What are the Causes of Joint Diseases In Dogs; and how to Manage Them?

Arthritis is a common disease which simply means inflammation of the joint with severe pain. It is very common for human but this is even more common for the dogs. It is very important to understand the problems at an early stage. The common symptoms of the diseases are always helpful to diagnosis arthritis in dogs. However, it is not something very easy to realize the symptoms. For everyone who has a pet dog, it is significant to understand each and every cause and the management of the joint related diseases for the dogs to ensure speedy recovery and better treatment. Here are the things that you must know.

What are the Causes of Joint Diseases In Dogs; and how to Manage Them?

Arthritis and Joint Disease Causes

Before moving on to the causes, it is important to understand the types of joint problems in dogs. There are many different kinds of joint issues that are mostly found in the dogs for different reasons.

Developmental Joint Diseases

As the name suggests, these are the problems where the joints have not developed normally that it should have been. As per the case studies, most of the cases for such joint problems in dogs have been seen in the hips and in the elbow. Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia are one of the most common joint problems in dogs and the developmental causes give rise to such disease. The lack of development can be of different patterns and different cases are observed for the same.

Degenerative Diseases

Degenerative diseases of joints in dogs are the result of the natural degeneration of the joints with the age. Different cases studies on dogs have shown that the cruciate ligament is the most common degenerative issue in dogs. Mostly, the ligament starts degenerating and that results in arthritis in dogs. However, it can be for muscle and tendons as well. This arthritis is called Osteoarthritis in general.

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Congenital Disorders

These are the joint defects or disorders found in the dogs that are present since the birth. In more common term, this is called a birth defect. Wobbler’s Syndrome is one of the most common congenital joint diseases among dogs.


It is very likely that hormonal disorder and dietary faults can give rise to different joints problems. Hyperparathyroidism is one of the known and common such joint problems among dogs. Even metabolic disorders due to diet issues or other internal reasons can create joint disorders such as Von Willebrand’s disease.

Inflammatory Joint Disorders

The inflammatory joint diseases are commonly and collectively called arthritis. However, there are different versions of this arthritis which is generally caused by the swelling of the joints. Lyme and Rheumatoid Arthritis are few of the common examples of the inflammatory joint disorders or arthritis.

There can be other different reasons for the joint disorders in dogs like degenerative spinal joint such Intervertebral disc disease where the spinal vertebra degenerates.

Inflammatory Joint Disorders

Causes of the joint diseases in dogs help one to understand the possibilities of arthritis and other joint diseases. However, the management of the diseases is even more important and tough as well. One must understand the key points of managing the joint diseases in dogs.

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Management of Joint Diseases in Dogs

There are different ways to manage the joint diseases that create immense pain and sometimes stop the movement of your beloved pet, the case study suggests. Here is the effective and most popular management.

Weight Management

As per the medical experts, more dogs suffer from the joint disease due to the overweight. It is, therefore, should be the very first step towards the treatment and management. In fact, a dog that has optimal weight and performs exercises are less prone to the joint diseases. Proper Diet for dog joint, Sleeping areas, regular exercises, physical therapies are few of the common parts of the entire weight management. However, advice from the experts should be always asked for better result and productivity.

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Medicines and Drugs

These are basically the second stage of the joint disease management for the dogs. However, it should be understood that drugs work better with better weight management. There are different dog joint supplements and medicines available for the different kind of joint problems. Vitamin enriched medicines, Anti-Inflammatory drugs, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Duralactin, Creatine and many other medicines and supplements are used to manage and treat dogs with suffering from arthritis.

Medicines and Drugs


This is obviously the last stage of management and is only opted when inevitable. Arthritis or the joint problems in dogs can be devastating and surgery has to be done then. The surgery can often solve the problems for the dogs. However, the success rate of every surgery is not the same and it may not be as successful as you expect it to be.


As a dog owner and lover, you must be very realistic about the causes and management of the joint diseases that can trouble the dogs a lot.



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