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How To Treat Sun Damage Around The Neck and Chest?

Exposure of sun can damage your body especially neck & chest area. Get some suggestions here to prevent it easily.

While the sun’s rays can feel great, and in the short term make you look great, the love affair that you may have is definitely not a two way street.

How To Treat Sun Damage Around The Neck and Chest?
Excessive sun exposure causes the age spots and wrinkles on your neck and chest. Shutterstock Images

Excessive sun exposure causes a large number of the age spots and wrinkles on your face, neck and chest.

Any skin color that is gained from the sun or a tanning bed will actually increase the aging process and increase the chances that you will develop skin cancer.

What is Sun Damage on the Neck and Chest Area?

Sun damage on the neck and chest can present itself as brown spot or gray spots, as well as wrinkles. The more exposure you allow this part of your body to get, the worse the signs of sun damage will be. It is essential that you protect your skin any time you are going to be exposed to the dangerous UV rays.

What Causes Sun Damage on the Neck and Chest Area?

Tanning Process

UV Rays are the main culprit for causing skin damage. Shutterstock Images

Sun damage on your neck and chest are the direct result of excessive or prolonged exposure to the harmful UV rays[1].

As you allow your skin to be exposed, it will begin to burn, discolor and wrinkle.

This is due to the fact that you are damaging the cells that make up the top layer of your skin, the epidermis. In some cases, this damage will be irreversible.

What are the Symptoms of Sun Damage on Neck?

Symptoms you should be aware of to tell if you have sun damage on your neck is any changes in color or pigmentation of your neck skin, as well as the presence of skin discoloration, dark or white spots.

Take note of wrinkles and lines, as well, because this is a classic sign of prolonged sun exposure.

What are the Preventive Measures?

If you want to prevent the aging effects of the sun you should protect your skin. This can be done with clothing, or a full spectrum sun block.

Even if you are just going outdoors for a few minutes, you should put some type of protection on your skin. This will ensure its health and continued youthful appearance.

Does Sun Damage Cause Neck Skin Cancer?

While sun damage is not the main cause of neck skin cancer, it can contribute to the disease.

If you notice any areas that change shape, size or texture, you should consult a doctor right away, as this is a classic sign that you may be developing skin cancer.

The best way to prevent this from even occurring is to protect your skin each time you step outdoors.

What are the Possible Treatment for Sun Damage on Neck Area?

If sun damage occurs, you will likely have to have surgery in order to minimize or eliminate the affects.

There are some creams and lotions that may be able to minimize the appearance of sun damage, but it will not be completely removed unless you undergo the proper surgery.

Sun damage is a serious problem. It is important that you protect your neck skin each and every time you step outdoors. This will significantly reduce the chance of sun damage on your skin and reduce the chance that you may develop skin cancer.

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