should provide well-padded bedding. You should not keep it closer to cold or damp drafts. It is recommended to put ramp or padded steps for getting on and off the bed. If the surfaces are slippery, then nonskid flooring would be helpful. It is also important to modify your place outside of your house. The gently sloped ramp would be a better option than the steps for your dog.

2. Body Work: The study shows that regular massage can significantly reduce the pain. The muscle massage plays a significant role in stimulation of blood flow to atrophying muscles. You should search for certified canine massage therapists for your dog. The sore joint can also be treated with warm compresses. However, you should avoid excess heat.

Dog Muscle Massage

3. Supplements: You have the options to purchase from a wide variety of top rated joint supplements. These supplements contain the combinations of chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM, and others. Whether providing supplements for the dogs in the early age is effective or not cannot be said though. It is better to do some research on genetics and diets too. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in canine arthritis dog diets, which can be beneficial for your dogs. The study shows that omega-3 added in the diet can result in an improvement in weight bearing.

4. Exercises: Taking rest is important, but staying passive is not recommended. You should keep your dogs involved in light exercises like walking and swimming, particularly if your dog is in early stage of arthritis. You should search for a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner to select appropriate exercises for your dog.

5. Complementary Therapy: The complementary therapy like Hydrotherapy and acupuncture can enhance the dog’s comfort and mobility. The formulations of Chinese herbs can be recommended sometimes by veterinary practitioners for supporting the benefits of acupuncture.

6. Laser: Laser therapy is a newer form of treatment. The blood flow to tissue is stimulated by laser therapy, which results in an improvement of arthritic condition.

Laser Therapy To Dog

7. Pharmaceuticals: There are large numbers of drugs available in the market. The first one is Adequan injections, and it is a classic drug for treating arthritis. The building blocks of cartilage are provided by these shots for assisting in the repair of its own tissues. However, it is an expensive option of treatment. It is an effective drug, and it has very less probability of side effects.

A synthetic opioid like tramadol can also be used. It is a potent pain medicine, which is quite safe and inexpensive. It alters the strength and transmission of pain signals.

Another option is steroid because of its anti-inflammatory effect. The dogs suffering from advanced arthritis can extract four to eight weeks of benefits with a shot of long-lasting steroid injection. However, you should be careful before using it for a long period of time. The steroid use for a long period of time can contribute to Cushing’s disease, diabetes, immune suppression, and other problems.

You can also consider NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) if all the above drugs fail to provide sufficient relief. Some of the NSAIDs are Feldene, Metacam, Deranaxx, and others.


You should not ignore your dog’s condition if it is diagnosed with arthritis. The vet advices listed above should be implemented for improving your dog’s condition. In today’s world, dogs are not just considered as an ordinary animal. In fact, they are more like the part of the family. It is difficult to see your pet suffering from pain due to various types of arthritis. However, with proper treatment at a right time, you can help your dog to live a better life, even after your dog is diagnosed with arthritis.



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