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How to get rid of a turkey neck?

What is Turkey Neck?

A turkey neck is the slang term that has been given to lax skin that hangs under your chin. As this skin becomes loose, it resembles a turkey’s wattle, thus the creation of its name.

How to get rid of a turkey neck?

A turkey neck can be the result of several different factors, which include the natural aging process or extreme fluctuation in weight. There are some cases of this excess skin that are the cause of genetics.

What Causes Turkey Neck?

There are some people that are genetically predisposed to the development of excess fat and skin around the neck. In most cases, this is something that has been present, perhaps in mild amounts, for the majority of the person’s life.

As a person ages, the angle of the chin will become more obtuse and then the condition will become more pronounced. If you have families with a history of “turkey necks” chances are you will begin to notice the development of yours in your late 20s.

However, the majority of women that have a turkey neck do not notice the development until their mid-40s or even later.

Other causes of a turkey neck are simply natural aging or due to a huge loss of weight, which results in excess skin where the fat used to be.

The main culprit of the turkey neck is a loss of elasticity in your skin as well as the development of the platysmal bands, which are thin bands of a muscle that are located in your neck. As you age, these bands will become more prominent, enhancing the condition of a turkey neck.

How do Creams Work for Turkey Neck?

There are creams that will provide a significant improvement for the turkey neck condition. However, the effectiveness is highly dependent on the sag of the skin, which means how it is sagging and the amount that is sagging. For fine wrinkles that is not yet a fully pronounced turkey neck, you should look for creams with the following ingredients:

  • Tretinin: This includes Retin A, Renova or a type of generic tretinoin cream
  • Vitamin C Products: These must be professional strength
  • Wrinkle creams that contain glycolic

Another option is to select creams that feature skin tightening devices, which will help any instances of superficial laxity.

What are the Treatments for Turkey Neck?

Treatments for Turkey Neck

In addition to creams, there are other treatments that can be effective to help and reduce and in some cases eliminate the turkey neck condition altogether. One of these methods is to tighten the small muscle in the neck.

If you experience any joint or neck issues you must be careful about the exercises that you perform so that you do not cause a significant injury. These exercises should only be performed under the supervision of a professional.

Botox injections are another option for the treatment of turkey neck if you have long bands of skin folds that are running down from the base of the chin.

This is because the small muscle that is present in the in the skin of the neck will actually contract on a longitudinal basis, which is what will create these unsightly bands. Botox can aid by plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of the folds of neck skin.

The last option is plastic surgery. If there is too much excess skin for creams, exercises and Botox to handle, you can have it removed via a cosmetic procedure. A nip and tuck will provide significant and lasting results for any turkey neck issue.

Expert View about Turkey Neck

According to experts and doctors, turkey neck is a problem that can be treated. You do not have to suffer from this lax skin that has lost elasticity. In fact, there are laser procedures being developed that will minimize the invasiveness of the procedure to ensure a quick recovery time for the patient.

If surgery is the option that is chosen, you should ensure that this is the right option for you, as it is an invasive procedure.

Using the tips and information here you should understand more about the turkey neck condition and the effective treatment methods that are available. The fact is that the occurrence of a turkey neck is common and a natural part of the aging process for many women.

However, there are treatments and methods that can be used to reduce, and in some cases even eliminate the appearance or the occurrence of a turkey neck.

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